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Fertility Support Midwife

Our specialist Fertility Support Midwife, Lynsey Moorhead,Lynsey Moorhead supports you during your journey and in the crucial early days of pregnancy following successful treatment.

With over a decade of experience in midwifery, Lynsey provides expert practical and emotional support to ensure your wellbeing, helping guide you towards achieving your dream of becoming a parent.

She is here to help reassure you whilst you wait to take a pregnancy test, and following a positive test she guides you through the earliest stages of your pregnancy.

She arranges your first pregnancy scan at 6-7 weeks at our clinic to check your pregnancy is progressing well, and gives you early pregnancy support and advice.

Lynsey also arranges your ongoing care to be seamlessly transferred to your local NHS maternity service, and can help you towards the end of your first trimester if you wish to have our non-invasive Harmony prenatal test, available from 10 weeks of pregnancy.

Her friendly, personal and emphatic approach is valued by all our patients, as well as her extensive professional skills and midwifery expertise - including working within the Maternal and Fetal Health Research Centre as the Lead Midwife for the Preterm Labour Clinic at St Mary’s Hospital, Manchester.

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