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Time-lapse EmbryoScope Monitoring

Embryoscope MonitoringWe are now offering you the opportunity of time-lapse EmbryoScope monitoring as part of your treatment cycle.

The EmbryoScope is a new type of special incubator that has a built-in camera, capable of taking pictures of your embryo several times an hour.

These pictures are then combined to create a time-lapse video showing the embryo’s development at every vital stage, for our embryology team to assess.

This new technology gives our team a highly detailed analysis of your embryos whilst keeping them in the optimal incubator conditions, enabling us to identify the embryos with the highest potential for pregnancy.

The time-lapse EmbryoScope is available to all patients as an optional part of your treatment. Its use could be especially valuable if you’ve had previous failed cycles of IVF/ICSI.

For more information about time-lapse Embryoscope monitoring at Manchester Fertility, read our EmbryoScope FAQs.

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