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For over 30 years we've had the pleasure of helping thousands of people making their dream of a family become a reality. Here are just a few testimonials from some of the patients we've had the pleasure of supporting.

  • Natalie and Rob

    We went through a six year fertility battle and the only productive and even enjoyable part of the process was with yourselves - we are still in shock that we produced Harry!

    We know others journeys may not be as straight forward as ours but we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you.

    Please pass on my thanks to the whole team at Manchester Fertility. It was a very fast journey for us and we are so appreciative to every single one of you.

    Thank you again x

    Natalie and Rob, March 2018
  • Sarah

    I want to let you all know about the arrival of William on 24th of January.

    I promised to send a photo ... here he is!

    Thank you all so much x

    Sarah, February 2018
  • Adam & Beth

    We want to say a huge thank you to Manchester Fertility who gave us the opportunity to have our son Callum James Mitchell (18/12/17, 7.04llb), who has completed our world and is loved so incredibly much - an opportunity we thought would never happen.

    Although it wasn't our first time the team at Manchester Fertility encouraged us to stay strong and keep trying as well as changing and adapting our treatment to see what would work.

    Thank you so, so much x

    Adam & Beth, February 2018
  • Laura

    I just wanted to let everyone at Manchester Fertility know that on 27th January I had a beautiful baby boy!

    I developed preeclampsia so had to have an emergency c-section four weeks early but he weighed 6lb 5 and is doing extremely well - we named him Laurence.

    I just wanted to thank everyone at the clinic for your support and for making the dream that we never thought possible come true. I hope that you can inform the donor of our success and pass on that we will be eternally grateful for the precious gift that she has given us x

    Laura, February 2018
  • Alistair & Mary

    It was really nice to pop in & see you on Monday. Here's a picture of our beautiful daughter Chloe who was born on the 28th January weighing 5lb13oz. She's an absolute dream come true & we absolutely adore her!

    Coming to Manchester Fertility was always a positive experience as the staff are all really welcoming, knowledgeable and supportive - thank you to everyone who helped us on our way x

    Alistair & Mary, February 2018
  • This week we were blessed with the arrival of our little girl.

    I can’t thank our egg donor enough for the opportunity to complete our family. We were supported so well by both Wrightington Fertility Fusion and of course Manchester Fertility. Nothing was too much trouble, even the embryologists were reassuring and treated us like we were their most important patients.

    I would urge anyone to strongly consider egg donation, there was no waiting list for a donor and the opportunity to carry a child and bond over nine months in the womb is a wonderful experience.

    We are all so happy and grateful for such a beautiful blessing in our lives x

    Louise and Rob, February 2018
  • Liz and Nina

    Words can't express how grateful and thankful we are to Manchester Fertility for enabling us to have our gorgeous baby boy Jackson.

    Your extensive expertise and knowledge led to our IVF journey working on the first attempt - a true miracle.

    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your care and kindness along the way x

    Liz and Nina, February 2018
  • Sarah

    Willow Mae was born on Monday 5th February, six weeks and six days early weighing 4lb 9 oz.

    Now in special baby unit from intensive care and doing really good.

    Thanks you all for the past five years for me to have Willow she is beautiful x

    Sarah, February 2018
  • When I contacted Manchester Fertility about becoming an egg donor I wasn't sure what to expect, it was my first time to do anything like this. I was worried and doubted if I would be accepted.

    After my initial contact I was asked to come to the clinic for first appointment. When I arrived at the reception I was excited but also nervous. But I was very quickly assured that I was in good hands and in very professional environment. And from that first appointment I was more than happy to work with the clinic team - everyone is very kind and they make you feel very valued as a person.

    The whole team is professional yet still it's not the clinical manner you may expect. All of my concerns were addressed and my questions promptly answered, nothing was too much even when you have to reschedule something last minute.

    The whole process was very easy to follow and the procedure to harvest the eggs went without a hitch. I am very glad and humble from this experience because it did give me insight what some women endure so they can hold there precious baby and be a mum. The whole Manchester Fertility team are absolutely superb and you can be assured they will make you feel at ease and supported 100% at all time.

    If I decide to donate again I will surely go back to Manchester Fertility.

    Anonymous, February 2018
  • Bridget and Peter

    To the team at Manchester Fertility. thank you all so much on our first first embryo transfer when we became pregnant.

    Our beautiful and adorable baby boy 'Charlie' was born on 25th Jan 2018 weight 7 pounds and 11 ounces.

    Thank you all x

    Bridget and Peter, February 2018
  • Victoria

    I would just like to say a huge thank you to your team for all your help with my IVF treatment last April.

    I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy two weeks ago ... Elliot x

    Victoria, February 2018
  • Anonymous

    For us, this holiday season was a very special time as we awaited the arrival of our little one. Our daughter is indeed our very own miracle and absolutely perfect. We are incredibly grateful and happy!

    Without all of you and our generous donor, none of this would have been possible: The joy of expecting a child, the amazing and transformative feeling of seeing and holding her for the first time, the infinite love that fills our hearts now that we are a family of three.

    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you did for us - you saw us through this life-changing journey; your care and expertise were crucial to us, as was the encompassing amicability with which we were received and all of our questions answered.

    Anonymous, February 2018
  • Nicola and Patrick

    We wanted to share our wonderful news and thank everyone at Manchester Fertility.

    Monty was born on the 3rd of January 2018 weighing a healthy 8lb 1oz.

    Here is a photo of our wonderful gorgeous little boy x

    Nicola and Patrick, February 2018
  • Leonie

    On the 30th December 2017 I gave birth to our beautiful baby girl.

    Her name is Florence and she is perfect and absolutely amazing.

    I wanted to share our news at Manchester Fertility and thank you all x

    Leonie, January 2018
  • Emma and Sam

    We wanted to pop over a quick message to let you know that our little miracle, Georgia Rose, was born on 27th December weighing 7lb 2oz. Both mum and baby are doing really well.

    Words cannot express how eternally grateful we are for what Dr Peter, and everyone at Manchester Fertility has done for us.

    I'm sat writing this email holding Baby Georgia, whilst mummy gets some much needed rest, feeling so blessed. Following years of trying, and a not so great NHS experience we had thought that a child of our own was nothing more than a pipe dream. I am so pleased that Emma found your Facebook page, and we gave it just one more try. I am forever thankful for what you have done for us.

    Thanks again x

    Emma and Sam
  •  Jackie and Zowie

    Attached are some pictures of Matthew - a big thank you to everyone there who helped us get pregnant x

    Jackie and Zowie, January 2018
  • Emma and Helen

    To all at Manchester Fertility,

    We are delighted to introduce you to Ava Rose.

    Born New Year's Day weighing 9lbs 6oz, her mummies Emma and Helen adore her and could not be happier. Thank you so much for making it possible.

    Very best wishes x

    Emma and Helen, January 2018
  • Georgina and Jonathan

    We can’t thank all the staff at Manchester Fertility enough for their support and caring attitude whilst we went through our treatment.

    Even though we had three cycles over six months, we never gave up hope and persevered and now we have our gorgeous baby boy, Dominic.

    He kept us on our toes even in the delivery room but we now have a healthy and perfect baby.

    Thank you once again x

    Georgina and Jonathan, January 2018
  • Helen and Philip

    Thank you to each and everyone of you at Manchester Fertility.

    We can't thank you enough for all you have done for us. We have had so much heartache and pain over the last 10 years trying for a baby. After our third third attempt with you we finally got our little miracle Charlie - a nice healthy 9lb baby and perfect in every way - we are over the moon.

    We will most definitely be back next year for are little frozen embryos.

    Thanks you all so much x

    Helen and Philip , January 2018
  • Natalie and Paul

    Thank you to all the wonderful Manchester Fertility staff who made our dreams come true.

    Here's Alfie with his big sister Lily. We can’t thank Manchester Fertility enough for bringing them both in to our lives x

    Natalie and Paul, January 2018
  • Katie and Geoff

    We wanted to send you a picture of our new arrival, Henry, who joined us on Christmas Eve eve weighing 7lb 3oz, along with his proud big brother of course.

    We can’t even begin to put into words our thanks and gratitude for helping us create this wonderful little family. We will never forgot our journey with you all and when the boys are old enough, we will tell them just how special their beginnings were.

    Thank you all and special thanks to Dr Peter for everything x

    Katie and Geoff, January 2018
  • Naomi and Sophie

    Luna Primrose was born on 17th December 2017 at 5.02am weighing 7lbs 14oz. Sophie and I couldn't be happier.

    We are so grateful for the care and help we received at Manchester Fertility from all the staff including all the receptionists, doctors and nurses who were all so supportive and approachable from day one. In particular we would like to thank Luna's first babysitters - the embryology team - who took such good care of her in her early days x

    Naomi and Sophie, December 2017
  • Emma and Nic

    Merry Christmas to all of the team at Manchester fertility and thank you for the gift of our beautiful little boy Jacob x

    Emma and Nic, December 2017
  • Hannah

    Here's Elizabeth, two months old today! To think this time last year I was having my first embryo put in. A lot has happened in a year!

    After three years of trying it was so great to come to somewhere where the discussion was about when we’d have a baby not if.

    Thanks again for everything you guys do, you made a potentially stressful and emotional experience so much more manageable and at every step along the way kept us positive x

    Hannah, December 2017
  • Kate

    How grateful we are to the Manchester Fertility team for the incredible care and knowledge you put into helping us - we’ve been incredibly lucky to be successful with our first round of IVF.

    With all the joy of our pregnancy I had forgotten how sad we were over our previous years of trying and losses until the song 'All I Want for Christmas' came on the radio the other day. I’d sung that song for years with such meaning thinking of a child and now she’s here - grateful doesn’t begin to cover it.

    When I think back to the losses and heart wrenching moments we had in the past it’s hard not to cry again.

    Thank you x

    Kate, December 2017
  • Louise and Martin

    Amelia Grace would like to say 'hello' and thank you to Manchester Fertility.

    I arrived safely on the 7th August 2017 weighing 7lb 8ozs and I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you x

    Louise and Martin, December 2017
  • Stacey and Martyn

    Just a little message to let the Manchester Fertility team know about the safe arrival of Nora-Jaye on the 23rd November 2017 weighing 6lb 4oz.

    We can’t thank Manchester Fertility enough after trying for a baby for nine years, you made our dreams come true. The support we received from staff members even after I was pregnant was incredible.

    We will never forget what you have done for us! We are so thankful and we will bring our little miracle to meet her Manchester Fertility family soon.

    Stacey and Martyn, December 2017
  • Sara and Garry

    We just wanted to let you know about the safe arrival of our beautiful baby boy Ethan.

    He was born on the 23rd November at 2.55pm weighing 7lb 12oz, he is perfect.

    A massive thank you to all of you at Manchester Fertility who supported us in our treatment x

    Sara and Garry, December 2017
  • Sian and Vicky

    To all at Manchester Fertility, we would like to introduce to you our beautiful boy Jaxs born on the 23/11/17 weighing a lovely 7lb 9.

    Without your help non of this would of been possible and we thank you all for the help and support you gave us both during our IVF treatment ... life is perfect.

    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts x

    Sian and Vicky, December 2017
  • Natalie & Jessica

    To everyone at Manchester Fertility, we would just like to say a massive thank you for everything that you did to help us have our little boy 'Edryd'.

    He is absolutely perfect x

    Natalie & Jessica, December 2017
  • Catherine and Bev

    We just wanted to let you know that our twin babies were born on Tuesday 5th December morning by C-section at 37 weeks - they are perfect .

    We can not put into words how thankful we are for everything that everyone at Manchester Fertility has done to make our family complete - thank you all so much, especially to Sarah and Dr Peter - it really wouldn't have been possible without you.

    Thanks x

    Catherine and Bev, December 2017
  • Anonymous

    To the wonderful team at Manchester Fertility, thank you so much for making my dreams of becoming a mummy come true.

    My beautiful daughter was born on 16th July 2017 weighing 7lbs. She's an absolutely lovely, relaxed little lady and I am truly blessed x

    Anonymous, December 2017
  •  Kerry and Michelle

    We just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of the team at Manchester Fertility for making our dreams come true.

    Emily arrived with us on 26th November weighing 8lb 4oz.

    She is our little miracle rainbow baby and we are so in love

    Kerry and Michelle, December 2017
  • Jenny and Martin

    We are overjoyed to finally introduce our baby daughter Willow - Leigh. Willow was our third try of IVF (ICSI). Our first try we had three embryos, one of which was transferred and two frozen, this resulted in a negative pregnancy test. On our second attempt we decided to transfer both embryos and we were delighted to get a positive result, however, during our six week scan this showed us that there was no embryo developing. I was devastated!

    As hard as it was my husband and I didn't give up and within 12 months we were trying again, at the same clinic, Manchester Fertility. We went and saw Dr Anamika Rao who was just brilliant from the beginning to the end and she gave me the courage and confidence to try again.

    During the second cycle I had four embryos, one transferred and three frozen. This resulted in another pregnancy, however, I had been here before and as overjoyed and excited as I was I also couldn't help but feel that yet again my dreams were to be shattered. I remember preparing myself for the worst as I was driving for my six week scan, however, to our delight there WAS a little flicking heart beat - our baby was there and thriving inside of me.

