Kate Goulding - Lab Administration Assistant/Data Analyst

Kate Goulding

Lab Administration Assistant/Data Analyst – PhD, MSc, BSc

Kate Goulding

Kate's role at Manchester Fertility is to analyse and interpret data related to various embryology research and practice aspects as well organising the transport of frozen embryos – safeguarding their viability and integrity during transit.

Kate has a solid academic record in the fertility field. She achieved a Biomedical Science degree specialising in human reproduction and immunology at The University of Birmingham and completed her PhD in intracellular calcium signalling in human sperm in 2012. This background in research allows Kate to excel in statistically analysing complex data.

Following this, Kate completed the Scientific Training Programme (STP) to become an embryologist at the Shropshire and Mid Wales Fertility Centre, alongside a Master's in Embryology at The University of Nottingham.

Before joining Manchester Fertility, Kate worked as an HCPC registered embryologist at St Mary's Hospital for seven years, where, in addition to her laboratory work, she held the role of Research Embryo Coordinator. In this capacity, Kate managed the import of embryos for research.

Her vast experience in the field of embryology and her passion for research places her perfectly to help the embryology team. Her multi-faceted role involving data management, analysis, and interpretation to support research, clinical care, and operational efficiency will ensure better outcomes for patients seeking fertility treatments.

Kate says

“I'm very excited about my new role at Manchester Fertility, enabling me to draw on my previous experience as an embryologist and a scientific researcher. It is a privilege to work in a clinic that is so patient-centred and has such a keen interest in new developments within our field. Having a family has been incredibly important in my life, and supporting others to do so is a truly fulfilling career path.”