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Frozen Embryo Transfer

Trying for a baby using frozen embryos from a previous treatment cycle.

A Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) involves thawing your embryos frozen in a previous IVF cycle. You will not need to undergo an entire IVF cycle for this, but we will discuss with you whether you should have hormone medications to prepare your womb to receive the embryo. You might wish to use your frozen embryos if:

•    Your previous IVF cycle did not work
•    You have had successful IVF and now want to grow your family

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Did you know?

We only freeze embryos that we have identified as good quality, through our advanced embryo selection techniques. Our aim is to give you the best possible chance of pregnancy with each frozen embryo replacement cycle.

Not all embryos have the same potential to form a pregnancy, and each one is affected differently by the freeze and thaw process.

Our experienced clinical team will advise you on your individual circumstances.

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Did you know?

Frozen Embryo Transfer: How it Works

Initial consultation

We will make sure you are healthy and ready for pregnancy, and there are no issues which could prevent successful implantation of your thawed embryo.

Preparing your uterus

We will prepare your body for pregnancy. We use fertility medications to thicken your womb lining. We will only start the thawing process of your embryos when your uterus is ready.

Thawing your embryos

Your embryos are removed from liquid nitrogen. Only one or two may be removed and thawed, depending on how many you have frozen. Our embryologists will examine your thawed embryo under the microscope and confirm it is suitable for transfer. You then come into the clinic for embryo transfer. 

Embryo transfer

Your embryo will be briefly placed in EmbryoGlue prior to transfer, to help it adhere to the uterus. The embryo will be carefully transferred to your uterus in our clinic theatre.


After embryo transfer, you will continue taking hormone medications to support embryo implantation and early pregnancy, Our Fertility Midwife is here to support you as you await treatment outcome.

Pregnancy test

Two weeks after your embryo transfer, you will be able to take a pregnancy test. If the test is positive, we will arrange and early pregnancy scan for you. Any medications that we have advised should be continued until the end of the 12th week of pregnancy.

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