Charlotte Beaumont - Clinical Embryologist

Charlotte Beaumont

Clinical Embryologist – BSc

Charlotte Beaumont

Charlotte is one of the newer Embryology team members here at Manchester Fertility. As a Clinical Embryologist, she is passionate and committed to helping patients become parents.

Before joining the Manchester Fertility team, Charlotte worked as an Embryologist at St Mary's Hospital where she completed the NHS Scientist Training Programme. This involved intensive work-based training and an MSc in Clinical Embryology. 

Before her career in Embryology, she furthered her qualifications with an MSc in Reproductive and Developmental Medicine at The University of Sheffield. Here, lectures on embryo/fetal development further ignited her passion for Embryology and led to her pursuing this career wholeheartedly.  As part of this qualification, Charlotte conducted research alongside a Consultant Radiologist looking into novel ways of measuring placental function using MRI scanning. 

Following her masters, she spent some time working at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals within Obstetrics & Gynaecology and also gained experience at another fertility clinic, shadowing the experts.

A proud member of ARCs, Charlotte is keen on guiding trainee Embryologists and sharing her wealth of knowledge. For her, embarking on a career in Embryology is the perfect union of technical precision within the lab and the human connection with patients. Witnessing the joy of helping patients build families they've longed for brings unparalleled satisfaction. She embraces the ever-evolving nature of Embryology, relishing the constant challenge of mastering new techniques. 

Charlotte says:

“I’m really looking forward to this new chapter of my career where I can further consolidate my learning and lab skills. I know that Manchester Fertility is at the forefront of new developments in fertility treatments, and I’m excited to be part of a clinic that is so patient-centred and forward-thinking.”