'2 Week Wait' Tips & Advice: Our Personal Midwifery Support As You Await Treatment Outcome

7th July 2017 in General

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The ‘two week wait’ can be the most trying time in an IVF and fertility treatment cycle, when all treatment processes have finished and you’re waiting to find out if you’re pregnant.

We know how emotionally hard and stressful this stage can be, as you go between feelings of excitement and worry, looking for even the slightest symptoms and signs of pregnancy.

But at Manchester Fertility you’re not left alone. Our Fertility Support Midwife, Lynsey Moorhead, is here to reassure you as you wait to take your pregnancy test.

Here she explains her support – and tips to help you cope - so you know what to expect:

Personal midwifery support during the two-week wait

At Manchester Fertility we always keep in contact with our patients who are going through the ‘two-week wait’, so I’ll follow up with all women during this phase.

It’s really important that we do this, because although many women will initially tell me that they’re fine, it becomes clear that they do have things on their mind. Real worries that are affecting their sleep and day-to-day life, which they wouldn’t think to call us about.

I’m able to offer expert and professional reassurance, which I hope helps to reduce any stress and puts your mind at ease. Having someone to talk to – who knows what you’re going through – makes a huge difference.

There’s no time-limit to my support either. I’ll chat to you for as long as you need and answer any questions you have, as many times as you need to speak with me. If you – or your partner - need further professional support, we also have our fertility counsellors on hand to help.

Common concerns during the two-week wait

Many women often feel silly or embarrassed about what’s on their mind. But there’s no need to be - I can assure you that all your concerns or thoughts will be perfectly normal! I’m usually asked about things like:

  • Whether you have pregnancy symptoms or not
  • Spotting or bleeding
  • Cramping and what this may mean
  • Medication queries
  • Questions around daily activities, whether you’re safe to do sport or travel
  • What will happen next if you aren’t pregnant
  • When your ultrasound scan will be if you are pregnant
  • Discussion of a pregnancy test result if you’ve done a test early

Tips for surviving the ‘two-week wait’

One of the things that makes the ‘two-week wait’ so hard is that the only thing you can actually do is wait. But there are things you should keep in mind, and can do, to help make this time a little easier on yourself such as:

  • Accepting your thoughts of pregnancy: You’ll be thinking about pregnancy and treatment outcome until the times comes to take your test. It will always be at the back of your mind. So don’t waste a lot of energy over the coming days trying not to think about it – this may only make you even more anxious! 
  • Don’t worry too much about ‘what ifs’: Remember there’s nothing you can do, or that can be done, that will change your pregnancy result now. 
  • Stick to your regular routines: Playing a sport, eating particular foods or even travelling won’t change your treatment outcome. 
  • Listen to your body: Keep stress-levels to a minimum if you can, rest and relax as much as you need to. 
  • Take the time to reconnect as a couple. If your treatment is successful, you’ll be preparing for your baby soon. 
  • Remember we’re here to support you. Don’t spend time worrying when we can often reassure you through a simple phone call and a chat. It’s why we are here!

Personalised patient support at Manchester Fertility

Our in-house midwifery support is just one of the ways we take care of you throughout your entire fertility journey at Manchester Fertility, from the start of your treatment to pregnancy test and beyond.

Learn more about us and our personalised approach to fertility care. Come and visit our private Cheshire fertility clinic or make a free, no obligation appointment with a Patient Advisor on 0161 300 2737. You can also self-refer online if you’d like to have your baby with us – there’s no need for a GP referral.


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