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Frozen Embryo Transfer

Frozen Embryo ReplacementFrozen embryo transfer is a procedure that allows you to use embryos created by a previous IVF cycle.

When multiple good embryos are created during your IVF cycle, only one or two of them may be transferred back into your uterus. The rest are frozen and stored by us at our Manchester clinic.

When you decide you want to use your frozen embryos – either because your IVF cycle didn’t work or because you want a sibling second child – frozen embryo transfer takes place.

With a frozen embryo transfer, there’s no need to go through an entire IVF cycle again. You already have embryos, so there’s no need for your ovaries to be stimulated and eggs recovered as before. Your embryos will be thawed and analysed to check they’re suitable for the procedure, and implanted as in normal IVF.

At Manchester Fertility, we have a good success rate for frozen embryo transfer procedures, because a great deal of our research effort goes into ways of identifying the very best embryos.

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