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EmbryoGlue is included as standard in our packages to help improve your pregnancy chances.

What is EmbryoGlue?

EmbryoGlue has been developed to closely resemble the environment in the womb, which can help to encourage successful implantation.

An IVF cycle involves several different steps that will help you increase the chances of becoming pregnant. The final step of the IVF process is the embryo transfer.

If you are having an embryo transfer as part of your treatment, EmbryoGlue could help to improve your chances of success.

What is EmbryoGlue?

Promoting implantation

EmbryoGlue is not an actual glue, but it acts like glue by increasing the chance of implantation of the embryo to the womb. It consists of a high concentration of hyaluronan and recombinant human albumin, both of which promote implantation.

Hyaluronan is a type of carbohydrate found everywhere in the body. In EmbryoGlue it acts like a bridge between the embryo and the womb, which helps them stick together. It is rich in the carbohydrates, amino acids and protein the embryo needs to develop properly, and it also helps to thicken the EmbryGlue, which reduces how much the embryo can move around.

Promoting implantation

What are add-ons?

Add-ons are optional extras that you may be offered on top of your normal fertility treatment, often at an additional cost.

Some clinics may include certain add-ons with their treatment packages as standard whilst others charge separately, this add-on is included as part of your treatment, within our packages at Manchester Fertility.
Your doctor will be able to provide you the complete information and risk associated with any of these add-ons, we offer these add-ons after a full discussion with our experts and after your specific individual circumstances have been considered.

If you require more information on add-ons you can visit the HFEA website here.

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