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1st October 2018 in I Love My Job

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Lynsey Moorhead decided she wanted to be a midwife at primary school. Now the mum-of-two is sharing in the joy of pregnancy for those who’ve struggled to conceive, supporting Manchester Fertility patients through pregnancy test and their first pregnancy scan.

Why did midwifery appeal to you so much, especially at such a young age?

Most children have ambition to work as a doctor or and nurse - I only knew about midwifery because friends of the family were midwives, so I was aware of the great work they did. I love the fact that I’m actually doing the job I always wanted to do!

I’ve been lucky enough to work across lots of different areas, including community, special care baby unit, labour ward and also as a Research Midwife.

Midwifery isn’t something people associate with a fertility clinic. How did you end up at Manchester Fertility?

I’ve always felt that my experience and expertise would be really beneficial to people going through fertility treatment.

As a patient you’re so intensively supported and cared for during your stages of treatment. Why should this end when it’s time to take your pregnancy test? Everyone dreads the ‘two week wait’, it’s when you’re at your most anxious, and it’s when you need the most support.

So I’m here to help you through this time, and the very earliest stages of your pregnancy too.

It must be amazing to be there when a pregnancy is confirmed?

There really is nothing more rewarding for me than caring for a patient who may have struggled for some time to conceive, and then to be there at their pregnancy scan when they see the little heartbeat for the first time.

To see their happiness – and their babies when they’re born – is just so satisfying.

Of course the sad times never get any easier, when treatment doesn’t end the way everyone hopes. I’m here to support patients through the good times and the difficult times, it does make a difference knowing someone is there to listen.

What would you say are your career highlights to date?

Some of my biggest achievements are caring for friends and colleagues during their labour and birth. This is an amazing privilege of the job!

I’ve also started an ultrasound scanning course, so I can carry out early pregnancy scans myself. I really enjoy learning the new skills and look forward to being able to put them into practice for the ladies at our clinic.

What advice would you give to people going through fertility treatment?

Always talk about any concerns you have. Going through treatment is an anxious time and small worries or issues that aren’t really a problem at all can feel massive. If you have something on your mind, give one of us a call so we can put your mind at rest!

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Last updated: 1st October 2018