Sophie Jurczak - Cinical Embryologist

Sophie Jurczak

Cinical Embryologist

Sophie Jurczak

Sophie joined Manchester Fertility in September 2020 as a registered Clinical Embryologist. She has a Masters in Reproduction & Development (University of Bristol) and a further Masters undertaken as part of her embryology training through the STP (Scientist training programme) which she completed at St Mary’s Hospital, in Manchester. Prior to training as an embryologist, she had jobs in healthcare provision including a laboratory role in Genomics, and also taught English in Vietnam.

Sophie Jurczak says

Sophie says: ‘I love being an embryologist as it is the perfect balance for me between laboratory skills and patient interaction. It is a privilege to be an embryologist, I have a specific interest in the long-term health of offspring conceived through assisted conception as something I investigated during my research projects, and how we as embryologists can impact and improve on that’