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  1. 08 Nov 2017

    No Waiting List if You Want a UK Egg Donor at Manchester Fertility

    Posted: 08 November 2017
    No Waiting List if You Want a UK Egg Donor at Manchester Fertility

    Would you be happy to use the donor eggs of a woman from somewhere like the Ukraine to have your baby? If you’d rather conceive with the help of a UK egg donor – rather than a woman from abroad – we can help.

    At Manchester Fertility we don’t have a waiting list for UK donor eggs and unlike other clinics, we don’t import donor eggs.

    The reason we have UK egg donors immediately available is thanks to Manchester Donors – our own National Gamete Donation Trust award-winning egg donor programme.

    We’re one of the only fertility clinics in the country to invest and commit to our own egg donor recruitment programme. And it’s so successful, it means we can help women who want UK egg donors straight away.

    Here are some facts about our programme and our UK egg donors, to help you make an informed choice about the kind of egg donor you want.

    Because choosing a clinic for treatment with donor eggs means you’re choosing their egg donors too:

    • All Manchester Fertility egg donors donate to us either through egg-sharing as an IVF patient or through altruistic donation 
    • Many of our egg donors are available for immediate matching 
    • We aim to give you a choice of egg donors that meet your requirements – women of all ethnicities and cultures donate to us 
    • All our egg donors are aged 35 and under, are non-smokers in good health with proven ovarian reserve for successful and safe egg donation 
    • All our egg donors complete highly-detailed profiles including a good will message to your donor conceived child 
    • Our egg donors are anonymous to you as the recipient, but are identifiable to your child in future via the HFEA’s Register 
    • You can find out if your egg donor has successfully helped anyone else and if your child has donor-conceived siblings 
    • We personally sit down and talk with potential egg donors face-to-face when they first apply to explore their motivations. We get to know all of our egg donors on a personal level, offering one-on-one support 

    Treatment with donor eggs in Cheshire and Manchester

    If you need an egg donor to conceive, you’re invited to book a free, no-obligation private one-to-one with our team on 0161 300 2734, where you can discuss your requirements and explore your options including funding.

    We’re well experienced in helping women conceive with donor eggs and understand the emotional and personal sensitivities of having a family this way for both you and your partner - giving you the reassurance of care that meets your needs from our entire clinic team.

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    About the Author - Samantha Slack

    Samantha Slack, Donor Programme Team Leader

    Donor Programme Team Leader

    Samantha Slack heads up our dedicated donation team, which manages all the processes for our donors and for our patients who use donated eggs or sperm. Her considerable organisational skills from a background in team management enable her to effectively plan and streamline your treatment so that yo...

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