Travelling for IVF treatment from outside our region

Travelling from outside our region

What to expect and how we make things easy

What to expect and how we make it easy if you’re travelling to us for treatment

We welcome patients from right across the UK who travel considerable distance to us, thanks to the bespoke expertise, specialist help and personal care and support we provide.

We are also one of the UK's only fertility clinics with its own egg and sperm donor programme, with UK donors from our own donor banks.

Our patients come from London, Wales, Scotland, the Lake District, Yorkshire, the Midlands and beyond, and even from abroad.

Making treatment convenient for you

There’s no need to worry about not being near our clinic when you have treatment with us. We take care of everything and co-ordinate your treatment journey, so it’s as convenient and easy as possible for you.

We will plan and arrange your clinic appointments to minimise travel and organise consultations via the Salve patient app.

We’ll also keep you updated on your treatment progress through your own Salve mobile App, which enables quick and easy communication with our clinic team.

We also have a free car park at the back of our clinic to minimise the stress of finding a parking space.

How many clinic visits will I need?

When planning to travel for IVF or fertility treatment, it helps to understand what’s involved and to get an idea of how many clinic visits you need to make.

For all treatments you will need two pre-treatment appointments – one for preliminary investigative tests, and one to see the most appropriate consultant for your diagnosis, where treatment is planned.

Your consultant appointment can be carried out via video conference and once you have arranged your preliminary tests, which include blood tests and scans and you’ve had your initial consultation and tests, you can request your treatment to start straight away

Typical appointments are usually:

  • IVF: Up to six visits including preparation, monitoring, egg collection and embryo transfer. We can arrange for the monitoring part of your cycle to also be carried out locally to you. Read about our typical IVF cycle.
  • IUI: One visit, for your insemination treatment to be carried out at our clinic. You may require an additional monitoring scan in your treatment cycle.
  • Egg Freezing: One visit only for the required treatment.
  • Frozen Embryo Replacement (FET): One visit, for your embryos to be transferred.
  • Hormone-controlled FET: Two visits, one for the thickness of your endometrial lining to be checked to ensure you are ready for your embryo transfer, and one for the actual transfer procedure.
  • Recipient egg donation: Two visits. The first visit involves your partner providing a sperm sample (if you aren’t using donor sperm as well) to fertilise the donated eggs, and for us to check the thickness of your endometrial lining. The second visit is for the transfer procedure when embryos are ready.

How to get to us

Our clinic is easily accessible by road, rail or air:

  • Travelling by car: We are easy to find, located just off the A34 via the M56 or M60 motorways.
  • Travelling by train: Our nearest train stations are Stockport, Wilmslow or Heald Green, just a short taxi ride away.
  • Travelling by air: Our nearest airport is Manchester Airport which is only ten minutes away in a taxi which will cost less than £20.

There are also a number of hotels close to our clinic for when treatment procedures cover a few days, or if you wish to combine your treatment with a stay in the North West.

How to start fertility treatment with Manchester Fertility

It’s easy to start fertility treatment or make an enquiry with us:

Want an indicative cost of fertility treatment? Try our simple online Cost Calculator now.


For patients travelling to our clinic from out of the area, we offer competitive hotel rates at a local boutique hotel, so that you can take the stress out of your treatment visit.

If you require overnight accommodation, you can enjoy a relaxing space complete with beautiful bedrooms, a restaurant, and amazing views of the grounds, less than a five-minute drive from our clinic.

Room rates range from £150 - £210 for our single occupancy bed and breakfast. For double room occupancy, an additional £10 will be added.

If you'd like to take advantage of this offer, please ask our team for more details.