Lynsey Moorhead - Senior Fertility Midwife

Lynsey Moorhead

Senior Fertility Midwife

Lynsey Moorhead

Lynsey supports you on your journey to getting pregnant and throughout early pregnancy. She also assists pregnant women who come to us privately for non-invasive prenatal testing.

With 11 years working across all areas of midwifery, most recently working within the Maternal and Fetal Health Research Centre as the Lead Midwife for the Preterm Labour Clinic at St Mary’s, she will guide you through early pregnancy stages for scans and blood tests. Lynsey also supports patients at the initial treatment phase of egg retrieval and embryo replacement.

She says: “My dedicated early pregnancy support bridges the gap from when you complete your fertility treatment to starting your maternity care. I’m very much looking forward to helping people as they start this very exciting, next phase of their journey to a family.”