Caring for You: Meet Our Fertility Nurses & Midwives

27th May 2019 in IVF

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IVF nurses

When you have IVF or fertility treatment, our Fertility Nurses and midwifery team are a constant and valued source of support.

Personally invested in your care and treatment journey at every stage, from your initial screening to pregnancy test and scan, the close relationship you will have with our nursing team ensures you receive the support, reassurance and advice that you need.

As this month celebrates both International Day of the Midwife and International Nurses Day, here is a closer look at their work:

Fertility Nurses: Caring for you

Whenever you need someone at your side and that extra ‘TLC’, our Fertility Nurses are here to listen, help and support you. Highly experienced and qualified nurses, many of our team have particular expertise in women’s healthcare.

With direct involvement in the different stages of your treatment, they can help with any day-to-day queries you have about your treatment and its progress.

They help with:

  • Injection teaching for IVF medications
  • Performing your initial blood and screening tests
  • Updating you on test results
  • Consulting with Doctors on any treatment queries
  • Supporting you during and after treatment procedures, including egg collection, embryo transfer or insemination

Our Fertility Nursing team is led by Sister Samantha Potts. Get to know our nurses and some of the people who will be supporting you on our Meet the Team page.

Fertility midwives: Dedicated treatment outcome & pregnancy support

Our in-clinic Fertility Midwife team Lynsey Moorhead and Stacey Rees provide essential support during the ‘two-week wait’ before your pregnancy test, which for many is the most anxious part of treatment.

Lynsey and Stacey are both qualified midwifes who have cared for a wide variety of women before, during and after pregnancy across NHS units, including those with high-risk pregnancies, twins or triplets.

They bridge the gap between the end of your fertility treatment and the start of your maternity care, to ensure a seamless and stress-free start to pregnancy.

Our midwifery team provide:

  • Personal support before you take your pregnancy test
  • Dedicated support during and after your pregnancy scan, taking you through what happens next and answering any questions you have
  • Early pregnancy self-care advice
  • Advice and reassurance if you are worried about pregnancy symptoms
  • Arrangement of your ongoing maternity care with local NHS maternity services

Read Lynsey’s ‘I Love My Job’ profile to find out more about the support she provides, her experiences caring for IVF patients and her advice and tips if you are having treatment.

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Last updated: 27th May 2019