Male Fertility

Male Fertility

Diagnosis and treatment for male fertility concerns

As a specialist clinic for the treatment of male factor infertility and related concerns, we are proud to provide dedicated fertility treatments and reproductive health advice to all our male patients.

We offer:

  • Comprehensive male fertility assessments
  • Dedicated reproductive health advice and support
  • Expert medical advice for men on infertility prevention
  • Advice on the lifestyle changes you can make for fertility improvement

We aim to encourage better reproductive health and where possible, help men prevent lifestyle-factor fertility problems before they start through screening, advice, awareness and education.

Why have a male fertility assessment?

Sperm counts are falling and male infertility is rising – but most men don’t realise they have a fertility problem until they try to conceive. Through andrology we are taking a proactive approach to help men have a better fertility future.

With the expertise of our male fertility specialists, we will help you understand:

  • Your fertility history – childhood illnesses, syndromes or conditions that may have affected fertility
  • Your current fertility – a thorough fertility assessment and physical examination
  • Your future fertility – how your lifestyle may be affecting your reproductive health
  • How to maintain your sexual health – preventing STIs and contraception
  • Sexual dysfunction – erectile and ejaculatory disorders
Why have a male fertility assessment?