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Donor Sperm Insemination

Donor Sperm InseminationWe are one of the most successful donor sperm banks in the UK and we're also officially the first clinic in the UK to be awarded Donor Centre of Excellence recognition.

The accolade from the National Gamete Donation Trust (NGDT), the country’s leading egg, sperm and embryo donation services charity, means you’ll be able to choose your donor with the confidence that they have had the very best support and help from our team, right from the moment they applied to donate.

Thanks to the success of our national sperm bank Semovo, we have no waiting lists for treatment using donor sperm and can offer you an extensive choice of sperm donors to choose from.

Typically, couples may decide to use donor sperm if the male partner has a low sperm count, isn’t producing any sperm at all, or if there’s a high risk of passing on a genetic condition.

We also treat a great number of single women and same-sex couples who want to safely use donor sperm to have a baby. This avoids the risks of using internet ‘sperm banks,’ or sperm-donor matching websites, which are often unregulated and illegal.

All Manchester Fertility sperm donors are:

  • UK residents known to our team – they donate regularly for many months
  • Have passed strict health tests and had their sperm quarantined to ensure that it is safe to use for both mother and baby, and free from diseases including any genetic or hereditary conditions
  • Registered as sperm donors with the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA)
  • Identifiable, to enable any conceived child to find out who their donor is once they reach the age of 18.

For our patients using donor sperm, insemination is carefully-timed for when ovulation occurs. For women with irregular or infrequent cycles, the ovaries are stimulated with clomiphene or low dose gonadotrophins.

Choosing your sperm donor 

When using donor sperm to have a baby, you tell us what you’re looking for in your ideal donor, and we will match you with any we have that fit the profile. 

We will provide you with a selection of donors to choose from, each with a detailed donor profile to help you make your decision about which donor is right for you. Our profiles ensure you can identify a donor that has the characteristics you’re looking for – whether that’s specific ethnicity, hobbies or interests, or physical attributes such as height, build, hair and eye colour. 

All of our sperm donors are also encouraged to write a personal ‘pen portrait’ for their profile, describing themselves, their personality and their interests. It also includes a note explaining their motivation to donate, and a message of goodwill to any child born, as well as their physical characteristics.

This ensures we can give you a comprehensive, virtual ‘picture’ of your donor. So that you can choose the right sperm donor with confidence. 

As a recipient you won’t ever know who your sperm donor is, unless it is known donation where you have found your own sperm donor. Your sperm donor will be anonymous to you.

Donor Sperm Insemination: Multicycle package option

You can now choose to have this treatment as a pre-paid multicycle package, which gives you up to three cycles of Donor Sperm Insemination at a discounted cost compared to paying for treatment as you go. For more details, click here.

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