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Treatment with Donor Eggs

IVF with Donor Eggs

Manchester Fertility is one of the only fertility clinics in the country to have its own egg donor programme. 

We have fresh and frozen UK donor eggs immediately available to help you conceive, and offer a choice of funding options to make treatment with donor eggs cost effective.

Why are donor eggs needed?

There are many reasons why you may need to use donor eggs to get pregnant. Typical reasons include:

  • Medical conditions such as premature menopause or ovarian failure
  • If you’re not producing your own eggs
  • If there are abnormalities with the eggs – many women, typically those in their 40s, use donor eggs to get pregnant because the quality of their own isn’t suitable anymore due to age. We offer IVF with donor eggs for patients up to the age of 50.
  • Previous medical treatment such as chemotherapy which could have affected your fertility
  • If there’s a risk of passing on any hereditary illnesses or diseases

What happens if I need to use donor eggs to get pregnant?

Your first contact with the clinic will be with a donor programme assistant who will discuss the treatment journey with you. We have a dedicated Donation Team who are responsible for arranging the process for both donors and recipients.

How long is the waiting list for donor eggs?

We have a dedicated team at Manchester Fertility who will be able to guide you through the process of choosing a donor and enable treatment to begin as soon as you’ve found the right donor for you.

All of our egg donors are aged 18-35, HFEA registered, are from the UK and are fully identifiable to your child in future. Contact our Donation Team on 0161 300 2734 to talk through the egg donors we have available for you.    

What drugs will I need to take and what happens?

If you've having treatment with fresh donor eggs, your treatment cycle will be synchronised with the egg donation cycle of your donor, so you're ready to recieve embryos at exactly the right time.  

This is achieved by a combination of the pill, oestrogen patches and progesterone pessaries. The donated eggs are fertilised with your partner’s sperm (or with donor sperm) via IVF, and then treatment follows a typical embryo replacement cycle. The best resulting embryo is transferred into your uterus to grow as in a natural pregnancy.

If you opt for frozen donor eggs, these are already in our donor egg bank. There is no need to synchronise your cycle, so it's a quicker treatment process.

What else will I need to do?

As part of your treatment you will be required to undergo counselling to ensure that you understand the implications of using donor eggs to have a child. This includes how this can affect you and your partner, any existing family, how you may explain in future years about your child’s conception and what happens if your child wishes to find out who their donor is, as allowed by law, when they turn 18. In addition, you and your partner will need to undertake pre-treatment screening.

What can I know about my egg donor?

When using donor eggs in your treatment, you tell us what you’re looking for in your ideal donor, and we will match you with any we have that fit the profile. We get to know all our egg donors personally.

We'll provide you with a selection of egg donors to choose from, each with a detailed donor profile to help you choose. Our profiles ensure you can find an egg donor that has the characteristics you’re looking for – whether that’s a specific ethnicity, hobbies or interests, or physical attributes such as height, build, hair and eye colour. 

All of our egg donors are also encouraged to write a personal ‘pen portrait’ for their profile, describing themselves, their personality and their interests. It also includes a note explaining their motivation to donate, and a message of goodwill to any child born, as well as their physical characteristics.

This ensures we can give you a comprehensive, virtual ‘picture’ of your donor. So that you can choose the right egg donor with confidence.

As the first clinic in the UK to be awarded Donor Centre of Excellence recognition from the National Gamete Donation Trust (NGDT), the country’s leading egg, sperm and embryo donation services charity, you’ll be able to choose your egg donor with the reassurance that they've had the very best support and help from our team, including implications counselling, right from the moment they applied to donate.

As a recipient you won’t ever know who your egg donor is, unless it is known donation where you have found your own egg donor. Your egg donor will be anonymous to you.

How many donor eggs will I get?

You are guaranteed a minimum of six eggs from your chosen donor.

What if more than one embryo is created from the donated eggs?

If there are multiple good quality embryos then these can be frozen by us and stored for use if you wish to extend your family in future years.

How long will treatment take?

Screening an egg donor and matching a recipient usually takes up to 7 weeks, although this may take longer.  Matching an egg donor and recipient and synchronising your cycle can take up to 10 weeks. Following this, the treatment cycle takes an average of 8-10 weeks from the beginning of the treatment cycle to a pregnancy test.

A frozen donor eggs cycle is a quicker option as the donor's eggs are already collected and in our donor egg bank ready for your use.

What is the success rate for pregnancy using donor eggs?

Currently around 40 per cent of women who receive donor eggs achieve pregnancy. For our latest results, you can click here.

How much does IVF treatment with donor eggs cost?

Details of our treatment fees can be found here. We also offer a choice of pre-paid funding plans for treatment with donor eggs, which give you multiple cycles of treatment at a discounted cost.

Access Fertility's Donor Eggs IVF Refund plan gives you the reassurance of a money-back guarantee.

Or you can opt for our Frozen Donor Eggs Multi-Cycle package which offers significant savings if you need donor eggs to have a baby.

Treatment with donor eggs: Book a free 1-2-1

Using donor eggs to have a baby is a big decision. Due to its very personal and sensitive nature, why not consider seeing our Patient Advisors on a one to one basis? These free appointments are an ideal way for you to find out more and ask any questions you have about treatment with donor eggs, in private and in confidence. Click here to request your appointment.

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