    Now we have a perfect nine week old baby girl and she brings me and my husband so much joy - we love her so much. I am eternally grateful to all the team at Manchester fertility with an extra special thank you to Dr Anamika, Sam and Rita.

    We will be down soon to visit you all and to of course to have more embryos transferred x

    Jenny and Martin, November 2017
  • Cath, Dan, Charlie and Phoebe

    To the team at Manchester Fertility, thank you ... thank you ... thank you!

    We feel like the luckiest family in the world x

    Cath, Dan, Charlie and Phoebe, November 2017
  • Margaret-Anne and Des

    Our beautiful baby boy Charlie was delivered via Cesarean section on Tuesday 14th November at 10:50am.

    He was four weeks early but still weighed in at a healthy 6.4lbs. He spent his first few days in NICU for some breathing issues and then jaundice but he is now doing really well and thriving.

    Both of us are so happy he is here safely and feel so incredibly lucky that our journey with the team at Manchester Fertility has been a successful one.

    We can't thank you all enough for getting us to this amazing time in our lives.

    Thank you again x

    Margaret-Anne and Des, November 2017
  • Emma and Michael

    We just wanted to say a great big thank you to Dr Peter and your team and to let you know that Isaac arrived on Wednesday 22nd November, 14.17pm, 6lb14oz.

    As you can imagine my husband and I are so over the moon and extremely thankful.

    Thank you again x

    Emma and Michael, November 2017
  • Sophie

    Back in February I never imagined my IUI treatment at Manchester Fertility would give me the most precious gift in the world, my beautiful daughter Hannah Rose.

    I will forever be thankful to all the kind staff who work there, who knows a few years down the line Hannah may need a sibling!

    Thank you for everything x

    Sophie, November 2017
  • Clare and Shaun

    We would like to say the biggest thank you to all the team at Manchester Fertility, our much longed for baby was born on 18th October by planned Caesarean section, Bonnie weighed 7lb 6oz and is a happy and healthy baby girl.

    We cannot begin to explain the gratitude we feel to the whole team at Manchester Fertility but especially to Doctor Anamika Rao for her knowledge, professionalism and surgical skills, to Lynsey for her warmth and kindness and to Rita for being the smiliest, welcoming receptionist, that's just naming a few.

    The whole team have made our dreams come true and after a very difficult six years of infertility we really cannot thank you enough x

    Clare and Shaun, November 2017
  • Keeley and I are delighted to tell you that after one round of IUI our beautiful son Ryker arrived safely yesterday 21st October weighing 7lb8oz.

    He is absolutely beautiful and words cannot describe how happy we are. We are so thankful to you all at Manchester Fertility, this would not of been possible without you.

    So thank you so much for making our dreams come true we will always be so grateful for everything you have done for us.

    With love x

    Sophie and Keeley, November 2017
  • Rachel and Helen

    Molly arrived safely into the outside world on the morning of Sunday 3rd September 2017 weighing 8lb 8oz of gorgeousness.

    We have a number of people at Manchester Fertility to thank - over the course of our treatment we met most of the team! We had two rounds of IUI and three cycles of IVF. The IVF cycles resulted in the creation of six viable embryos.

    Our wonderful daughter started life as our final "last chance" frozen embryo..... the one that finally stuck!

    Throughout our journey to parenthood, even though some days were a little tough, we remained positive and never gave up hope. The team at Manchester Fertility were there to support us each step of the way.

    Special thanks to Dr Peter Kerecsenyi, Dr Raj Mathur and Dr Anamika Rao for their expert knowledge, advice, support... and their surgical skills! Special thanks also to the scientific geniuses in the lab that helped to create and looked after our precious embryos and helped them into and out of the freezer! Thank you for the smiles, hugs and compassion from all of the nurses midwives that were with us throughout various tests and procedures, particularly Sam Potts and Debbie who was lovely to chat to throughout the taking of many blood samples. Oh and Rita was also consistently lovely who always seemed to be on reception, we're not sure she ever went home!

    In short, thank you to anybody that was involved in our journey, whether we met you face-to-face or not. Molly is our little scientific miracle and an absolute delight. She's absolutely perfect and couldn't be more loved by us or our family and friends.

    With love and thanks x

    Rachel and Helen, November 2017
  • Karina, Charlie and Elsa

    Our little girl arrived safely on 8 August at 8lbs 1oz. We have called her Agnes. Elsa is delighted with her little sister (she doesn't quite get it really) and to say we are over the moon is a total understatement!

    Thank you to all the Dr Polson and all the team involved - we were treated with such sensitivity and kindness throughout. Your staff are amazing - and really looked after us when things got tough. Their professionalism and care made us feel confident at every step.

    You guys have made our family complete - we couldn't be happier, a very special time and we couldn't be more grateful.

    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts x

    Karina, Charlie and Elsa, November 2017
  • Jean-Louise

    To all of the staff at Manchester Fertility, words can not express how incredibly grateful I am to all of you for making my dreams of becoming a mother come true.

    I will forever be indebted to you for what you have achieved. The service and support you gave to me was fantastic and I am so glad that I chose Manchester Fertility to help me on my journey to becoming 'Nancy's mum. I will always be grateful to the donor to have given the gift of life.

    I hope you continue the amazing work you do so that other people can be as happy as I am.

    Thank you all so much, with love and best wishes x

    Jean-Louise, October 2017
  • Katie and Simon

    To all at Manchester Fertility, thank you for all of your help and support in the treatment that led to the birth of our beautiful baby boy 'Edward' on the 12th of August x

    Katie and Simon, October 2017
  • Nicola and Lucy

    Thank you for everything you did to help us achieve our dream.

    Much love x

    Nicola and Lucy, October 2017
  • Sarah and George

    Thank you for the wonderful gift of 'Emmett' who was born on the 8th June.

    Very warmest regards x

    Sarah and George, October 2017
  • Kirsty

    Congratulations to the beautiful Jessie-May who was conceived with our help - we have had such an amazing year.

    She will be celebrating her very first birthday today x

    Kirsty, September 2017
  • Katie and Yvette

    We would like to say the biggest thank you we can give to Manchester Fertility for helping us create this wonderful joy!

    We had IVF and with only one embryo surviving, we were lucky enough for it to work at the first try!

    He's our miracle and wouldn't of happened without you guys! ❤️

    Katie and Yvette, September 2017
  • Karina & Charlie

    Our little girl arrived safely on 8 August weighing 8lbs 1oz. We have called her Agnes and Elsa is delighted with her little sister.

    To say we are over the moon is a total understatement! You guys have made our family complete - we couldn't be happier.

    Thank you to all the Dr Polson and all the team involved - we were treated with such sensitivity and kindness throughout. Your staff are amazing - and really looked after us when things got tough. Their professionalism and care made us feel confident at every step.

    A very special time - we couldn't be more grateful. Thank you from all of us from the bottom of our hearts x

    Karina & Charlie, September 2017
  • We wanted to let you know that on Saturday 9th September we welcomed our beautiful baby girl Iris into the world.

    After so many years it had become to feel like this day would never happen for us and we will never be able to thank you enough. We couldn't have done this without you and we will be eternally grateful.

    Many thanks x

    Anonymous, September 2017
  • Kate, Rebecca and baby Isla

    We recently let you know that we successfully had our baby girl following three rounds of IUI treatment with Manchester Fertility last year.

    We've been meaning to come in with the baby and say thank you personally but as we've not yet had chance wanted to send over an email and some pictures of her.

    Isla Jane was born on the 14th June 2017 and we couldn't be happier with our amazing new family addition!

    We owe a massive thank you to Manchester Fertility as without you we wouldn't have been able to welcome this beautiful little miracle into our lives. We are truly grateful for all your help in growing our family and can't speak highly enough of the staff and treatment we received from the team during our journey to conception x

    Kate, Rebecca and baby Isla, September 2017
  • Hannah, Kerry and Willow

    To all at Manchester Fertility, Kerry and I just wanted to a photo of our daughter Willow with you today on her 2nd birthday!

    She has become such a happy, cheeky, clever, loving (and we have to admit, stubborn) little girl who makes us laugh everyday. And every single day, from fun filled ones to teary tantrum filled ones we are grateful to Dr Polson and all the staff that made our little family possible.

    Thank you so much again for your amazing work, much love x

    Hannah, Kerry and Willow, August 2017
  • Vicky

    I want to thank Manchester Fertility for everything they did for me. I have a beautiful daughter, Elizabeth and could not imagine my life without her.

    The staff were absolutely wonderful and I hope my experience (aged 40, 1st cycle of IVF) means others can have hope.

    Thanks again x

    Vicky , August 2017
  • May we take this opportunity to thank all the staff at the Manchester Fertility clinic.

    It is not just the treatment and expertise that we feel is exceptional, but the welcoming and warm response all staff give to us which personally, we feel adds so much to a successful outcome as it leaves us feeling relaxed, nurtured and supported x

    Anonymous, August 2017
  • Kiki and Suzanne

    We'd like to take this opportunity to say a massive big thank you to all the staff at Manchester Fertility.

    You made the process so smooth and easy. You treated us as two people just trying for a baby unlike the terribly poor response we got from our local GP. Not just that but you made us feel special, really valued and supported us so well throughout the whole process.

    Without your help we wouldn't have our gorgeous little boy and for that we are eternally grateful.

    Thank you x

    Kiki and Suzanne, August 2017
  • Rachel

    I want to thank Dr Polson and all the team at Manchester Fertility who helped and supported me through my fertility journey. It was an emotional couple of years and after six IUI’s the 2nd IVF treatment was a success and resulted in the safe delivery of my beautiful baby boy, George Austin at 7.8lbs.

    I also want to give praise to the counsellors who helped me to deal with the darker times along my journey. I also used reflexology and meditation alongside my 2nd IVF treatment, and during pregnancy used hypnobirthing meditations and yoga to help keep me calm and relaxed.

    I can’t thank the team enough for the little miracle of my baby boy, I love my new mummy role and am thankful I can spend some time off work enjoying George time.

    Thank you all and lots of love x

    Rachel, August 2017
  • Jon & Vikki

    After close to 10 years of IVF treatment, we moved to Manchester Fertility and as soon as we met the team, we felt confident we were in the right place.

    Within four months we were pregnant and now have a beautiful baby boy. We can't thank you enough, for giving us the family we wished for x

    Jon & Vikki , July 2017
  • Katie

    I often think about how lucky I am and I just wanted to pass on my thanks to your amazing team.

    Yesterday was my youngest daughter Esmé turned 2. Ava is 6 and the best of big sisters. I am a very proud mummy and you all helped it happen.

    Thanks again x

    Katie, July 2017
  • Ashleigh and Kaylee

    We would like to say a huge thank you to the team at Manchester Fertility, from the embryologists to Dr Peter who all helped us on our journey to becoming parents to our baby boy Jude who was born in September 2016.

    We were very lucky as we fell pregnant on the first attempt at IVF after having my embryos frozen. We found out we were pregnant just before Christmas 2015 - the best Christmas present ever!

    We are over the moon and are enjoying watching him grow and learn new things everyday - we are so proud of him.

    He is now 10 months old and growing so fast!

    Thank you Manchester fertility for making our dream come true x

    Ashleigh and Kaylee, July 2017
  • After almost two years of trying to get pregnant ourselves we decided to seriously look at our options to extend our family so we got in touch with Manchester Fertility. From our initial contact we were greeted with respect and support. The team explained all our options so we decided to try to help others by donating eggs.

    Every step of our journey we were fully supported by everyone at Manchester fertility through telephone calls, emails and face to face appointments. Everyone explained what was going to happen through the whole process.

    Our IVF journey was complete within six months from initial contact through to embryo transfer. We were so lucky that our frozen embryo transfer resulted in a pregnancy.

    We truly believe that we wouldn't have had this success if it hadn't been for all the support from Manchester Fertility. We have recommended the clinic to our friends who are now on their fertility journey.

    We welcomed our beautiful daughter into the world this summer and feel so grateful that we were able to complete our family with thanks to Manchester Fertility.

    Many thanks x

    Melissa and Ruth, July 2017
  • Nicola and Christopher

    Here's our beautiful baby boy, Jack . He was born via an emergency Cesarean on 15th July at the Royal Albert Edward Infirmary in Wigan.

    We would both like to thank you all for making our little miracle a possibility and for the care and support you gave to us.

    We will be in soon so that you can have a cuddle.

    Much love x

    Nicola and Christopher, July 2017
  • Ruth and Shaun

    To all of the Manchester Fertility team, thank you for helping us achieve our dream.

    Our wonderful baby boy, Edward (Ted), was born on the 2nd March and we couldn't be happier x

    Ruth and Shaun, July 2017
  • Karen and Craig

    Thank you for your care and understanding last year when we came to see you fairly broken after the loss of our daughter at another clinic.

    You gave us faith and hope in our bodies and some much needed joy in our hearts, and as a result, our little man has arrived safely!

    Much love and thanks x

    Karen and Craig, July 2017
  • Dave and Julie

    We just wanted to say a big thank you for everything you have given us.

