Fertility Testing

Fertility Testing

Take control of your future with our tailored fertility testing options.

What is fertility testing at Manchester Fertility?

Fertility testing at Manchester Fertility includes a series of tests to assess a person or couple's reproductive health and ability to conceive a child.

Fertility testing is available for both men and women and will help to identify any issues that may affect your fertility health. Our fertility professionals will advise the most appropriate course of treatment.

When should I consider fertility testing?

Fertility testing ultimately depends on your individual circumstances and where you are in your family planning journey. There is no right or wrong time to undergo fertility tests; however, taking control of your reproductive health at a younger age may optimise your chances of success in the future.  

In general, fertility testing may be appropriate if:

  • You have struggled to conceive naturally after actively trying for at least one year
  • You have a medical history that may impact your fertility or a previous history of sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • You or your partner have undergone cancer treatment or surgery that may have affected your fertility
  • You are considering delaying pregnancy and want to assess your current fertility status.
  • You have a family history of fertility problems or early menopause
  • You are experiencing symptoms that may indicate a fertility issue, such as painful periods, abnormal bleeding, or testicular pain
  • You simply want to understand your fertility status without progressing on to treatment

Fertility Tests & Consultations

At Manchester Fertility, we offer a range of fertility testing packages to suit the diverse needs of our patients. Our fertility testing options can help you better understand your overall chances of conception and all the advice you need to start your fertility journey. 

We offer packages for single patients, heterosexual couples and same-sex couples without a GP referral. We also offer fertility review packages to male patients and those assigned male at birth, conducted by our specialist consultant urologists. 

Our friendly team is always happy to discuss your individual circumstances and help you determine which option best suits you.

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