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Egg Freezing

Elective egg freezing allows you to preserve your fertility until you are ready to have a family. Find out everything you need to know about costs, procedure and more.

What is egg freezing?

Egg freezing is a way to protect your fertility potential. It involves cryopreserving your eggs until you are ready to use them to start a family. 

Your eggs will be retrieved and stored in our laboratory in liquid nitrogen. When you want to try for a baby, your eggs will be thawed and assessed, ready for use in fertility treatment. Currently eggs can legally be stored for up to 10 years, which can be extended to up to 55 years - so long as you update and give consent for storage every 10 years.

When would egg freezing be recommended?

Many women are now choosing to egg freeze, for different social and medical reasons. You may wish to consider egg freezing:

  • To try for a family later in life. Egg freezing allows you to freeze and store your eggs whilst your fertility is still good.
  • Prior to medical treatment such as chemotherapy, which can affect fertility.
  • If you are transitioning from female to male gender but want to be able to have a family in future.

How much does egg freezing cost?

We offer a range of Egg Freezing packages to choose from at Manchester Fertility. Egg Freezing with Manchester Fertility costs £4,350 for a single cycle and £8,500 for our multi-cycle package, which offer up to three cycles. See our latest price list for more information. 

Here at Manchester Fertility, we're open about the cost of our treatments; we aim to reduce the risk of surprise bills later down the line and offer you higher-quality treatment at a reasonable, transparent price.

Although we're confident that our egg freezing packages account for a considerable amount of your treatment expenses, such as consultations, screening tests or monitoring scans, we still recommend that you read our pricing information thoroughly or contact our New Patient team directly on 0161 300 2737 if you have any questions. 

Single Cycle Egg Freezing

Our Single Cycle Egg Freezing package includes a range of features as standard for all patients who choose to freeze and store their eggs with us, these are: 

  • Access to online consent platforms 
  • Access to patient support app
  • Electronic witnessing
  • Cycle planning
  • Injection teaching appointment
  • Monitoring blood tests and scans
  • Sedation for egg collection
  • Ultrasound guided egg collection
  • VIOLET™ AI Technology
  • Egg freezing and storage for 1 year
  • Follow-up consultation


Multi Cycle Egg Freezing

Our Multi Cycle Egg Freezing package covers up to 3 cycles and includes a range of features as standard.

  • Access to online consent platforms 
  • Access to patient support app
  • Electronic witnessing
  • Cycle planning
  • Injection teaching appointment
  • Monitoring blood tests and scans
  • Sedation for egg collection
  • Ultrasound guided egg collection
  • VIOLET™ AI Technology
  • Egg freezing and storage for 1 year
  • Follow-up consultation


Additional Costs

All egg freezing packages will incur additional costs - these are: 

  • Cost of medication (per cycle) £985 - £2,600
  • Annual storage of eggs following first year £385 per year

Additional Costs if applicable

  • Blood tests in preparation for commencing treatment - Patient: £300, Partner: £240
  • Private prescription fee - £55

Your eggs will be frozen and stored. The first year of storage is included in the treatment cycle cost and we will charge you for storing your eggs on an annual basis following the first year. If you decide that you would like to use your eggs in treatment at a later date, there will be additional costs.




What is the egg freezing process?


Initial investigations scans and counselling

Egg freezing starts with pre-treatment tests to assess your fertility, to make sure that egg freezing is right for you. Tests include measuring your ovarian reserve, which gives us a good indication of number of eggs in your ovaries and your likely response to the stimulation needed for egg freezing. You will also meet a counsellor to discuss fertility preservation.


Consultation with a Fertility Specialist

Your fertility consultant will take a full medical history and discuss the results of your tests. We will explain your likely chances of future pregnancy so you can make an informed decision.



You will complete consent forms that give your consent for us to collect, freeze and store your eggs. Your consent forms detail how long you wish to store your eggs for, and what should happen to your eggs if something happens to you.


Ovarian Stimulation

The first stage of egg freezing is ovarian stimulation. This involves using tailored doses of fertility drugs to help you produce mature eggs for freezing.


Egg collection

Around 35-38 hours after the ‘trigger’ injection, egg retrieval takes place in our clinic theatre under sedation.The eggs are retrieved from the follicles where they have been growing.


Egg cryopreservation

Your eggs are cryopreserved in our laboratory using a technique called vitrification, a special fast-freezing method which ensures high survival rates for frozen eggs.

Why choose us for egg freezing?

Our state-of-the-art laboratory uses the most advanced freezing techniques and equipment, to safeguard the eggs in our care.

We will always be transparent about your future pregnancy chances and advise if egg freezing is right for you.

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What our patients say

What are the chances of pregnancy using frozen eggs?

A woman’s chances of conceiving naturally fall as she gets older because the quality and number of her eggs drops. Egg freezing can be an attempt to preserve fertility by freezing the eggs when the woman is young and the eggs are of the highest quality.

Pregnancy is also influenced by the number of eggs we retrieve, how successfully they survive the freeze-thaw process, how many are fertilised and how many quality embryos are available for transfer.

Depending on your age and medical history, we may advise you to consider IVF and freeze embryos instead. You can have IVF using donor sperm at Manchester Fertility, so you have embryos to freeze.

VIOLET™ Egg Quality AI

When you choose to freeze your eggs, you're making an investment in your future. Here at Manchester Fertility, we take this investment seriously. We want to ensure you have as few cycles as needed to get the best eggs possible for you to use when you decide to move forward with embryo creation. 

VIOLET™ egg quality technology uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to evaluate your mature eggs by comparing images of your eggs to 100,000 others it holds in its extensive database. The technology generates a report that will provide you with an overview of each egg’s quality score and predict the number of blastocysts you may need to achieve a live birth.

VIOLET™ is included in single and multi-cycle egg freezing packages.  Find out more about VIOLET™ AI Technology.

VIOLET AI Technology

Manchester Fertility | Egg Freezing AI Technology

Egg Freezing FAQs

What is the right age to freeze my eggs?

The younger you are when you freeze your eggs, the better. Egg quality is affected by your age and typically fertility and egg quality starts to decline in your 30s. Egg freezing when you are below the age of 35 will give you your best chance of a successful future pregnancy.

Do frozen eggs deteriorate over time?

The quality of your frozen eggs will not be affected by how long they are in storage. Frozen eggs do not deteriorate in any way, they are safely preserved in continuous deep-freeze temperatures. Our laboratory has a full back up and alarm system to protect your eggs during the years they are in storage with us.

What if I don’t have a partner when I’m ready to use my frozen eggs?

You can use donor sperm to fertilise your frozen eggs if you do not have a partner in future. We can offer you an extensive choice of UK sperm donors from our own donor bank, to help you have your family when you are ready.

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