    On Thursday 13th July at 11.26am my wife gave birth to our son Aidan. If it wasn't for Manchester Fertility we wouldn't have him here today. We now have our two year old daughter Bethany and now Aidan, just three days old and both with the help of you guys at Manchester Fertility.

    Thank you again for making our family complete you are all amazing x

    Dave and Julie, July 2017
  • Andrea and Kara

    To everyone at Manchester Fertility, thank you for everything that you have done for us to allow us fulfill our dream of having a family x

    Andrea and Kara, July 2017
  • Jihnesh & Sapna

    After Several years of trying and also several attempts at IVF treatment we had actually decided that we had to draw the line somewhere after so many failed attempts.

    But then we decided that we will give IVF one last try with Manchester Fertility and we met Dr. Polson who looked at all our records and was confident that if we changed the medication we previously tried that we would have more of a chance than previous attempts he was also surprised that this medication was not tried after our first attempt.

    We are now proud parents to a baby girl who was born on 2nd May 2017 who we have named Aarvi, in our Indian culture the name has a meaning of Peace.

    We would like to Thank Dr. Polson and his team for all the care provided during the treatment and also a very special thank you to Dr. Anamika Rao for the successful transfers of our embryos.

    It was also great to meet the team on our visit with Aarvi and also a special thank you to Gemma for arranging and for allowing us to come and meet you all and introduce our daughter Aarvi to you x

    Jihnesh & Sapna, July 2017
  • Our little girl was born on 10th June weighing 6lb 3.5oz. She's absolutely perfect. We didn't find out she was a girl until she was born.

    Massive thank you to you both for your extreme patience with me and to all all of the team for your hard work on bringing our miracle dreams to reality.

    We still can't believe she's here and ours x

    Anonymous, June 2017
  • We had a little girl on 10/6/17 and she is perfect - we are over the moon!

    Many thanks for everything, we really can't thank everyone involved with making this happen enough.

    We are beyond happy and still can't believe it x

    Anonymous, June 2017
  • Glenda and Paul

    Please can we send a huge thank you to everyone at Manchester Fertility.

    James arrived safely on 28/04/17 weighing in at 7lb 12oz.

    If it wasn’t for the team there we wouldn’t have the joy we feel every day since his arrival x

    Glenda and Paul, June 2017
  • After years of IVF/ICSI treatment, our beautiful baby girl Livia was born on the 28th January 2017 weighing 71bs 6oz, eventually via c-section and is absolutely perfect. We certainly didn't believe at some very low times that it would ever be possible for us after so many failed attempts.

    We would just like to say how impressed me and my husband were with the care and treatment we received at Manchester Fertility.

    We had been recommended to Manchester Fertility after three failed IVF/ICSI treatments at another provider where we felt the treatment wasn't fully patient focused.

    We therefore decided to invest in the ICSI 70% Refund scheme of 3-cycles with Manchester Fertility. Luckily for us it worked within the first round and second embryo transfer. I feel this is partly due to the extra care we received specifically tailored to our needs.

    The staff were extremely friendly and welcoming which was refreshing after the lack of personal treatment we had previously received at the other fertility clinic. The decision to go private with Manchester Fertility was definitely worth it for the additional care and attention to detail we received.

    The modern, welcoming environment made a huge difference in making us both feel more relaxed when dealing with very personal circumstances and anxious times. The consultation we had with Dr Polson was extremely reassuring, positive and proactive which again was lovely to hear and he was certain we would be successful in the end.

    I would definitely recommend Manchester Fertility and would consider it for future treatments x

  • Kirsty and Andy

    We are thrilled beyond words at the arrival of Alexander which would not have been possible without the wonderful service that Manchester Fertility provides.

    IVF is an incredible journey, an emotional roller-coaster and a life changing experience, one we got through thanks to all the staff involved at Manchester Fertility helping our dreams come true.

    Thank you again from 'our family' to all at Manchester Fertility for giving us a chance, hope and an amazing embryo that is now our beautiful boy x

    Kirsty and Andy, June 2017
  • We had our second cycle with Manchester Fertility following a terrible and very negatively emotional journey elsewhere. We transferred our NHS funding to Manchester Fertility in order pursue our dream after viewing other clinics. We chose them because they weren't money grabbing and were the most caring we spoke to.

    We found Manchester Fertility to be amazing, the staff have lots of time for you, they care, which for us meant everything..... And nothing was too much trouble - they took amazing care of us. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend anybody to them x

    Anonymous, June 2017
  • Lauren

    We would just like to say a huge thank you to all the team at Manchester Fertility.

    Little Heidi Alice made it safely into the world and her mum, dad and big sister couldn't be happier x

    Lauren, May 2017
  • Pamela and Phil

    Brodie James Bear (aka Little Bear) was born on Wednesday 3rd May 2017 weighing 6lbs 7oz and three weeks early. He is absolutely perfect and we are so in love with our precious baby boy. I don’t know how we managed without him in our lives for all of these years! The long, hard and sometimes heartbreaking journey has been so worth it to finally hold our precious son in our arms.

    Words can’t express how grateful we are to our wonderful and amazing egg donor and the staff at Manchester Fertility. Dr Polson never doubted that we would become parents to a healthy baby and together with his team, provided the best care and support from day one.

    There are so many staff to thank including the embryologists for creating and looking after our precious embryos, Dr Anamika Rao for the successful transfer, Sister Samantha Potts and her team and the patient office staff for being so reassuring and supportive, and Samantha Slack for being so patient and very helpful - her email inbox must now look a little empty!

    Pamela and Phil, May 2017
  • Each member of the Manchester Fertility team was brilliant in their own way; skilled, intelligent but mostly overwhelmingly empathetic and caring. We now have twin boys that are perfect in every way. In the darker moments we honestly didn't believe we would reach this point.

    Thank you so much x

    Anonymous, May 2017
  • Joanne and Paul

    To everyone at Manchester Fertility Clinic

    We would like you to meet our beautiful daughter Jessica born on 25th April 2017 at 2:34am and weighing 7lb 15oz.

    She is all our dreams come true and we can't thank you enough for giving us our little miracle. You looked after us and supported us so well throughout our treatment and made us feel relaxed. Thank you again, you've given us the best gift in the world x x

    Joanne and Paul, May 2017
  • A huge thank you to all at Manchester Fertility for helping bring our beautiful baby Imogen into the world.

    The team were caring, thoughtful, tactful and supportive - everything we needed during our treatment, particularly when I was terribly hormonal and emotional. We will be forever grateful to our donor for giving us the most selfless gift of all x

    John, Louisa and Imogen, May 2017
  • Debbie and Nadia

    We cannot thank everyone at Manchester Fertility for everything they have done to make our family complete.

    From the warm and friendly welcome to the dedicated professional staff who make you feel so at ease and are so supportive. Nothing is too much trouble and they are so encouraging when things might not go as you hoped.

    After three unsuccessful tries at IVF with the help of Dr Peter's advice, we tried a fourth time and baby Amber came along! Rita, Sam and Dr Peter sand all of the team did a wonderful job.

    Our family is now complete and our son Lucas is besotted with his baby sister. Amber is now 5 months and such a happy playful little girl x

    Debbie and Nadia, May 2017
  • Cherie and Katie

    To everyone at Manchester Fertility Clinic, we would like to introduce you all to our beautiful baby boy, Dexter. He was born on the 8th of April 2017 at 2.30am weighing 7.9lbs.

    We would like to say a huge thank to everyone at Manchester Fertility. You were all extremely professional and made us feel completely comfortable throughout our treatment process.

    Thank you all again for all your help in having our bundle of joy x

    Cherie and Katie, May 2017
  • Natascha

    Our beautiful Ever was one today! Thank you so much, we still feel eternally grateful.

    She shares a birthday with Dr Polson, how poetic! x

    Natascha, May 2017
  • Kelly & Adam

    I wanted you to meet someone ... this is Alyssa born 4.21pm on 4th April and weighing 6lb 1oz.

    We can't thank you enough, you helped create our miracle daughter. We will love you all dearly forever & we will tell her all about you all when she is older.

    Thank you for everything ... the treatment, care & kindness ... you made us feel more like family than just another patient.

    All our love & thanks x

    Kelly & Adam, April 2017
  • Kirsty and Sean

    I can't thank you all enough! You have been so amazing and helped us have not ONE but TWO amazing and beautiful children.

    I never thought we would have one never mind two!

    So a big thank you from the bottom of my heart x

    Kirsty and Sean, April 2017
  • We have got so much to thank your clinic for. We never thought of Manchester fertility as a 'clinic'. All of the team are so lovely and professional and made us feel entirely at ease and comfortable from the moment we arrived.

    We have been so lucky with both our babies, they are so amazing and Lilly is growing up so fast - we have you and your team to thank for that and we will be forever grateful.
    Many thanks and much love x

    Emma and Jenna
  • Joe, Jacqui and Frankie

    Right there our world - all made possible by the wonderful team at Manchester Fertility. Billy Peter joined our special family yesterday to make us complete. I've been dreaming for such a long time about sending this message and it's finally here!

    Words will never be enough to thank you for the professional care and understanding we have received on our journey. From the moment we met you, through all our highs and lows, you have supported us every step of the way. You have always given us hope and positivity; I don't think despite the many thank you's you receive you'll ever realise what a truly special group of people you are.

    You will always have a special place in our hearts; you've made our dreams reality ... we are living it! We'll see you very soon for cuddles. Much love always xxx

    Joe, Jacqui and Frankie, March 2017
  • Kim & Kel

    To all at Manchester Fertility ... look who's ONE years old today!

    We want to thank you so much for helping us to create such a beautiful little boy - Harry - a full year of loving him and feeling like the luckiest parents alive! He's the most energetic and loving soul and we couldn't be more proud of him.

    Thank you for helping us to start our family....we'll be back soon to finish it - watch this space!

    Kim & Kel, March 2017
  • Natalie, Karen and Abigail

    On the 12th January 2017 we were blessed with the birth of our beautiful daughter Abigail. She made her arrival into the world six weeks early and needed to stay in the Special Care Baby Unit for a month, but she's a little star and now at 10 weeks is doing amazingly well.

    We can't thank Manchester Fertility enough for helping us to complete our family. Special thanks to Sam who was always so wonderfully supportive, and to Dr Polson who listened to our specific needs and worked with us to create a plan that worked first time!

    We will be telling Abigail about all the amazing people at Manchester Fertility when she is older.

    Natalie, Karen and Abigail, March 2017
  • Sarah and Steve

    At the start of our IVF journey, little did we know what a roller-coaster it would be. After three failed attempts we were very close to giving up but we decided to give it one last go!

    On what would have been our final attempt, we could not believe our luck, we finally had a positive result and after a long, nine months, our beautiful baby boy was born. Now 13 weeks old, he's changed our lives forever and has made our family complete.

    Without the help of the staff at Manchester Fertility we would never have had the chance to become parents and we cannot thank you enough for making our dreams finally come true - you made the impossible, possible!

    Sarah and Steve, March 2017
  • Lynsey

    I just wanted to let you know that today our little Roux has turned two and it's all thanks to everyone at Manchester Fertility that we have our beautiful inquisitive curly haired beauty Roux ❤

    Lynsey, February 2017
  • Laura & Abby

    My wife and I found Manchester Fertility at the beginning of our journey to parenthood. We were immediately impressed by the open, professional and friendly staff members we met. These attributes sealed the deal for us, we were sold.

    We got pregnant with Henry immediately and the when we wanted to add to our family we had a bit of a challenge but in the end we got our little Bea. The staff were there for us throughout the journey. They were supportive during the challenging times and excited for us during the good times. We owe them so much!

    Our family is perfect and complete. I advise anyone who has a desire but faces challenges to give Manchester Fertility a try, I know I'm glad we did!

    Laura & Abby, February 2017
  • Helen, Mark, Will and Martha

    We just wanted to say thank you to everyone at Manchester Fertility for all your help and expertise. Our beautiful daughter Martha was born on 10th February weighing 6lbs 13oz and is settling in well at home.

    Her big brother Will (also conceived via IVF with Manchester Fertility) is besotted with her and is the self- declared "baby charmer"! Thanks again, you have helped to give us the family we always dreamed of.

    Helen, Mark, Will and Martha, February 2017
  • Marketta and Leighan

    We just wanted to share with you our exciting news! I gave birth last Saturday 11th Feb to a healthy baby girl, Josephine Jean (aka Josie) weighing in at 8lbs 11.

    She needed a bit of help to get out but is thriving since she did and is simply adorable. I'm not sure how much info you can pass on to our egg donor but I would like her to know that we are totally thrilled and so grateful to her for helping create her and she is just beautiful. The pregnancy was very straightforward with delivery during week 39.

    Thank you so much x

    Marketta and Leighan, February 2017
  • Hawre, Khoshi and Dylan

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the amazing and wonderful staff at Manchester Fertility for all their help and support to start our family. They were very professional, kind and understanding throughout our emotional journey from despair to hope and eventually for the dream to come true and light up our lives with our beautiful son Dylan who is now two and a half years old.

    Dylan has brought joy and happiness to our lives after years of waiting and dreaming which couldn’t have happened without the excellent service and expertise of the clinical and the support staff.

