Our Partners

Our Partners

Our partners help us ensure we offer you the highest quality of patient care.

Supporting you throughout your fertility journey...

At Manchester Fertility, we're invested in ensuring our patients feel informed, understood and well-looked after from the moment they first contact us until they leave our care.

We do this by staying at the forefront of our field, investing in research and expanding our clinical expertise, and also by forging effective relationships with satellite clinics, industry partners and affiliates that provide our patients with additional support throughout their journey. Learn more about our satellite clinics, partners and affiliates and the services they offer today.

What is a Satellite Clinic?

For your convenience and to give our patients wider access to our fertility expertise, we work with a number of satellite clinics. This allows you to attend a clinic that is local to you for your initial treatment investigations, treatment planning, scans and other appointments that don't require a HFEA licence fee.

The parts of your treatment that do require a HFEA licence, such as your egg collection and embryo transfer, will be conducted by our award-winning team at our state-of-the-art clinic in South Manchester. 

Our Partners & Affiliates