Harriet Wicks - Midwife

Harriet Wicks


Harriet Wicks

Harriet has a lengthy midwifery background and a genuine, heartfelt commitment to supporting families on their unique fertility journeys as part of our compassionate and dedicated nursing team.

Before joining our team of specialists, Harriet served as an inpatient midwife at St Mary's Hospital in Manchester, navigating all aspects of maternity care, including high-risk intrapartum and antenatal settings. Her journey continued as a community midwife in inner-city Manchester, providing invaluable care to diverse families. A move to North Manchester General Hospital as a continuity of care midwife allowed her to personalise support throughout patients' pregnancy and the postpartum periods, particularly for those seeking to give birth in home and birth centre settings.

With a passion for giving back to the community, Harriet has also contributed significantly to vulnerable communities as the named midwife for refugees and asylum seekers at Stepping Hill Hospital. Her enhanced, award-nominated care has made a lasting impact on highly vulnerable families.

Harriet has qualifications in newborn examination, mentorship, biomechanics for birth, Solihull training, and baby attachment training. Her passion for fertility care blossomed during a placement at a private fertility clinic in the North West, blending the latest scientific innovations with her innate love for supporting families.

As part of the Manchester Fertility team, Harriet plays a crucial role in supporting families throughout their fertility journey, from the anticipation of pregnancy outcomes to the early weeks of pregnancy. Her person-centred approach and emotional support, honed throughout her career, will comfort families, especially during those initial post-treatment weeks.

Harriet says:

"Throughout my career, I have always been drawn to providing individualised and person-centred emotional support to families most in need. To me, fertility care is so interesting as it combines the latest innovations in science with my love for caring and supporting families. It reaffirms just how precious each pregnancy is! What could be more beautiful than bringing new life into the world."