    We would highly recommend Manchester Fertility to people who are in the same position as we were a few years ago x

    Hawre, Khoshi and Dylan, February 2017
  • Kate and Amber

    We really do want to thank all of the staff that have helped us through our journey. We feel that we experienced a very professional and extremely friendly service.

    Everything was explained so well at every stage and I can't thank you enough for the reassurance this gave us in our decision to use Manchester Fertility.

    Following our successful treatment with just one cycle of ICSI, we are now the very proud parents of our very healthy and beautiful baby girl Amber.

    Kate and Amber, February 2017
  • Emily and Rachel

    We are over the moon to announce the arrival of our baby boy Teddy George born on 16th January 2017 weighing 10lb 4oz.

    We would love to thank everybody at Manchester Fertility for their amazing help in us becoming a family of three. We were always made to feel so welcome there and were lucky to get pregnant after the second round of IUI.

    We already cannot wait to come back to the clinic to extend our amazing family x

    Emily and Rachel, January 2017
  • I had the pleasure of recently being able to donate my eggs with Manchester fertility and the whole process was amazing. From the first contact to the after care, every step was professional, friendly, welcoming and I was made to feel extremely comfortable - the staff make you feel like you have been friends years.

    Donating is a great thing to do and I have felt so privileged to have been able to help someone this way and my experience has only been made better because of the amazing staff at Manchester fertility.

    Thanks for everything x

    Anonymous, January 2017
  • Laura Kidd

    I can't thank the staff at Manchester Fertility enough for everything they did for us, giving us our beautiful baby boy.

    You made our world complete and we will hopefully be seeing you again soon xxx

    Laura Kidd, January 2017
  • Jenny

    I am delighted to introduce my gorgeous baby boy Ralphy who was born on 8/1/17 at 6:35am weighting 7lb 3oz.

    I want to thank everyone at Manchester Fertility for the treatment and support you gave me during my IVF journey as a single mum, wanting to extend my family and give my 14 year old son a little brother.

    Words cannot express the happiness we feel and the gratitude we have for the outstanding treatment and support you provided. We will never be able to thank you enough.

    From the bottom of my heart thank you for helping me with the most precious gift in life....a baby.

    Forever thankful.

    Jenny, January 2017
  • Fiona and Rory

    I just wanted to update you on the new arrival in my house following donor insemination treatment at your clinic.

    Rory was born on 27th December! He's doing really well and it already seems hard to imagine life without him.

    I was very fortunate that I had success on the first attempt and although that meant I didn't have many trips to the clinic, I was always made to feel welcome and looked after when I was there, so thank you x

    Fiona and Rory, January 2017
  • Lisa and Dean

    We just wanted to send you a couple of updated pictures of AB, she is two years old today.

    Amelia is the funniest and most lovable little girl - we feel the luckiest parents alive - thank you.

    Lisa and Dean, January 2017
  • Claire and Stephen

    We are blessed every minute, every hour and every day to have our Syd in our lives.

    You all have made our lives complete and you all will always have a special place in our hearts.

    Thank you so much x

    Claire and Stephen, January 2017
  • Heather

    Born on the 10th September 2016 after just one IVF cycle, thank you to the Manchester Fertility team.

    Maybe we'll see you again in the future as some day we may try with my frozen embryo x

    Heather, January 2017
  • Sarah, Elliot, Molly and Clara

    Introducing our beautiful arrival, Clara Gabriella - born on 29th October in the bathroom, stressful but thankfully all was OK!

    Words cannot express how grateful we both are to have Clara in our lives as she's already being a brilliant little sister to our big girl, Molly. Thank you to everyone who was involved in our fertility support but special thanks to Dr. Polson for always being positive and encouraging and for replacing a top grade embryo on the day! I'd also like to thank the embryology team, led so ably by Claire.

    On the day of egg retrieval, I was obviously quite anxious, especially as it was our second round. However, the team were fantastic, especially Dr. Polson and the Anaesthetist. Chatting about gin and tonics and my hometown definitely settled my nerves!

    We can't thank you enough. Our family is complete and Dr. Polson has helped me have two wonderful children, one without IVF and one with. Amazing, incredible and wondrous.

    Sarah, Elliot, Molly and Clara, January 2017
  • Louise and Craig

    We would like to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for helping us have our precious family. All the staff have been amazing over the years having been patients of yours since late 2011/early 2012.

    We welcomed our amazing twin boys in October 2016. Born at 37 weeks, two minutes apart and healthy as can be. They were our last two frozen embryos from 2012 - George 6lb 2oz and Joshua 6lb 15oz! We are so happy.

    We previously had our first son Jacob in July 2013, as a result of a frozen embryo transfer in November 2012 - he is now a very gorgeous, happy, clever and cheeky 3 year old.

    Our family is complete and we cannot thank you enough. We would never know what it would be like to become parents if it wasn't for our wonderful treatment at Manchester Fertility, from all the staff and the fabulous embryologists and techniques you use. I always said, whilst crying, "If I can just have one baby, just one" and we've ended up with three. We still cannot believe we are a family of five. We are over the moon.

    Louise and Craig , December 2016
  • Debbie, Jo and Jacob

    We just wanted to say a huge thank you to all for helping myself and Jo achieve the best and proudest moment of our lives in having Jacob.

    He is an absolute dream and we couldn't imagine life without him.

    Hope you all have a lovely Christmas and New Year.

    Debbie, Jo and Jacob, December 2016
  • Louise, Craig and Amelia

    We are absolutely delighted and so, so happy. We want you to know we really appreciate the whole teams help and especially Hayley for always being available and advising us - it means a lot.

    And also having the patience to deal with us when emotions were high, your service is first class.

    Just so you know and I'm sure we are not the first, we called her Amelia so it had a meaning to us (the name of your clinic building).

    Many thanks once again x

    Louise, Craig and Amelia, December 2016
  • I would like to thank all the amazing and supportive staff at Manchester Fertility clinic for being there throughout the whole process of my egg donation.

    This process is a very beneficial one - I can help families have a child they have always wanted and it makes me proud to be an egg donor, as we are scarce and I would do it all over again in a heart beat.

    Whatever we possess becomes of double value when we have the opportunity of sharing it with others.

    Anonymous, December 2016
  • Amanda, Ian and Isabelle

    To all our friends and Manchester Fertility, you have made our Christmas very special for us this year!

    We hope you all have a lovely holiday and a nice break - before helping make other people's dreams come true.

    All the best.

    Amanda, Ian and Isabelle, December 2016
  • Anna and Ryan

    We are so in love with our little man Zachary Daniel born 21st November, two and a half weeks early and weighing 7lb 4oz. He is practically perfect in every way.

    We cannot thank the team at Manchester Fertility enough for this blessing and really do thank you all (especially Dr Polson) from the bottom of our hearts for giving us this precious gift! We are so in love.

    Anna and Ryan, December 2016
  • Anonymous

    Our little boy is doing well and we’re over the moon. We would like to add that we were very pleased with the service received by your clinic, we found all staff professional and caring – the building was very modern and clean. We were so pleased when Cheshire Women’s Health suggested us to Manchester Fertility.

    We had the best outcome and I would recommend anyone use your services in the UK.

    Anonymous, December 2016
  • Sara, Matt and Connie

    After what seemed like forever on our journey to become parents, my hubby and I were blessed with what your lovely staff happened to call our 'golden nugget'. Our baby girl was a result of our one and only egg to fertilise on our last round of IVF. On the day of embryo transfer my very low mood was lifted when a member of your team named our embryo, a golden nugget. That name stuck with her all throughout the pregnancy and we had some tricky moments from bleeding, to me taking a tumble at around 20 weeks pregnant!

    In August 2015 our beautiful daughter was born and she is the most amazing person I have ever had the pleasure to know, let alone to be called her mummy. She is confident and brave and makes us smile every day, even at her most trying!!

    Without all of you, I wouldn't ever know what it is like to be a mum, as hard work as it is, it is the most amazing and rewarding thing in the world. I talk about my experience a lot and would recommend your clinic again and again.

    Sara, Matt and Connie, December 2016
  • Rebecca and Ruth

    After being told that we were unable to receive IVF on the NHS, we felt we had no choice but to embark upon what we thought would be a costly and frightening journey of private IVF. Thanks to Manchester Fertility, it was neither of these things.

    Our initial visit was friendly and hugely informative. We were impressed with the knowledge of the patient advisors and care of the nurses. From then on it was as though we had an (expert) older sister holding our hand the whole way through. When it came down to the treatment, I’m not too good with needles or blood but I have never felt in safer hands. There are some members of staff who I will forever remember because of the care and compassion they showed on “blood test day”. The whole place exudes a jovial and comradely atmosphere which seems to explain, “Don’t worry, we’re in this together.”

    We have been incredibly lucky to conceive and carry to term on our first round of IVF treatment. I always wonder whether, had we not been under the care of Manchester Fertility, the outcome would have been different.

    So thank you, Manchester Fertility, from the bottom of our hearts for our beautiful daughter Matilda who is so funny and wonderfully weird that we don’t know what we ever did before she came along.

    Rebecca and Ruth, December 2016
  • Louise and Craig

    We are absolutely delighted, so so happy.

    We want you to know we really appreciate the whole team's help for always being available and advising us it means a lot. Also having the patience to deal with us when emotions were high, your service is first class.

    Just so you know and I'm sure we are not the first, we called her Amelia so it had a meaning to us (the name of your clinic building).

    Many thanks once again, the three of us.

    Louise and Craig, November 2016
  • Jodie and Dominic

    We just wanted to introduce you to our miracle baby - Bridie. We will be ever in debt to Manchester fertility - four years of trying and you made the unbelievable happen with our first attempt.

    Special thanks to our doctor, Peter, and the nurses who constantly supported and cared for us. Every contact we had with members of staff was professional and personal. We would highly recommend Manchester Fertility to anyone struggling to conceive.

    Thank you , thank you, thank you - love Jodie, Dominic and Bridie.

    Jodie and Dominic, November 2016
  • Catherine & Bex

    We just wanted to let you all know our twins arrived safely on Friday 4th! Harry Thomas 6lb 8, and Annie Elizabeth 5lb 13, born just eight minutes apart by natural delivery.

    We are over the moon to have completed our family now, and their big sister Mia was thrilled to finally meet them! Thanks to everyone at Manchester Fertility that made this possible, we are forever grateful.

    Catherine & Bex, November 2016
  • Sam and Danni

    On the 20th October at 7.08pm my beautiful wife delivered a bouncing Baby Girl weighing in at 8lb 8oz. Florence is a little miracle and is truly perfect. I can't explain just how happy my wife and I are, she has made our lives complete.

    She is a miracle that I never thought would happen as I had a vasectomy 16 years ago. Following treatment at Manchester Fertility and a programme of IVF in which my wife donated some of her eggs to help others, our greatest wishes came true. I can't thank the staff at Manchester Fertility enough. Throughout the process, their skill, confidence and support has seen us through and made it happen.

    Sincere thanks and best wishes to all at Manchester Fertility.

    Sam and Danni, November 2016
  • John & Selina

    We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone in the Manchester Fertility team for helping to make our dreams come true.

    We were delighted, in May, to welcome baby Alexander to our family. He arrived in a rush ad weighed in at a whopping 10b 3oz.

    He is perfect in every way and we, and big brother Harry, are completely besotted.

    Thank you!

    John & Selina, November 2016
  • Thank you will never cover what you have done for us, we will be eternally grateful to you for helping us achieve our beautiful family. Our baby girl was born on the 22nd June, she is healthy and happy and we are enjoying every single second we spend with her. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness, patience and guidance.

    Anonymous, October 2016
  • We just wanted to say a big thankyou to all the staff at Manchester Fertility and our generous donor. Our son Charlie was born in August and we could never have imagined that we would now be holding our baby when we first approached the clinic last year. The staff really helped to make our journey as easy as possible and we would definitely recommend the clinic to others.

    Anonymous, October 2016
  • Thanks do much for the email and positive thoughts. We will of course keep in touch and let you all know how we get on. We also can't thank everyone enough for helping us to get this far, your clinic really has made the whole experience a lot easier for us.

    Tracey & Rich, September 2016
  • Kirsty and Liam

    Just wanted to thank all the team at Manchester Fertility for giving us our dream and making our family complete. Jessie-May entered the world and stole mine and her daddy's heart on Saturday 24th September at 7.29pm, we went through the whole of the pregnancy with a surprise and she sure was, our very own little princess.

    Thank you for all your help throughout the amazing journey we had with yourselves, you kept me at ease throughout with the fantastic advice and expertise from your team, they truly are miracle makers

    Kirsty and Liam , September 2016
  • Natasha & Christian

    We just wanted to share with you the wonderful news that our baby girl, Ever Blossom, was born on Friday 29th April, weighing 6 pounds 8 ounces.Thank you so much to the team at Manchester Fertility, we can’t thank you enough for helping us achieve our dream.

    From the first moment we came to you, and through every appointment, you really made us feel at ease and in the best possible hands.

    Our world has just become a much brighter place and we are mesmerised by our little bundle of joy.

