Fertility assessment

Fertility Check & Assessment

A comprehensive fertility check for couples and singles, to help you understand your current fertility

What is a fertility assessment?

Our full fertility assessment is a great first place to start if you have been trying for a baby and aren’t sure if you need fertility treatment. Or you may be planning a family, and want some insight into your current fertility health.

Involving a series of simple tests and a consultation with a fertility specialist, a fertility check can help you make informed decisions and give you useful advice about how best to conceive.

A fertility assessment is available for couples and individuals, with no need for a GP referral. Just call our team make an appointment or book online.

As part of our fertility assessment services, female patients, or patients assigned female at birth (AFAB), will need to undergo a transvaginal ultrasound. We ask patients help us arrange their scans for when they are not actively menstruating as it allows for optimal visualisation of the pelvic anatomy.

Who is suitable for a fertility assessment?

You may wish to have a Fertility Assessment if:

  • You want some insight into your fertility before you start trying for a baby
  • You’ve been trying for a baby without success and want to know if you need fertility treatment
  • You want to know if you have any current fertility issues that may mean you need IVF or fertility treatment in future
  • You just want to know about your fertility health for your own future plans
  • Female patient is under 40 years old

If your results from a fertility check show that treatment is advisable, your consultant will explain any further testing that is required, and next steps if you wish to start treatment in the near future.

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What does a fertility assessment involve for women?

Optional extra - HyCoSy test
If appropriate, we can perform a HyCoSy (Hysterosalpingo-contrast-sonography) test but this is not part of the MOT this is an additional £500. HyCoSy is a non-invasive transvaginal ultrasound technique which assesses the patency of your fallopian tubes, which must be clear of blockages in order to conceive. HyCoSy involves injecting a contrast fluid into the uterine cavity through the cervix, which will indicate on ultrasound if there are any fallopian tube blockages or other changes in the womb such as polyps or fibroids. 

Blocked fallopian tubes can be caused by a number of reasons, including infections, previous surgery and scar tissue. Blocked fallopian tubes do not typically show any symptoms and as such most women are unaware of a problem until they have difficulty conceiving.

What does a fertility assessment involve for men?

How will I receive my Fertility Assessment results?

When your results are ready you will see one of our fertility specialists for a private fertility consultation, where we will go through your results and you can ask any questions.

Your doctor will explain what your results mean for your fertility health and next steps to help you achieve pregnancy, either naturally or with our help if an issue is found.

It’s important to remember that your Fertility Assessment results are not the sole indicator of your ability to conceive, as there are lots of other factors to consider too, in particular your age and lifestyle, which will be discussed by your consultant.

Dr Raj Mathur - Consultant Gynaecologist and Subspecialist in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery

Dr Raj Mathur

Consultant Gynaecologist and Subspecialist in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery

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How much does a fertility assessment cost?

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