Joanne Adams

Senior Andrologist / Sperm Donor Bank Manager

Joanne Adams

Joanne Adams has been our Senior Andrologist since 2004. As an andrologist she specialises in the treatment of sperm disorders. If you suffer from male infertility Joanne will be able to pinpoint exactly what the problem might be with your sperm – whether there’s too few, they have poor motility or they are abnormally-shaped. She then assesses what course of treatment might work.

Joanne is especially passionate about sperm donation and manages our highly-successful sperm donor bank. She’s also nationally active on issues relating to the recruitment of sperm donors.

Joanne says: “Many men who could be donors simply don’t realise there’s such as shortage of donor sperm. Through our ongoing campaign, we are one of the few clinics in the UK to have no waiting list for treatment with donor sperm.”

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