    Natasha & Christian , September 2016
  • Amanda & Ian

    I just wanted to thank you all so much for your diligent care and treatment. After cycle #6 we hit the jackpot and Isabelle Hope was born in St Mary’s hospital on 2/8/2016 at 7lb 7oz.

    Mum and baby came home 3 days later and are thriving. You have made our miracle come true, thank you.

    Amanda & Ian, August 2016
  • Leanne & Paul

    Here is our beautiful little miracle Kailen. He was born 4 weeks early at Saint Mary's hospital on 9th June 2016 weighing 6lb 5oz.

    We never thought it would ever happen for us, but thank you to doctor David Polson back in 2013 for giving me hope after receiving the heart-breaking news no women wants to hear. If it wasn't for his second opinion in Salford Royal we wouldn't have Kailen today as I never even thought it would be possible to have IVF.

    Dr Polson operated to help us achieve our dream even when that failed he was still positive he could help us. His determination to help us gave me the strength he went above and beyond for us in so many ways. So after trying a few ways which failed we chose the IVF route . Unfortunately the first time failed in 2014 and broke my heart. I went back to Polson for advice, again he was positive and gave me the strength to eventually try again.

    He mentioned he was over at Manchester Fertility, so I decided to change from the previous clinic I chose (impatiently) and went over to see him there. Within a short space of time we was on the IVF journey again. And here we are now....

    Seeing that positive test in October 2015 was the most amazing day of our life, we were having a baby. Unfortunately I had the most horrific pregnancy and was really unwell so spent the majority of my pregnancy in hospital.

    We now have a perfect, healthy little boy and I cannot to this day believe he's ours. Hearing the words you cannot have a baby as a women is heart-breaking. But we did it, we got there in the end thanks to David Polson and the AMAZING team he has at Manchester Fertility. I really cannot express the love and gratitude I have for each and everyone one of all the staff. Right from that very first day walking through them doors the beautiful friendly smile we got from all the staff really put us at ease, instantly. Nothing was ever too much for any member of staff. They were all really amazing and went that extra mile. I was forever calling up worried about something, but they never complained they were always there at the end of the phone to help me. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for making our dreams come true .

    Leanne & Paul, August 2016
  • Sarah & Phil

    I recently gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Sunday 24th July 2016 - Arthur George, weighing 7lb 14oz. He is absolutely perfect and is a happy addition to our family.

    We would like to send our enormous thanks to the team at Manchester Fertility for making our dream come true.

    Sarah & Phil, August 2016
  • Natalie

    The support that I had received from Dr Polson was remarkable. I have been very privileged to have had such a friendly, dedicated and compassionate doctor/managing director to guide me through with this daunting journey. He was very supportive and Manchester Fertility clinic are extremely privileged to have him lead the team. At all stages he ensured that my welfare and the welfare of my prospective child was priority.

    I was fortunate to have been successful in my first attempt of IVF/ICSI using donor sperm and I was very impressed with the profile that I had received of the donor sperm this again was top quality.

    When I found out that I was having a little girl I was delighted! What's more this was made even more special with having received a USB of the transfer itself along with the very first scan pictures showing my babies first heartbeat, something which differentiates this clinic from others.

    My little girl was born on the 7th May 2016, one day after her due date, weighing 6lbs 9oz, 44cm in length and she is / was small, cute and just perfect. She matched my requests from the donor sperm perfectly! I had a great pregnancy with no problems, a natural birth and my little girl is thriving beautifully!!

    I cannot thank Dr Polson enough for all of his help with enabling me to achieve my greatest achievement so far above everything else!

    Natalie, August 2016
  • Vicki & Natalie

    Just wanted to finally send you some pictures of our Annie May who was born on 17th March 2016.

    Thank you all so much. We couldn't have done it without you!

    Vicki & Natalie , August 2016
  • D & C

    We are very grateful to everyone at MF for being able to welcome our daughter Emma into this world in June.

    Even being NHS funding transfer patients, from the first consultation up until the release to the midwife after 8 week pregnancy scan we had the most personable and friendly, yet highly professional team taking care of us.

    Our very first treatment round resulted in our beautiful daughter! We would highly recommend Manchester Fertility to everyone and wish the team further success!

    D & C, July 2016
  • Manchester Fertility were recommended to us by a friend who had used them after I confided in her that we were struggling to conceive, and were getting nowhere on the NHS.

    It's very emotional and stressful wanting but struggling to have a baby, and the staff at MF were wonderful from the moment we contacted them.

    They made us feel comfortable and explained everything so we understood it. Everyone was friendly, and they were really accommodating with appointment times when they heard we had to travel every time.

    They were positive every step of the way - from when the first time didn't work, to when we finally got the positive test result, to when I rang crying at 8 weeks pregnant to say I was bleeding. They were calm and understanding (and I was lucky that despite a heavy bleed, baby stuck). While we were on an emotional roller coaster, they were steady and positive throughout that we would get the baby we wanted.

    And I'm pleased to say we're the proud parents of two lovely boys. Our first is nearly three years old, and our second MF baby is now 8 weeks.

    Our family is complete thanks to the amazing people at Manchester Fertility.Thank you for everything!

    Anonymous, July 2016
  • Deborah and Steve

    We went to Manchester Fertility on recommendation from friends. At every point, the team were fantastic with us and have supported us in our dream coming true.

    The receptionist knew your name and greeted you warmly which always helped keep me calm at what was a difficult time and the medical staff were attentive, kind and supportive at all points.

    I felt like all the staff would have done anything to help and I felt like they knew us and our situation personally.

    I couldn't speak more highly of Manchester Fertility and cannot thank them enough for what they have done for us. Our little girl was born in May 2016 and we feel truly blessed.

    Deborah and Steve, July 2016
  • Melissa and William

    We would like to say a massive thank you to all the fantastic team at Manchester Fertility.

    Our gorgeous baby girl, Isla Bow was born in May and without all your help and support this would never have been possible.

    Thank you so so much for making our family complete.

    Melissa and William, July 2016
  • Claire and Paul

    "We have had a seven year journey to parenthood and a large part of that time has been with the help and support of Manchester Fertility.

    There were many failed attempts and disappointments, however the staff never gave up and always kept our hopes high and instilled us with confidence that we would get there.

    Now Dylan has arrived all those years seem like the blink of an eye and it feels like he has always been here.

    Using Manchester Fertility was the best decision we ever made."

    Claire and Paul, July 2016
  • Kirsten

    "We are all doing well and enjoying the addition to our family. Freya was born just four days before Theo's third birthday so June is going to be a busy birthday month for us.

    I never thought I would be lucky enough to have one baby never mind one of each.

    I am eternally grateful to Manchester Fertility and all the staff who have made my dreams come true, not once but twice."

    Kirsten, July 2016
  • "From our very first appointment at Manchester Fertility we were given genuine hope, along with a treatment plan that was specifically tailored to us.

    The Consultant and staff were supportive, positive and attentive. The facilities were excellent and each step of the process was efficient. We were delighted to welcome our baby girl into the world in November 2015 and cannot thank the team at Manchester Fertility enough.

    We will be forever grateful."

    Anonymous, June 2016
  • Suzanne and Matthew

    "Manchester Fertility were truly fantastic from start to finish, words cannot express how eternally grateful we will always be to them for granting us our wish of parenthood and blessing us with our perfect little girl Annabelle Katie.

    The speed and efficiency of the process, the excellence of the doctors and their treatment combined with the comforting and personal service provided by the nurses was a heart-warming blend that kept us calm yet informed all the way through our IVF cycle.

    I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Manchester Fertility to anyone, I only wish we had started sooner."

    Suzanne and Matthew, June 2016
  • Kate

    "We couldn't be more happy with the service and treatment we received at Manchester Fertility, it makes such a difference these days to feel like you are getting personal one to one care, every member of staff from the receptionist to the consultant was warm and friendly.

    Everything was explained clearly and the whole experience was stress free. We are now very proud happy parents to our beautiful baby twins, which at one point we never thought possible."

    Kate, June 2016
  • Lyndsey and David

    "After struggling to get pregnant for nearly 15 years and finding out eventually I needed to have IVF.

    Manchester Fertility were brilliant from day one. Everyone we dealt with was friendly and professional especially Rita, Sharon and our consultant Dr Kerecsenyi, who was amazing.

    We were extremely lucky to have two successful rounds of treatment and I gave birth to our gorgeous son Oliver in June 2014 and most recently Amelia in March of this year. We can't thank MF enough for making our dream of children finally a reality and would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone needing treatment."

    Lyndsey and David, June 2016
  • Jodie

    "We felt like the luckiest people in the world when I became pregnant from our first round of IVF, our little boy has brought so much joy to not only our lives but to both of our families, we can't thank the team at Manchester Fertility enough for everything they did for us, they were amazing from start to finish."

    Jodie, June 2016
  • Ambre

    "My husband and I started receiving treatment at Manchester Fertility early last year and have nothing but praise. Everyone there was amazing, really friendly, always made us feel welcome and at ease.

    Can't thank you enough for giving us our baby boy"

    Ambre, May 2016
  • Kelly and Dave

    "Amelia-Lily is such a happy little girl and I love her with all my heart.

    You have no idea how thankful I am to the clinic for my little angel."

    Kelly and Dave, May 2016
  • Natalie

    "I had my baby girl on the 7th May 2016 and called her Darcey. She is bright, healthy and beautiful. I'd like to thank everyone at Manchester Fertility for their help and support throughout the process.

    The support I received was been amazing! I couldn't be happier!"

    Natalie, May 2016
  • Emily and Mike

    "Just wanted to introduce our little one Joshua born two weeks early on 13/5/2016.

    We wanted to thank you all so much for completing our family. Your care and attention has been unbelievable even in times of failures we experienced.

    Just over three years ago we had Jenson at Manchester Fertility."

    Emily and Mike, May 2016
  • Kirsty and Liam

    "Here is our little surprise at 12 weeks.

    Thank you to you all for your fantastic help, care and support throughout our journey, we will keep you updated as the little one grows."

    Kirsty and Liam, April 2016
  • Sarah and Matt

    "We just wanted to let you know that India Tigerlily was born at 7.40 on Friday 8th April.

    We wanted to say a huge thank you for all the support and care we received during our treatment. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever imagine we would be able to complete our family.

    Thank you once again to each and everyone of you We hope to come visit soon to show her off."

    Sarah and Matt, April 2016
  • Kathryn and Peter

    "Just thought you would like to see our gorgeous baby boy Jack, born 2 February weighing 9lb 5oz.

    A massive thank you to everyone at Manchester Fertility."

    Kathryn and Peter, April 2016
  • Kim and Jamie

    "On behalf of my husband and I we just wanted to say thank you to your wonderful team. Yesterday I gave birth to a healthy, happy little boy, Xander, weighing 8lbs 10oz.

    Without the help from Dr Polson and the team we wouldn't have our little boy. He was our only egg that went to blastocyst from 21 taken so we really do think he is a little miracle. We cannot thank you enough and we will pop in to say hello very soon."

    Kim and Jamie, March 2016
  • Karina and Charlie

    “We just wanted to say the hugest of thank yous to you all, to Dr Polson, Dr Kerecsenyi, Dr Rao, Steph, Sharon, Sam and Alan in embryo care, lovely Rita at reception, Jo and all of your team.

    Thank you Sam for being so kind and caring, and Steph for being so patient and calm when we had early scans. And Rita for giving me a shoulder to cry on – literally – and a much needed cuppa. The little touches from you all meant the world. We owe you all so much. Thanks Alan and Sam for looking after our embryos!"

    “We were lucky enough to have the most beautiful little girl on 7 January – we have called her Elsa. She is already very spoilt!! She was 7lbs and is just doing so well. She has completely changed our lives and completed us as a family. We just cannot begin to say how grateful we are to you all.

    “We cannot begin to thank you – from the second we walked through the door you all took care of us and we always felt as though we were in the best, most professional and most caring of hands."

    Karina and Charlie, March 2016
  • Kym and Danny

    "We are pleased to announce the arrival of our long awaited son Albert and would like to say a big thank you to Manchester Fertility for making our dream of having a second child a reality.

    We could not have done it without the support and expertise of the staff and cannot thank you enough."

    Kym and Danny, February 2016
  • Ami and Kim

    "We would like to introduce our beautiful baby girl who arrived in December. Evie was born 14th December 2015, weighing in at 7lb 11.5oz.

    My partner Kim and myself first visited the clinic in August 2014, and fell pregnant in March 2015 after our first round of IUI. Once we had our 12 week scan we told our very shocked friends and families of our upcoming addition, who had no idea we were even trying for a baby.

    After a rather uneventful nine months, Evie was so comfy she insisted on staying an extra 10 days before making her appearance. However now she is here, it is like she has always been here. Two months on and she is growing all the time, her cheeky personality already making an appearance."

    "Many thanks for your help and support during our time visiting the clinic. We would definitely recommend your services to anyone who asked, and would use you again if we decide to grow our family even further."

    Ami and Kim, February 2016
  • Gemma and Kathryn

    "We’re so pleased to announce the safe arrival of Rafferty born on 11 September 2015 weighing 8 lbs 12 oz.

