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Coping with infertility and embarking upon treatment can be, for many of our patients, very emotionally and physically challenging.

At Manchester Fertility, our counsellors are a vital part of your treatment with us.

It’s a service that is open to - and offered to – everyone, regardless of the treatment you are having.

When you will see our counsellors

You can talk to our counselling team at any stage during your journey with us. Two counselling sessions are automatically included as part of all of our treatment options.

You may want to see our counsellors before you begin your treatment, because you are struggling with being unable to conceive as you’d hoped. Or, if you’ve had failed treatment elsewhere or it didn’t work as planned this time. Rest assured that whenever you need to talk and for whatever reason, our counsellors are here to listen impartially with understanding and empathy.

Is it mandatory?

Counselling is open to all of our patients but in some instances it is a required and necessary part of your treatment. This includes:

When you are using donated eggs, embryos or sperm to have a baby, including if you have found your own donor (known donation) When you are an egg-sharer, or are donating your eggs, embryos or donating your sperm to help others When you are considering using a surrogate to have a baby, including if you have found your own surrogate.

Counselling is mandatory for these types of treatments, so we can discuss with you its implications. We ensure that you fully understand what using or donating eggs, sperm or embryos involves, including your rights and those of any child born, legal parentage and how and when to tell a child about its origins.

If you have found your own sperm or egg donor, or your own surrogate, they will be invited to take part in the counselling sessions too as it’s important everyone involved has a detailed explanation of what will happen.

Both you and your partner will be invited to attend counselling if you are undergoing treatment together.

About our counselling team

Our counsellors Helen BohmeGabrielle Goad and Sharon Rodden are specialised therapists with many years of experience in helping people through infertility treatment.

Helen, Gabrielle and Sharon all work within the BICA/BACP ethical framework for good practice, ensuring that confidentiality is maintained at all times within our clinic.


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