Embryoscope time-lapse

Embryoscope time-lapse

Advanced embryo selection is included as standard in our new packages to help improve your pregnancy chances.

What is EmbryoScope?

EmbryoScope is a revolutionary type of incubator, which helps us choose the best embryo to transfer.

The EmbryoScope produces a time-lapse video of your embryos as they grow undisturbed, giving us highly detailed insight into their development which is not visible through traditional embryo culture methods.

We then use this video to identify which of your embryos have the greatest pregnancy potential.

What is EmbryoScope?

Should I use Embryoscope in my IVF cycle?

EmbryoScope is a treatment option available to all Manchester Fertility patients, but it may be especially useful if you’ve had previous failed cycles of IVF/ICSI.

Embryos are placed in the EmbryoScope after we have confirmed fertilisation, the day after egg collection.

Once we have identified which of your embryos is most suitable for transfer, you will receive your own copy of the video, where we will explain to you the key stages.

Should I use Embryoscope in my IVF cycle?

Benefits of Embryoscope time-lapse selection

Undisturbed development

No need to remove and observe embryo growth manually.

Continuous monitoring 24/7

The EmbryoScope’s built-in camera takes pictures of your embryos several times an hour.

Enhanced information

Every crucial cell stage is visible.

Multiple embryos

You can have up to 12 embryos developed in the EmbryoScope.

Pregnancy chances

EmbryoScope may help improve your chances of pregnancy by helping us transfer the most viable embryo.

No risk

EmbryoScope technology doesn’t harm your embryos in any way.

What are add-ons?

Add-ons are optional extras that you may be offered on top of your normal fertility treatment, often at an additional cost.

Some clinics may include certain add-ons with their treatment packages as standard whilst others charge separately, this add-on is included as part of your treatment, within our packages at Manchester Fertility.
Your doctor will be able to provide you the complete information and risk associated with any of these add-ons, we offer these add-ons after a full discussion with our experts and after your specific individual circumstances have been considered.

If you require more information on add-ons you can visit the HFEA website here.