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Egg Freezing Fertility Services

Preserve your fertility, to try for a baby when you are ready.

Egg freezing is a way to store your eggs, so you can try for a baby in future.

Lots of women are now choosing to egg freeze, for many different social and medical reasons:

  • To try for a family later in life, when they have a partner or are financially secure
  • Prior to medical treatment such as chemotherapy, which can affect fertility
  • They are transitioning from female to male gender

How does egg freezing work?

Egg freezing involves stimulating your ovaries to produce several eggs, just like in an IVF cycle.

Eggs are collected and those that are mature are frozen by our laboratory team using vitrification, a special fast-freezing method which ensures high survival rates for frozen eggs.

How does egg freezing work?

Egg freezing facts

Age matters

Did you know that your age at the time your eggs are retrieved for freezing is one of the biggest factors affecting your chances of future pregnancy? Egg quality decreases with age, so the younger you are when your eggs are frozen, the better. As the woman’s age increases, the number of eggs likely to be collected in each treatment attempt drops, and the chance of ultimately having a baby with these eggs is also lower. This is particularly so once your age crosses 35 years.

Transparency, advice & support

We will always be transparent about your future pregnancy chances and advise if egg freezing is right for you. We will talk you through all your options – you may be better attempting IVF and freezing embryos instead. You will also be offered counselling, and we will explain any risks associated with the egg freezing process.

Partner or not

If you do not have a partner in future when you want a baby, you can have treatment using your frozen eggs with donor sperm. We have sperm donors ready to help you conceive.


You need to give us permission to freeze and store your eggs, and also tell us vital information: How long you want to store your eggs, and what should happen to your eggs if something happens to you.

How long eggs can be stored

Your eggs can be stored for up to 10 years according to the HFEA, but in certain circumstances - such as premature infertility - this can be extended to up to 55 years. Once the storage period you have agreed has expired, we are obliged by law to dispose of any eggs that are in storage.

Keeping in touch

It is essential that you keep in touch and inform us of any change in contact details or address during the years your eggs are in storage with us.

Learning Centre

Learn more about egg freezing in our Learning Centre, where you will find regularly updated blogs all about treatments and fertility, FAQs, our free Ask the Expert tool and patient guides.

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Learning Centre

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