Millie Williams - Embryology Practitioner

Millie Williams

Embryology Practitioner

Millie Williams

Millie joined the Manchester Fertility team after working as a Reproductive Technologist with our national donor sperm bank Semovo, since 2022. Her role as an Embryology Practitioner allows her to pursue her interest and progress her career in the field of embryology, an important area of medical science.

Before she started her professional career Millie already had a passion for development biology which led her to the University of Sheffield, where she gained her first-class bachelor's degree in Biomedical Science. Professionally, she has had a variety of roles, including a Laboratory Scientist, Reproductive Technologist, and her latest role as an Embryology Practitioner.

Millie’s role allows her to be involved in patient’s treatments, having a direct impact on their fertility journey. Her responsibilities include preparing sperm samples, preparing dishes and media for eggs and embryos, performing egg collections, and providing administrative support to the rest of the team.

Millie says

Being a part of the Embryology team and learning new laboratory skills, I feel grateful to belong to Manchester Fertility. It’s amazing to be able to help patients to achieve their goals of parenthood - it’s so rewarding to know that I will be making such a difference to people’s lives.