Preparing for Your First Donor Eggs IVF Cycle

3rd January 2018 in Advice

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices, prices or regulations.

Getting ready to start your first treatment cycle with donor eggs? If you’ve moved onto donor eggs after first trying IVF with your eggs, or need to use donor eggs because of a diagnosed condition, you may be wondering if there’s anything you can do to improve your chances of pregnancy.

When you have treatment with donor eggs, our focus is on selecting the best embryo for transfer, and ensuring your uterus is optimum for implantation and pregnancy. But it’s also really important to ensure you’re in good health, so your body is best able to support a resulting pregnancy.

Health and wellbeing tips for donor eggs IVF

It’s sensible to adopt the same approach as you would if you were trying for a baby naturally. So you may wish to consider:

  • A dietary overhaul: Cut out processed foods and alcohol and ensure you’re eating a full balanced diet rich in natural, fresh foods, vitamins and minerals so you’re in optimal health for pregnancy. Some women like to take special conception and pregnancy vitamins – we do advise taking folic acid. If you need help or want advice about dietary needs, our fertility nutritionist Jeannette Jackson can help. 
  • Reducing your BMI: A BMI that’s too high or too low can affect your fertility and how well you respond to your treatment, including if you’re using donor eggs. 
  • Gentle exercise: Now isn’t the time for strenuous sessions at the gym. Exercise is a great stress-reliever, but opt for gentler forms of exercise such as walking or swimming, especially after your embryo transfer. 
  • Complementary therapy: Many of our patients report beneficial effects of holistic therapy in their cycle. Specialist fertility acupuncture is available to all Manchester Fertility patients. 

Post embryo transfer: What happens?

Once your embryo is transferred you’ll be given fertility hormones to help support pregnancy, which you’ll take for a set number of weeks. You’ll be able to take a pregnancy test around two weeks after your embryo transfer.

If you’re worried about anything during this time, our Fertility Support Midwife Lynsey Moorhead is here to help advise, reassure and put your mind at rest.

If your pregnancy test is positive, you’ll have your pregnancy confirmed by an ultrasound scan at our clinic. If your test is negative, your cycle will be thoroughly reviewed by our team of fertility consultants, before next steps are discussed.

Have treatment with donor eggs at Manchester Fertility

We don’t have a waiting list for UK donor eggs and can offer you an extensive choice of egg donors to help you conceive. You can see a consultant straight away at our Cheshire fertility clinic, we don’t need a referral.

Self-refer here or call our Donation Team on 0161 300 2737. We also offer free, no obligation 1-2-1 appointments so you can explore treatment with donor eggs in private.

Last updated: 3rd January 2018