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Meet The Team

Read through the profiles of our friendly team, many of whom have been with us since we first opened our doors over 30 years ago. We have a diverse range of people from all sorts of professional backgrounds, here to support you through your fertility treatment.


  • Dr David Polson

    Dr David Polson

    Medical Director

  • Dr Anamika Rao

    Dr Anamika Rao

    Fertility Consultant

  • Dr Peter Kerecsenyi

    Dr Peter Kerecsenyi

    Fertility Consultant

  • Dr Raj Mathur

    Dr Raj Mathur

    Consultant Gynaecologist and Subspecialist in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery

  • Dr Muhammad Akhtar

    Dr Muhammad Akhtar

    Consultant Gynaecologist and Subspecialist in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery

  • Mr Steve Bromage

    Mr Steve Bromage

    Consultant Urological Surgeon and Subspecialist in Urological Cancer and Renal Disease

  • Dr Ian Ellis

    Dr Ian Ellis

    Consultant Clinical Geneticist


  • Nick Wisely

    Nick Wisely

    Consultant Anaesthetist

  • Simon Maguire

    Simon Maguire

    Consultant Anaesthetist

  • Dan Mallaber

    Dan Mallaber

    Consultant Obstetric Anaesthetist

Nurses & Imaging

  • Sister Samantha Potts

    Sister Samantha Potts

    Fertility Nurse Team Leader

  • Karen Arnold

    Karen Arnold

    Senior Fertility Nurse

  • Paula Lynch

    Paula Lynch

    Senior Fertility Nurse

  • Claire Panek

    Claire Panek

    Fertility Nurse

  • Holly Kowalski

    Holly Kowalski

    Fertility Nurse

  • Louise Barrett

    Louise Barrett

    Fertility Nurse

  • Lynsey Moorhead

    Lynsey Moorhead

    Fertility Support Midwife

  • Angela Darlington

    Angela Darlington

    Operating Department Practitioner

  • Kirsty Turner

    Kirsty Turner

    Registered General Nurse

  • Claire Maddocks

    Claire Maddocks

    Registered General Nurse

  • Gemma Murphy

    Gemma Murphy

    Healthcare Assistant

  • Telia Miller

    Telia Miller

    Healthcare Assistant

  • Anne Hurleston

    Anne Hurleston


  • Becky Chambers

    Becky Chambers



  • Dr Debbie Falconer

    Dr Debbie Falconer

    Lead Embryologist/Managing Director (Joint)

  • Claire Kay

    Claire Kay

    Embryology Team Leader

  • Alan Birks

    Alan Birks

    Senior Embryologist/ Facilities Manager

  • Keith McEvoy

    Keith McEvoy

    Senior Embryologist

  • Alison Jose

    Alison Jose


  • Lydia Ruddick

    Lydia Ruddick


  • Sarah Al-Jazary

    Sarah Al-Jazary

    Trainee Embryologist

  • Rowan Watson

    Rowan Watson

    Reproductive Technologist

Dedicated Sperm & Egg Donation Team

  • Samantha Slack

    Samantha Slack

    Donor Programme Team Leader

  • Joanne Adams

    Joanne Adams

    Senior Andrologist/ Sperm Donor Bank Manager

  • Lauren Baker

    Lauren Baker

    Reproductive Technologist

  • Amy Jacobs

    Amy Jacobs

    Senior Donor Programme Assistant

  • Sarah Rydzynski

    Sarah Rydzynski

    Donor Programme Assistant

  • Stephanie Lynch

    Stephanie Lynch

    Donor Programme Assistant

  • Jamie Carter

    Jamie Carter

    Satellite Relationship Coordinator

Patient Office

  • Jenny Weedall

    Jenny Weedall

    Patient Office Team Leader

  • Hayley Cuthbert

    Hayley Cuthbert

    Senior Patient Advisor

  • Alice Frost

    Alice Frost

    Patient Advisor

  • Jessica Whitehurst

    Jessica Whitehurst

    Patient Advisor

  • Julie-Anne Sanderson

    Julie-Anne Sanderson

    Patient Advisor

  • Evie O'Reilly

    Evie O'Reilly

    Patient Advisor

  • Anna Bailey

    Anna Bailey

    Patient Advisor

  • Katy Gadman

    Katy Gadman

    Patient Support Assistant

  • Catherine Coffey

    Catherine Coffey

    Medical Secretary

  • Kelly Young

    Kelly Young

    Admin Support Assistant

  • Caroline Coulston

    Caroline Coulston

    Patient Support Assistant

  • Rita Dixon

    Rita Dixon

    Head Receptionist

  • Georgina Arnold

    Georgina Arnold



  • Gabrielle Goad

    Gabrielle Goad

    Fertility Counsellor

  • Sharon Rodden

    Sharon Rodden

    Fertility Counsellor

  • Helen Bohme

    Helen Bohme

    Fertility Counsellor

Alternative Therapy

  • Dr Greg Carter

    Dr Greg Carter

    Private Medical Acupuncturist

  • Jeannette Jackson

    Jeannette Jackson

    Fertility Nutritionist


  • Rachel Panton

    Rachel Panton

    Accounts Assistant

  • Mohammad Shamus

    Mohammad Shamus

    Assistant Management Accountant


  • Jonathan Koslover

    Jonathan Koslover

    Managing Director (Joint)

  • Alison Kay

    Alison Kay

    Quality Manager

  • Ian Parker

    Ian Parker

    Marketing Manager