Sam Lanigan - Medical Secretary

Sam Lanigan

Medical Secretary

Sam Lanigan

Sam made the move from another fertility clinic to Manchester Fertility to become our Medical Secretary. From managing appointments and handling administrative tasks to maintaining patient records and facilitating communication between fertility consultants, patient team and patients, Sam has over 13 years’ experience organising paperwork for treatment journeys. 

Today, at Manchester Fertility, Sam continues to provide constant communication between the clinic and our patients and is a crucial support to our fertility consultants. Her role as Medical Secretary is one where compassionate care and efficient administration come together; her role is very important to Sam as she helps the patients get the information they need as soon as possible, allowing them to make informed decisions about their fertility treatment.

Sam says:

“I have a deep commitment to patient care, and I really enjoy working with fertility patients. I understand that navigating fertility treatment can sometimes be overwhelming, and I am here to make the process as smooth as possible for patients who have had difficulty conceiving naturally. I look forward to using my knowledge and years of experience to benefit patients at Manchester Fertility.”