    He is absolutely perfect and we couldn’t be more grateful every day for our family that you helped us make.

    We really didn’t expect to be successful after our first round of IUI so thank you all so much for our brief but wonderful experience with Manchester Fertility!"

    Gemma and Kathryn, February 2016
  • Anonymous

    "It gives me immense pleasure to inform you that our beautiful daughter has arrived. We cannot thank Manchester Fertility enough for helping us achieve our dream of having a family."

    Anonymous, February 2016
  • "We just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You always had faith that we would get there in the end!"

    Anonymous, February 2016
  • Anonymous

    "We're pleased to inform you of the arrival of Nel who was born in early December.

    She's doing great and her big sister is over the moon as well! Thank you all for bringing such joy to our family."

    Anonymous, January 2016
  • Lisa and Dean

    "The past two years, falling pregnant then welcoming our beautiful girl into the world, have been the most amazing and emotional moments of our lives.

    We went through many obstacles to have our daughter and cannot believe we are now celebrating her first birthday! Without the wonderful staff at Manchester Fertility she wouldn't be here now! We can never thank you enough."

    Lisa and Dean, January 2016
  • Sam and Vinnie

    "We are over the moon to announce the safe arrival of our little miracle baby Holly Sophia born by C-Section on New Years Day, weighing 6 pounds 11. She is amazing and we are both loving every second with her.

    We will hopefully bring her in to meet everyone in the next couple of weeks once we have adjusted a little more to our new life. We cannot thank you enough for making our dreams come true."

    Sam and Vinnie, January 2016
  • Ingrid

    "Just wanted to send you a photo of my beautiful daughter Alexandra (on a modelling shoot in London). She had her 16th birthday yesterday and is the most wonderful part of me and my life. Many thanks to Manchester Fertility for just the single round of IUI that it took to help me to have such joy!!!"

    Ingrid, January 2016
  • Hannah and Kerry

    "We thought you might like to see a festive photo of our little Willow Nancy who was born in August and amazes us every day. It is hard to explain just how grateful we are to you all for making our dreams come true. If it wasn't for all your hard work we wouldn't be having our first Christmas as a family – thank you so much. Wishing you a very very Happy Christmas!"

    Hannah and Kerry, December 2015
  • Lisa and Dean

    "Amelia-Belle would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We're all looking forward to our first Christmas together. Here is a picture of her and her brother and sister."

    Lisa and Dean, December 2015
  • Adele and Barb

    "Here is a picture of our beautiful baby boy who was born on 25th November. When I had the embryo replacement on 13th March, I didn't expect it to work after eight natural cycle donor inseminations and one round of IVF that had given me eight embryos, but that resulted in a miscarriage, three that failed to implant and three that perished after spending years 'in the freezer'.

    I had left it a long time before plucking up the courage to use my stored embryos, I wanted to have a break from treatment after the miscarriage and the failures to implant, and somehow years went by. In the end I was afraid to use them because they were 'safe' in the freezer, and I had become too old to get pregnant any other way!

    I keep reminding myself that he isn't a miracle, he is the result of living in a country that allows fertility research and treatment of same sex couples, and of the work of the doctors and nurses and the brilliant service at Manchester Fertility. Thank you so much."

    Adele and Barb, December 2015
  • Jane and Arron

    "Our little girl Scarlett Summer was born on Wednesday 2nd December at 10.14am, weighing 6lb 10oz. She is absolutely perfect. Many thanks to all at Manchester Fertility for making our dreams come true."

    Jane and Arron, December 2015
  • Mary

    "I thought you would like to see an update of Isabella. She's going to be 4 tomorrow. Still can't believe we are blessed with such a lovely little lady. Thank you again for everything you did for us."

    Mary, November 2015
  • R and N

    "We wanted to let you know abou

    t the arrival of our baby boy on 6 November, weighing 8lbs 13. We finished our first cycle of ICSI at Manchester Fertility in February.

    We want to say a big thank you to all the wonderful, caring Manchester Fertility doctors, nurses and staff we met along the way."

    R and N, November 2015
  • Tracy and Nick

    "We would like to thank you all so much for helping us to have our beautiful little boy.

    After unsuccessful treatment in Leeds and the negativity received from the doctors there we never thought we would have a child together. You all made us feel at ease and positive, and rightly so, after our first cycle with you our little miracle was born.

    We cannot thank you enough."

    Tracy and Nick, November 2015
  • Sarah and Kyle

    "A year ago today my husband and I came for an initial consultation for IVF with myself as a possible egg donor. Now we have a beautiful 15 day old daughter and couldn't be happier despite the sleepless nights!

    Every single member of staff made our IVF journey easier and we were treated with so much kindness. Your staff go above and beyond to answer questions and put people at ease, from all of our initial concerns on the whole process to arranging an emergency scan after a bleed at 10 weeks.

    The egg sharing process was a pleasure, and I hope that the family that received the eggs have been as lucky as we were. This is Ivy, our miracle, born 21st October."

    Sarah and Kyle, November 2015
  • "To everyone at Manchester Fertility who has been a part of our journey to become a family. We have been blessed with the arrival of Dharma Dee on 28/10/15 at 4.26am, weighing in at 8lb1oz.

    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, words cannot express how we feel right now, but thank you all."

    Sheaner and Jooles , November 2015
  • Anonymous

    "Thank you very much for the new member of our family."

    Anonymous, November 2015
  • "When I came for my first appointment 18 months ago, I would never have believed as I am sat here today I would be holding my son. I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your care and the treatment I received whilst I was with you."

    Anonymous, October 2015
  • Diane and Sally

    "To all you wonderful staff at Manchester Fertility. Just to give you a quick update on our amazing little girl who turned three last Friday.

    We will be eternally grateful to you and your staff for enabling us to experience such happy times. Here is a snap to show you how much she has grown."

    Diane and Sally, October 2015
  • Jake and Leontina

    "To all the awesome Nurses and Doctors at Manchester Fertility, thank you for looking after my mummy so well when I wasn’t born yet.

    Everybody says I am a miracle baby and that I wouldn’t even be here if it hadn’t been for you. But I don’t know much about those things. I only know that I am very happy, a little bit chubby and super cute!"

    Jake and Leontina, September 2015
  • "Just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone at Manchester Fertility. With your help and support our daughter Ava was born 23.02.11. She is now a very happy big sister to our second daughter Esmé who was born safely on 23rd July this year. Our family is now complete and we couldn't be happier. We have recommended your service to many of our friends."

    Katie and Nikki, September 2015
  • "Nearly four years later, I am still eternally grateful for you enabling me to have my babies, they are all absolutely perfect and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Forever in your debt."

    Gillian, September 2015
  • Anonymous

    "Here's a picture of our baby boy, he's absolutely gorgeous and doing really well. Thanks to all at Manchester Fertility for helping us achieve our new and very loved addition to our family!"

    Anonymous, September 2015
  • Richard and Kelly

    "Freddie Benjamin arrived on August 6th, mother and son are doing very well.

    Many thanks for all your help."

    Richard and Kelly, September 2015
  • Anonymous

    "Six weeks ago we had a lovely, healthy baby boy. Thanks to the wonderful service at Manchester Fertility, I have had two cycles of IVF, both resulting in successful pregnancies, and at age 40 and 41. I recommend you to anyone that asks!"

    Anonymous, September 2015
  • Ali and Kelly

    "A big thank you for helping us to bring our perfect little girl into the world. Maybe we will see you again soon…"

    Ali and Kelly, September 2015
  • Debbie and Florrie

    "Here is a picture of my Florence May born in July.

    I am truly blessed, thanks to all the staff at Manchester Fertility for their help and support."

    Debbie and Florrie, September 2015
  • Kat and Katie

    "We can't begin to thank you for helping us to realise our dream of having a family. Sophie and Harry have only been here for seven weeks and they are already bringing us so much joy. Every single person we came across at the clinic was incredibly kind and helpful, we would recommend you to anyone. The jobs you do and the way you do them is amazing, we will definitely be coming to see you again in the future!"

    Kat and Katie , September 2015
  • Michelle and Colin

    "Thank you very much to everyone at Manchester Fertility for all your help and support over the years, and especially for our beautiful baby boy Dylan.

    He is absolutely perfect and we cannot thank you enough for making our family complete."

    Michelle and Colin, August 2015
  • Kelly and Dave

    "To everyone at Manchester Fertility - thank you!

    Because of you and your great work we were able to welcome our first child, Alexander Kier Ross, into the world on 17th June 2015, weighing 8lb 10oz.

    We are over the moon with our little miracle baby. Again, thank you for making us a family."

    Kelly and Dave, August 2015
  • Katie and Geoff

    "To everyone at Manchester Fertility, we are delighted to introduce you to baby Ted, fruit of all our joint efforts last autumn.

    Thanks to all the team for making our dreams come true."

    Katie and Geoff, August 2015
  • "We are writing to let you know about the birth of our son, Ben, who was born on 16th April 2015, thanks to the skills of everyone who supported us during IVF last year.

    Not only are we indescribably grateful for Ben, who is the most precious of gifts, but also for the care and compassion shown to both of us during our IVF journey.

    Your kindness and professionalism meant a great deal to us and ensured the whole process was as pleasant as possible. We cannot thank you enough."

    Sarah and Adam, August 2015
  • "We want to express our greatest thanks for all the great work, time and effort the team and dedicated staff at Manchester Fertility put into making the whole IVF process a success. Our four month old baby is growing into a healthy and happy baby. She is truly a blessing to us both. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

    Anonymous, August 2015
  • Amie and Omar

    "Our daughter, Betsy Kate Valentine, was born on the 2nd July. We can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for us. Each and every single person who works at Manchester Fertility was so professional and seemed completely in tune with our needs. We were so lucky that our IVF worked first time against all the odds. Thank you so much for helping us bring our lovely daughter into the world."

    Amie and Omar, August 2015
  • Lauren and Mick

    "Thank you very very much for all of your help at Manchester Fertility in allowing us to achieve our dream.

    Our little boy, Noah Michael, was born at 2:11pm on Saturday the 4th of July, weighing 6lb 6oz. Thank you again to all of you!"

    Lauren and Mick, July 2015
  • "After doing our five day embryo transfer on the 4 July, we did a pregnancy test on Saturday and it was positive! To say we are delighted doesn’t even begin to describe how happy we both are. We are both on cloud nine and haven’t stopped smiling since.

    We can’t believe our luck, especially on our first attempt at IVF. Whilst it is early days and there is an eight month wait ahead of us, we want to thank Manchester Fertility for all their help.

    The clinic has been amazing from start to finish and we honestly can’t thank you all enough. From the very first call we made (where I was invited in that very same day for a blood test), to all the advice, care and support we have been shown throughout from all of the staff members.

    We would never have even begun our treatment if it wasn’t for the time and empathy the team showed us, not to mention the countless calls, appointments and progress calls made on our behalf. Everyone at Manchester Fertility kept us calm and focused, and we hugely appreciate the honesty right the way through.

    We are in awe of the work at Manchester Fertility and are forever in your debt for allowing us our dream of becoming parents. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the clinic in a heartbeat. Every member of staff without a single exception has been fabulous. The facilities, the environment, and the care and advice we were given was incredible. Thank you for all being so kind and for being so amazingly helpful."

    Suzanne and Matt, July 2015
  • Fay and Chris

    "Having not met my husband till being in my late thirties, the hope of starting a family in my forties was the way that life had panned out for me. At 43, the statistics were very much against me and having been refused funding by the NHS because of my age, not my results, we started looking for a private clinic. We waited eight months to get an answer from the NHS, whereas as soon as we decided to go for treatment with Manchester Fertility, I started on the medication on the next appropriate day of my cycle. We are so glad we found Manchester Fertility, from start to finish they have been considerate, friendly and highly professional, as well as giving us the options of the latest techniques like Embryoscope and the Harmony Test for Down's Syndrome. As a couple we needed a helping hand to speed up our chances of having a successful pregnancy. We replaced two embryos after egg recovery on our first cycle and one of those survived and gave a positive pregnancy test. On June 16th 2015, baby Adam was born, our IVF marvel. A massive thank you to all at Manchester Fertility for helping to make this happen for us."

    Fay and Chris, July 2015
  • Catherine and Suzanne

    "We just wanted to say a big thank you as our gorgeous son arrived on Tuesday 23 June at 10:21am. Toby weighs 9lb 10oz!

    We are so grateful for your help to enable us to start our family. We are so delighted and proud. The journey was hard but we are now so happy. Our son is just perfect.

    We hope all your other patients stick with the hard times and get their happy news like us!"

    Catherine and Suzanne, June 2015
  • Amanda & Mike, proud parents of Connor & Evie-May

    "We just wanted to send a message to thank you for all you help and support. After conceiving my first son naturally it never crossed mine or my husband’s mind that we would not be able to have more children without help. After years of tests and fertility drugs on the NHS I was diagnosed with unexplained second infertility and started to research the possibility of IVF.

    "We chose Manchester Fertility and I can honestly say we made completely the right choice from our first meeting to our last, the staff were amazing, everything was explained and the support was there when we needed it.

