Lydia Ruddick - Senior Embryologist

Lydia Ruddick

Senior Embryologist

Lydia Ruddick

With qualifications in Genetics and Assisted Reproduction Technology, Lydia trained to be a Clinical Embryologist in Birmingham.

With research experience in early embryo development at the French National Research Institute and clinical practice observation in Australia, she brings her wide-ranging expertise to Manchester Fertility to help give you the best chance of a baby.

Lydia is a Diplomate of the Royal College of Pathologists, reflecting her success passing the Part 1 Reproductive Science examination. This is a major test of an embryologist’s knowledge and analytical skills and reflects Lydia’s continued dedication to the field of embryology.

Lydia says: “I love working in a field where our work has such significance. It’s a real privilege to take care of embryos, keeping our patients informed of their development and helping to create families with our cutting edge facilities and treatment options.”