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Fertility Treatment Costs

Fertility Treatment Costs

Our open and honest, patient-focused approach means that all of our prices are published transparently.

Overview of current fertility treatment prices

Please note the prices below are approximate, as a patient you receive a fully-costed, personal treatment plan unique to you from your consultant inclusive of all licence fees, screening costs, drugs and scans.

When comparing private fertility treatment costs, always ensure you ask for a total figure so you have a clear understanding of what you are paying for.


Initial consultation £230
Review consultation £150
Counselling service for first two sessions No charge
Additional counselling sessions £75

Fertility Assessments

Fertility Assessment/MOT (Heterosexual couple) i £405
Fertility Assessment/MOT (single female) i £305
Fertility Assessment/MOT (same sex couple) i £550
Viral screening (per person) i £105
Full blood count £52
CMV (if using donor sperm) £52
HyCoSy (to determine tubal patency) £475
Rubella £52
Chlamydia (if using donor sperm) £52

Andrology Services

Semen analysis i £150
Semen analysis and telephone consultation i £205
Semen analysis and review consultation i £250
Sperm Comet i £385
Surgical sperm retrieval £1800-£3100


IVF i £3250
ICSI (in addition to IVF) i £1150
Egg Freezing i £3995

Treatment Using Donor Eggs

Fresh Egg Donor (partner sperm) i £8950
Fresh Egg Donor (donor sperm) i £9550
Frozen Egg Donor (price includes ICSI fee) 2 cycle package i £9950
Frozen Egg Donor (partner sperm) i £6500
Frozen Egg Donor (donor sperm) i £7250
Fresh Donor Egg Multi-Cycle Package i £12,950

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

IUI using partner sperm i £900
IUI using partner sperm (up to 3 cycles) i £1800
IUI using donor sperm i £1500
IUI using donor sperm (up to 3 cycles) i £3500

Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS)

PGS within a single cycle i £2100
Additional embryos per biopsy £250

Endometrial Receptivity Array Test (ERA)

Endometrial Receptivity Array Test (ERA) £1200

Frozen Embryo Transfer

Transfer of frozen embryos i from £1600

Freezing and Storage

Semen Freezing - 3 sample package price (3 years storage) i £950
Semen Freezing i £350
Subsequent semen samples £200
Embryo freezing (Includes storage for up to 1 year) £575
Subsequent storage (up to 1 year) £350


IVF with Host Surrogacy POA
Straight surrogacy IUI POA

Additional Fees

Local anaesthetic/oral sedation for all procedures (excluding egg collection as this is included within this treatment) £50
Time-Lapse Embryoscope in addition to IVF i £695

HFEA Licence Fee

HFEA fee for IVF/Frozen Embryo Transfer/Egg Recipient £80
HFEA fee for using donor sperm i £37.50


IVF Medication Between £800-£2300
FET HRT Between £200-£300
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