    "We are so happy to announce that our twins Connor & Evie- May were born 6 weeks early on 26th December 2014 and are now coming up to six months old. It is hard to believe that this time last year we were counting down the weeks until our first scan after falling pregnant after just one cycle of IVF, and that was when we were told we were expecting two little ones.

    "We can’t thank you enough, our little boy Kai is finally a big brother and our family is now complete."

    Amanda & Mike, proud parents of Connor & Evie-May, June 2015
  • Nicola & Martin

    "We just wanted to drop you a line to let you know about the safe arrival of our baby boy, Samuel, who was born on the 31st May weighing 6lb 2oz. We also wanted to say thank you for helping us to achieve our dream of having a child of our own – words cannot express how delighted we are to finally have him!"

    Nicola & Martin, June 2015
  • Rachel, Will, Louis and Ellie

    "We want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have done to assist us in our journey to have a family. Despite the sad loss of our third child during pregnancy, we have two wonderful, amazing and beautiful children thanks to you all. There is no doubt at all that without your intervention we would be childless. We feel blessed to have Louis and Ellie in our lives. They bring us such happiness and we are a fabulous family of four! Words can’t express our gratitude to you all for your commitment, dedication, professionalism and empathy. We are eternally indebted to you and can’t thank you enough."

    Rachel, Will, Louis and Ellie, June 2015
  • Jason and Felicity

    "We just wanted to share our good news with you regarding the birth of our little boy! We couldn’t be happier to have yet another bundle of joy in our family. We are so grateful for all of your support, encouragement and kindness that have all helped to get us to this point – you can never know just how much it has meant to us. With your help we have a beautiful daughter and now son and we can’t thank you enough. Every person that has helped us along the way has been fantastic. What started out five years ago as an impossible task has been turned into an amazing reality and achievement. You are all very special people and we shall never forget you."

    Jason and Felicity , May 2015
  • Hilary, Suzanne, Annie and Martha

    "We wanted to let you know that baby Martha Grace arrived safely yesterday, weighing 9lbs 1oz. Martha's big sister Annie Hope seems quite impressed with her! Thanks again to all the team at Manchester Fertility who have now made our family complete. We're all very happy."

    Hilary, Suzanne, Annie and Martha, May 2015
  • "Just to say a massive thank you for making it possible for us to become parents again. We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all your help and support, everyone was so kind throughout this very emotional journey for us. Without your help this would not have been possible and now our little family is complete."

    Anonymous, May 2015
  • Emma

    "Thank you so much for all your support and assistance to help us start our family. We visited other fertility clinics before choosing Manchester Fertility and could not have been happier with our choice... every single person we met at the clinic were friendly, approachable and welcoming, which we felt lacking at other clinics! We shall be in touch again in the near future to expand our family, but for now are enjoying being parents."

    Emma, April 2015
  • Paul and Natalie

    "To all of the wonderful staff at Manchester Fertility, we wanted to say a huge thank you for making our dreams come true by bringing Lily into our lives.

    We can’t thank you enough for your wonderful services, words will never describe how many people’s lives you have touched."

    Paul and Natalie , April 2015
  • Freya

    "I wanted to write to thank you for all your support in helping me to conceive. It was all worth it as my beautiful baby daughter is now six months old and is thriving. She was born early at 31 weeks and fortunately received excellent care at the Wythenshawe neonatal unit, so she is now fine. Thank you once again for your support."

    Freya, March 2015
  • Karen & Stephen

    "Just a quick letter to say a massive thank you. Following a hard 8 years, with 5 IVF treatments we had a successful result following a frozen embryo transfer. On 23rd January 2015 two miracle babies were born, Esmay and Parker. Both are very healthy babies who bring us so much joy. This would never have been possible without the clinic and we will never forget who helped us get what we have always dreamed of."

    Karen & Stephen, March 2015
  • Leanne and Claire

    "We honestly cannot put into words how grateful we are to all the staff at Manchester Fertility for what they have done for us. After being told at 17 that I probably couldn't have children, and after many tests and failed attempts I had almost given up hope of being a Mummy.

    "Then after looking at a few clinics and having more tests we decided to call at Manchester Fertility and see if they could help. We felt so welcome, and like we were more than just patients. We started treatment for IVF, and after being quite ill with the injections we thought it wouldn't work. We all persevered anyway, and luckily it worked, first time!

    "We had our scan at 7 weeks and saw 2 little heartbeats! We were over the moon. Our beautiful identical girls were born 2 months early, on June 19th 2014. We had quite a few scary moments where we thought we were still going to end up with no babies. But they are little fighters, and we now have 2 beautiful, healthy 8 month olds!! Thank you so much again to all the team for giving us Eden and Lily, we are forever grateful!! xx"

    Leanne and Claire, March 2015
  • Claire and Darren

    "A simple thank you card seems completely inadequate to convey how much you have changed our lives and how grateful we are. Our beautiful daughter Maya arrived safe and sound on 19 February at 10.18pm and our first two weeks at home have been wonderful (but tiring too obviously!), and we are learning new things about Maya everyday.

    "It is amazing to think that Maya is finally here after the heartbreak of three years of trying to conceive, and a failed IVF cycle. However it was second time lucky for us, and from only having one embryo to put back this wonderful bundle amazingly arrived.

    "Thank you to everyone at Manchester Fertility for all you have done for Darren and I, and for the valuable help and support as we went through the IVF process – we would highly recommend your clinic to anyone going through fertility problems."

    Claire and Darren, March 2015
  • Nichola

    "I'm delighted that following our FET in May 2014, we have just welcomed our new arrival safely into our family. Henry James was born on 5 February 2015 at 9.28am weighing 7lb 1oz. Many thanks to all the team!!"

    Nichola, March 2015
  • Emma & Jenna

    "We would just like to thank all of the team for your dedication to your work. We have just celebrated the birth of our baby girl Lilly-Anne 12 days ago and she is just the most perfect little girl in the world. Your team are so professional yet make a personal effort to make our time with the clinic so special. We feel so blessed."

    Emma & Jenna, January 2015
  • Lisa and Dean

    "Dean and I would like to introduce you to Amelia-Belle, born 11.01.2015 at 17.33 weighing 7lb 13oz. We cannot thank you enough for all of the assistance and support we have received over the years and are amazed and relieved that our little girl is finally here! A special thanks to Dr Peter Kerecsenyi and team for everything."

    Lisa and Dean, January 2015
  • Aisha & Christopher

    "Thank you to the Manchester Fertility team for all your help"

    Aisha & Christopher , January 2015
  • Simon, Rosie & Peggy

    "After our first failed attempt at IVF, we were as low as you can get – our situation seemed hopeless, and our strength and resolve was tested to the limits. After two years of trying to conceive naturally, it felt like the end of the road. We were both emotionally and psychologically scarred, and I was reluctant to even consider beginning treatment again.

    "Thankfully, my partner, undeterred and determined to be a mother, made contact with Manchester Fertility and we had our initial consultation and left the clinic that day reassured, encouraged and hopeful. The rest, as they say, is history. The treatment was a success and on Saturday, August 16, 2014, our daughter was born. Simply the best thing that has ever happened to us both, a little miracle, a real life-changer for us both!

    "We can't thank Manchester Fertility enough, and my words can never fully express our gratitude. You made our dreams come true, and most importantly you made us a family."

    Simon, Rosie & Peggy, January 2015
  • Delighted parents

    "Thank you again to all the wonderful team for helping to bring our wonderful daughter to us. She wouldn't be here without you. We can't be more grateful. All the best."

    Delighted parents, January 2015
  • Deborah & Nathan

    "To the wonderful Manchester Fertility staff and nurses, wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a Happy 2015. Ilan will be two in January and Asher is eight months, and they are a source of joy every day. We think of you all often. With fondest wishes, Deborah & Nathan."

    Deborah & Nathan, December 2014
  • Laura & Dave

    "We underwent our third cycle of IVF with you at the beginning of the year which resulted in a positive pregnancy test, and we are delighted to announce that our beautiful baby boy Jenson Jacob arrived two weeks ago today on Friday 21st November 2014, weighing 8lb 11oz. We can't thank you all enough for your help in making our dreams to have a family come true. It's been a long, hard journey but we got there in the end with your help. We are so happy, what a lovely Christmas present. We will be in touch when we would like to try for a brother or sister with our frozen embryos."

    Laura & Dave, December 2014
  • Helen

    "I gave birth to Emma on 9th November at Royal Bolton Hospital at 5.26pm. She was 6lb 10.5oz and born after induction at 39+1 weeks. The biggest thank you to all of you at Manchester Fertility, I cannot convey how much this means to me and how proud I am of my daughter."

    Helen, November 2014
  • "I can't recommend Manchester Fertility enough. I now have a beautiful 10 week old son thanks to their help. I had two cycles of IVF at another clinic which unfortunately resulted in two miscarriages. We transferred the frozen embryos from the two cycles to MF having moved to the North West.

    "I feel I have had the experience of two fertility clinics and the difference between the two was immense. I felt MF clinic staff were highly professional but personable. The facilities are outstanding.

    "I never felt I was properly listened to at the other clinic and that my consultant there was cold, to the point of rude. When I went for a scan, after my second miscarriage, she never even acknowledged that this was perhaps a sad event for me and it was as if I was wasting her time. The nurse present was clearly embarrassed. My other half always felt that at this clinic it was all about the money.

    "However at MF I can honestly say that the staff were only understanding and thoughtful. They recommended tests I should have before proceeding with any other treatment. Suggesting my GP could perform these, hence saving us money and I felt after being quite disillusioned, that I could trust MF.

    "When you want children and someone tells you that you have a fertility problem, it is probably one of the most devastating moments of your life. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Manchester Fertility in helping you through your fertility journey."

    Jan Taylor, Cheshire, November 2014
  • Jodie, Chris & Toby Gardner

    "We wanted to send you an update on our story - we are now incredibly proud to introduce Toby Leo Gardner born 30th October at 00.11 weighing 7lb 10oz.

    "Our family wouldn't exist if it wasn't for Manchester Fertility Services so we just wanted to send our sincere thanks once again."

    Jodie, Chris & Toby Gardner, November 2014
  • Anon

    "We are proud to announce the birth of our beautiful baby girl Lexi Rose. She is six weeks old now and is doing really well. Thank you so so much to all the staff for making our dreams come true. You are an amazing team of people that got us through a very emotional time. We will be forever grateful. Lots of love to you all."

    Anon, October 2014
  • "Please pass on my thanks to the Manchester Fertility team. I found everybody incredibly professional, polite and, probably most importantly, friendly. This helped to ensure I was as relaxed as possible prior to, and following, the procedure."

    Neil, October 2014
  • Sarah and Helena

    "My wife & I would like to thank the amazing Manchester Fertility team. Without their help last year we would not have our amazing, beautiful twins Alice & Joseph. They are our little miracles. On the 22nd of this month last year was our first scan... We can not believe we have our babies. The team helped us so much. Very caring & just amazing."

    Sarah and Helena , October 2014
  • Emma, Claire and Archie

    "We would like to thank everyone at Manchester Fertility, especially our lovely nurse Sam, who was always there to answer questions and never made us feel silly if we were asking daft things!

    "After some unpleasant experiences at another centre we had our first visit (a look around really) in August 2013 and on the 3rd September this year our amazing son Archie made his appearance following ICSI in December 2013. We couldn't have done it without you all and our kind donor.

    "Thanks again and good luck to anyone else going through this process, you're in excellent hands."

    Emma, Claire and Archie, October 2014
  • Sue and Stephen

    "We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone at Manchester Fertility for making it possible to become the parents of our beautiful daughter Poppy Jean. She was born on the 18th July 2014 weighing 6lb 8.5oz and she was definitely worth the wait.

    "With special thanks to Dr Peter Kerecsenyi for his welcoming, friendly and positive attitude towards us. He once said to me 'you're always smiling', that was because he made me feel comfortable and confident in everything he was doing and I knew that he was doing his absolute best for us.

    "Poppy is always smiling too, like mummy. Thank you."

    Sue and Stephen, October 2014
  • Carly and Chris

    "We just wanted to let you all know that after having IVF/ICSI with Manchester Fertility back in December, our daughter Esmae Elizabeth arrived on 24th August 2014 weighing 8lb 2oz. Myself and my husband Chris can't thank you all enough."

    Carly and Chris, September 2014
  • Phillippa and Anthony

    "Thank you to the Manchester Fertility team for being part of the magic. We feel blessed to have been given this amazing opportunity to be parents and are loving every minute. Words can't really express our gratitude."

    Phillippa and Anthony, August 2014
  • Sara and Carl

    "I just wanted to send a huge thank you to all staff. Because of your team I have realised my dream of becoming a natural mother to go along with being a step mum. We came for treatment in October/November 2013 and your team were fantastic and caring from the very start. Many thanks also go to Dr Payne who steered us on our journey. Luke John David was born on 12th July and I couldn't be more proud of him. I look forward to contacting you again to hopefully be able to give him a little brother or sister."

    Sara and Carl, August 2014
  • Nicola and Shaun

    "My name is Alyssia and I was born on Sunday 25th of May 2014 at 19.48 and weighed 8lbs. My mummy and daddy would like to say a big thank you to all at Manchester Fertility for making me possible."

