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Fertility Guide for lesbian couples

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Treatment options for lesbian couples

Donor Sperm Insemination

Sperm will be inserted into your uterus at the time you naturally ovulate in the hope that pregnancy occurs. This option offers a more natural approach to fertility treatment, however, success rates may vary depending on factors such as the recipient's age, fertility status, and the quality of the donor sperm.

Stimulated Cycle Donor Sperm Insemination

If you have an irregular menstrual cycle or ovulation issues, we can use fertility medications to stimulate the ovaries to produce multiple eggs before performing insemination. This process increases the chances of conception by providing more opportunities for sperm to fertilise an egg.

Shared Motherhood

Shared motherhood, also known as Partner or Reciprocal IVF, allows both partners to be biologically involved in the creation and birth of your baby. It is the same process as IVF but both partners share the journey - one partner provides the eggs to create the embryo, while the other partner carries the embryo (fertilised with donor or known donor sperm), experiences the pregnancy, and gives birth.

IVF with Donor Sperm

In our laboratory, we will use donor sperm to fertilise our patients eggs. The best embryo with the highest potential for pregnancy will be selected for transfer back into the patient's uterus. We can store your remaining embryos for future treatment.

IVF with Donor Eggs & Donor Sperm

For lesbian couples at a later stage in life or those unable to use their own eggs for any reason, ‘double donation’ is a wonderful option. This process involves using both donor eggs and donor sperm, offering a path to experience the joys of pregnancy and parenthood. It provides an opportunity for genetic involvement by allowing you to select donors who resonate with you.

Egg and sperm donations can be from a known or anonymous donor.

Finding a sperm donor

As part of our treatment packages, we can provide access to our extensive donor sperm bank profiles.

Our donor bank

Funding Treatment

Explore pre-paid treatment plans, multi-cycle packages, and 0% finance options to fund your treatment

Funding options

IVF or Donor Sperm Insemination

We will perform comprehensive fertility tests at the start of your journey, which assess key things such as ovarian reserve and hormone levels. This will help us to identify which type of treatment is best for you.


In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)

Donor Insemination (DI)

Genetic Connection: IVF allows the female partner to contribute her eggs for fertilisation, providing a genetic connection to the child.Simplicity: Donor Insemination is a simple and less invasive procedure compared to IVF.
Flexibility in Egg Selection: Lesbian couples can choose between either partner's eggs, allowing them to opt for the healthiest and best quality eggs.Suitability: Donor Insemination may be suitable for lesbian couples who don't have infertility issues.
Success Rates: IVF generally has higher success rates compared to Donor Insemination.Success Rates: Success rates for Donor Insemination are generally lower than IVF, but insemination can still be successful for many couples.
Cost: IVF typically requires additional procedures which is reflected in the cost.Cost: Donor sperm insemination is generally less expensive than IVF since it involves fewer steps and procedures.

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Supporting the LGBTQ+ Community

We are a trusted clinic renowned for our dedication to the LGBTQ+ community. We offer a safe, welcoming space where you can embark on your journey to parenthood with confidence and comfort. Our friendly, compassionate team is here to support you every step of the way, ensuring you feel understood and respected. Our range of inclusive treatments is crafted to suit your personal preferences and budget, making it easier than ever to create the family you’ve always wanted.

Treatment options include:

Support for female couples

Andrology Team

Our dedicated Donation Team will help you choose your ideal sperm donor and co-ordinate all the different stages of your treatment. We get to know you really well, so we can give you the support you need.

Meet our Andrology Team
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Midwifery support

Our compassionate and skilled midwives offer invaluable support to fertility patients by providing compassionate care, education, and advice throughout the treatment process. They address the emotional, psychological, and physical aspects of fertility care and will always put your needs first.

Meet our Midwives
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Counselling is included in treatment, and it is mandatory if you are using donor sperm. Our friendly, BICA registered counsellors will talk you through all the implications, including how to tell your child in future about their unique family origins and what they can know about their sperm donor.

Learn more about counselling
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Patient Stories

a same-sex female couple and their twins who were conceived through fertility treatment at Manchester Fertility

“Fertility treatment is a roller coaster, but the team was there for us during the highs and lows. Throughout the entire process, we felt looked after and supported. We will be eternally grateful to the team at Manchester Fertility.”

Lydia & Kim


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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get an appointment with Manchester Fertility?

You do not need a referral for an appointment with us. You can self-refer straight away.

The process of self-referring is easy, simply visit our get started page and book an appointment with a specialist at your convience. 

How do we find the best fertility clinic for us?

Firstly, visit the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority’s website (HFEA) for a list of registered clinics local to you. Then why not contact each of the fertility clinics you're interested in  and ask for brochures or information or visit the clinic’s website. Another great source of information is to check out our reviews and testimonials, and don’t hesitate to ask for a clinic tour. At Manchester Fertility you can book in for an informal, free 'one-to-one' appointment so that you can come and visit us, our friendly team will be on hand to answer any questions you might have.

How much does IVF or fertility treatment cost?

IVF costs vary depending on which clinic you choose. You will need to pay for the initial consultation, any pre-treatment tests or scans, and then for the actual treatment itself and any necessary medications. Our IVF package costs from £4,400* , for details about what’s included in the package, you can consult our pricing page.

I’m in a same-sex relationship and we would like to have a family. Can you help us?

Yes, we welcome a huge number of same-sex couples through our doors for pregnancy help, whether you need treatment with donor sperm or donor eggs.

For information about the fertility treatments, we offer to help you, visit our donor bank page.

I already have a child but I am having problems getting pregnant again. Is there something wrong with me?

Secondary infertility – the inability to have a second or third child despite having a successful pregnancy before – is not uncommon. But you may be worrying over nothing. Remember, infertility isn’t defined until you have been having regular, unprotected intercourse for up to two years without falling pregnant, so it could just be that this time it’s taking longer than before to conceive. Your age could also be a factor, remember that fertility starts to decline from age 30 onwards and even more so from age 35. But if you think you need fertility help, don’t hesitate to see your GP or contact us,

Can I get IVF treatment on the NHS?

The provision of IVF treatment varies across the country, and often depends on local NHS Integrated Care Board (ICB) policies.

ICBs may have additional criteria you need to meet before you can have IVF on the NHS, such as:

  • not having any children already, from both your current and any previous relationships
  • being a healthy weight
  • not smoking
  • falling into a certain age range (for example, some ICBs only fund treatment for women under 35)

Ask your GP or contact your local integrated care board (ICB) to find out whether NHS-funded IVF treatment is available in your area.

I want to get pregnant but I’m over 40 years of age, can you help me conceive?

Yes. However, you need to consider the fact that live birth rates for older women in their mid-40s, who wish to use their own eggs to conceive, is generally extremely low. Your options will include ovarian stimulation, and intrauterine insemination or IVF. Dependent upon your individual case, you may need to consider using donor eggs to get pregnant. For more details, call us on 0161 300 2737. You can also read ourGuide for Women over 40.

What hours are you open?

Being flexible with our opening times is vital for our patients at Manchester Fertility. We always aim to see you at times convenient to you. Our current opening times are shown on our contact page. You will always see the most appropriate staff member for your needs.


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