    Nicola and Shaun, July 2014
  • Joanna and Nick

    "Nick and I wanted to say a huge thank you for all of your help and support throughout our IVF journey. We were faced with the possibility of never being able to have our own baby due to my low AMH level of 0.07, therefore never having the one thing we always dreamed of.

    "But thanks to the help of all your team we are now proud to say that we finally have our precious daughter Willow. She is just perfect. She is our little miracle as we had one little embryo and now we have her.

    "Thank you to everyone for helping make our dream come true. We are enjoying every minute with her."

    Joanna and Nick, July 2014
  • Janine and Yvonne

    "We just wanted to say thank you to your centre and staff. With the help of you and the donor our family is now complete and we are so very grateful."

    Janine and Yvonne , July 2014
  • Karen, Donna and Malakai

    "We just wanted to say a huge thank you to all at Manchester Fertility. Because of you we have a beautiful 3 month old son (conceived in the first try too!!!), you have made our family complete (for now anyway, you never know we may decide to have another) and for this we are extremely grateful for everything you did for us."

    Karen, Donna and Malakai , July 2014
  • Cherry & Olly

    “Thank you so much for our treatment with Manchester Fertility last year. We are delighted to say that we have just had a little baby girl last week. We are so grateful for your kind and professional services and would definitely recommend you to others. Thank you!”

    Cherry & Olly, June 2014
  • Julie, Catherine, Alex and Thomas

    “No words will ever describe how grateful we are for all of your help in us conceiving Alexander and Thomas. Throughout our treatment everyone was so friendly and helpful and really put us at ease, making the experience of IVF much easier. A huge thank you to Vicky for her patience. We will tell the boys how amazing all of the staff at Manchester Fertility were in bringing them into this world.”

    Julie, Catherine, Alex and Thomas, June 2014
  • Catherine and Bex

    "We’ve done it! With your help of course, and we are hugely grateful. On 29th March we gave birth to Mia Rose and as you’ll see on the photo, she is gorgeous!!

    "Thank you so much for all your support and care throughout treatment. We found everyone at Manchester Fertility kind, helpful and supportive, and we would indeed recommend you to anyone. We hope to use your services again in the near future. Thanks again."

    Catherine and Bex, June 2014
  • Jane and Steven

    "IVF was our only option to conceive because of blocked fallopian tubes, and we chose Manchester Fertility after careful research. Everyone there was always helpful and professional – it never felt like a medical environment. We had some issues with hormone levels and finally had egg recovery. Just one egg fertilised….but this strong little egg developed into identical twins! Meadow and Kirsten were born in May 2004, six weeks early. Despite underdeveloped lungs at the time of their birth, they went from strength to strength, and we are proud to say they have since become incredible athletes, swimming for a club in Middleton. They have won medal after medal, both girls are the best in the North West and in the top 20 in the whole of Great Britain in freestyle, backstroke and butterfly. Our proudest moment was the County Championships, when Meadow ran alongside Kirsten encouraging her in her heat – she won gold. . We have always said they are good on their own but far better together! They are now competing in the Under 11’s English Schools Swimming Association National Relay event for Hulme Grammar, which they qualified for at just nine years old.

    "When people say that IVF is a roller coaster of emotion it’s an’s actually the biggest roller coaster in the world with enormous highs and painful lows and the realisation that you and your partner aren’t travelling in the same car despite being on the same track. We finished on an unimaginable high…and couldn’t have dreamed this would be the outcome. We just listened intently to the successes of fertility treatment and hoped it would happen to us. I hope our story of our strong, healthy girls goes some way to helping those buckling up for this bumpy ride. The process can be tough – but hope and support helped us through it."

    Jane and Steven, May 2014
  • Sarah, Lee & Harry

    “Dear Manchester Fertility…Thank you so much for making our dreams come true. We now have a beautiful baby boy and couldn’t have done it without your help! Hope your services continue to help others too.”

    Sarah, Lee & Harry, May 2014
  • Karl and Deborah Webster

    "We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the help and support we got from you. We finally have our princess Darcie."

    Karl and Deborah Webster, April 2014
  • “Just a wee note to say a huge thank you for all of your help in making me a mum at the grand age of 42!"

    Claire in Cheshire, April 2014
  • Shelley and Tony Plant

    "Our baby daughter Isla Rose was born on 12th March....she is the sweetest thing! We cannot thank you enough for making our dreams come true. The whole team is truly wonderful...we'd like to say a special thanks to Dr Polson who supported us through some very difficult times and guided us to this wonderful outcome. We will be forever grateful."

    Shelley and Tony Plant
  • "We cannot thank you all enough for your support, professionalism, knowledge and precision. The whole experience, both process and outcome, is one that we will cherish forever. We are now expecting identical twins on the first cycle of IUI. Very unexpected and very welcomed! We are both very happy and feel very lucky. We will keep you updated as things progress. Thanks again, both yourselves and the service has been truly amazing."

    Julia and Amanda, March 2014
  • Annabel

    "From the bottom of my heart, thank you all so much for helping me to become a Mummy. My beautiful boy, Edward James ('Ned'), came into the world Sept 2013 weighing a healthy 8lbs. He is such a happy, loveable boy and is adored by all the family. Dreams really do come true!"

    Annabel, February 2014
  • Louise and Chris, Manchester

    "We are delighted to tell you that our baby, Abi Rose Parkinson was born on Monday 6th January! Our story started when we had our son, naturally with no issues in 2010. We decided to have another child soon after but we struggled to conceive and we had 3 miscarriages, one after each other. We then had 3 ectopic pregnancies, resulting in losing both my fallopian tubes. We turned to Manchester Fertility to help us. Our consultant was Dr Polson and from the first appointment he made us feel informed but also full of hope. Once we started treatment everyone at the clinic was fantastic, particularly Sam who was so wonderful whilst I was doing my injections. We managed to get 11 eggs at collection, two fertilised and we had both eggs transferred. Only one egg took and the result was Abi Rose! After transfer I had quite severe OHSS and even then, the team and Dr Polson were amazing. If you are considering treatment, look no further than Manchester Fertility, they really do make dreams come true."

    Louise and Chris, Manchester
  • Nicola and Jonathan

    "Following our IVF treatment Sadie Jo was born on 7th Dec weighing a whopping 9lb 1lb. She is happy, healthy & beautiful. We would like to thank everyone at Manchester Fertility in helping us achieve our dreams, we are both head over heels in love with her! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

    Nicola and Jonathan, January 2014
  • "To all at Manchester Fertility...this time last year we were told that I couldn't have a baby. One year later you have made our dream a reality. Thank you for everything!"

    Lyndsey & David, December 2013
  • "Dear Dr Polson and the MF team...We really cannot put into words the gratitude we feel for helping to give us our much longed-for baby daughter Lottie Rose. Everytime we look at her we are reminded of the journey we have been on.She is bringing us so much joy each and every day.We were blessed to have received such amazing treatment from the whole team at Manchester Fertility."

    Mr & Mrs S Preston, December 2013
  • "Well our little boy is finally here! We can't thank you all enough for your incredible support throughout our journey to this point.Each and every member of staff we had the pleasure of meeting seemed to really care for us.Dr Peter in particular showed us incredible compassion and empathy when things didn't go as planned.We will always be grateful for the gift you have given us, and we are treasuring every moment."

    Manchester Fertility patients and now proud parents!, November 2013
  • "My dream came true! I gave birth to my beautiful son Theo James. This would not have been possible without all of you. This time last year I was starting IVF, wishing and hoping for the baby I now have. Thank you so much for making it possible, and making the journey a happy and memorable one."

    Happy Mummy to baby Theo, November 2013
  • Very happy parents!

    "We want to thank you all so much for your help and support. Without it we wouldn't have our precious little girl. I'm sure we'll see you in the future if we decide to try for a little brother or sister for her!"

    Very happy parents!, November 2013
  • Marie-Claire and Gavin, proud parents of newborn Milla Claire and her big sister Ava Mary

    "Milla Claire is now three months and I'm just getting around to sending you all a massive thank you for yet another beautiful miracle...we will never be able to thank you enough for our two girls, you all do such a wonderful job and have made our IVF experiences really positive ones!"

    Marie-Claire and Gavin, proud parents of newborn Milla Claire and her big sister Ava Mary, November 2013
  • "We originally came for blood tests to send to a clinic in Barcelona, but we liked the 'feel' of your place so much that we asked about egg donation and ended up staying two hours! Your lovely staff were so welcoming that we knew we had to have our treatment here. Alice organised our tests, she was the first person we saw, she was so friendly and welcoming. Next we saw Hayley who is equally lovely, she went out of her way to find out answers to our questions, taking the time to speak to us. Today we have seen your counsellors and discussed how we feel about our journey.Gabrielle was great and made us feel at ease completely, we were never offered counselling in the NHS and it has made such a difference to us....we know that our treatment here may or may not be successful, but we know we feel safe in your hands...and we have your support to cope with whatever the outcome. Thank you..."

    Gill & Chris, November 2013
  • Awen and Non

    "Thank you so much to all the staff who were so supportive during our treatment. We are delighted to announce the birth of our beautiful daughter Efa. Words cannot begin to describe our gratitude to you all. We look forward to seeing you all again soon, best wishes to the whole team!"

    Awen and Non, October 2013
  • "When Scott and I met 13 years ago, I knew we would have children together, but after we discovered I had Stage 5 Endometriosis our lives changed. Over the last five years there hasn't been a month go by without seeing a doctor. After so much heartache, two big operations and two failed IVF cycles, the sun came out the day we visited Manchester Fertility. We just knew everything was going to be ok. Every visit was a dream, we left each appointment with a smile - a smile that will now last eternity. You made our dreams come true, and we cannot express how grateful we are. They say it takes two to make a baby - but for us it was a team of superheroes!"

    Laura and Scott (newly pregnant following treatment), October 2013
  • Vicki & Liam, proud parents of baby Roma Mae

    "Thank you for all your help and support on our IVF journey, we look forward to seeing you in the future for baby number two!"

    Vicki & Liam, proud parents of baby Roma Mae, October 2013
  • Emily and Michael

    "We just wanted to write and thank you all so much for all you have done for us over the last 12 to 18 months, because we have welcomed our baby Jenson - 1st IVF attempt too. From all at reception who took my numerous phone calls, Sam the nurse who was amazing, kind and caring throughout the process and everyone else at the clinic. We cannot thank you enough."

    Emily and Michael, October 2013
  • Joe and Jacqui Knighton

    "The very first time we visited Manchester Fertility we were both blown away by the care, support and advice we were given. Always made to feel so totally normal as two females wanting a family, and so comfortable and welcome. We spent nine months in elation and disbelief, and when our little bundle of joy finally decided to come out, we have been living the dream! Frankie has come on loads, we have spent hours watching him and smiling, we are so lucky to have him. Words really cannot express our thanks, you are all very special and carry out your work in an extraordinary way."

    Joe and Jacqui Knighton, October 2013
  • Jessica & Chris Clarkin

    "My wife and I went through a treatment cycle at Manchester Fertility earlier this year (IVF w/ICSI). I'm delighted to tell you that our son, Elijah, was born today, weighing 7lbs 3 1/2oz. Mother and baby are both doing very well. I'd like to thank everyone at Manchester Fertility who was involved in our treatment, for their professionalism and skill in allowing my wife and I to start our family. Since we live outside of the UK, I was not able to be with my wife during the majority of the treatment, but you were all exemplary in keeping her fully informed and creating a stress-free environment. Thank you again."

    Jessica & Chris Clarkin, October 2013
  • "We have recently had our beautiful baby boy and would like to thank all the team of Manchester Fertility. Without your help this wouldn't have been possible. The whole experience was great and we always felt fully supported from the very start! You made a very stressful time a lot more manageable, and we would definitely be using you again."

    Gary, Angela and Alexander, September 2013
  • Lyndsey, Jane & Jake

    "Thank you so much for your help and support in giving us the most precious thing in life. Without you we would never of had our fabulous baby boy Archie. He is the most amazing little man. All the ups and downs, the process, the pregnancy, the birth, the last few months, the sleepless nights (the bags under the eyes!!), have all been worth it. You will never know how grateful we are. Thanks again and cant wait to see you again in a few years."

    Lyndsey, Jane & Jake, August 2013
  • "It is with great appreciation that I announce the 18th birthday of our daughter - Chaya. She along with her brother Levi were one of your first successes - and indeed with your help Chaya was the first frozen embryo to be taken in liquid nitrogen from your centre to Israel where we live. She was frozen with you for four years! I wish you lots more success and will be eternally grateful. Dr Brian Lieberman was our doctor at the time! Please send him our regards."

    Heather Schryber, August 2013
  • Sue & Stuart Clegg

    "Stuart and I are slightly older parents (41 and 47). We didn't meet until later in life and both wished for a family. Unfortunately we found out that both of us had problems - not major but enough to mean it may take a long time to get pregnant without help. I was too old to qualify for NHS treatment and so my doctor referred me to Dr Polson at Manchester Fertility. Thank goodness he did! Dr Polson was understanding and helpful and always willing to listen to our opinion with regard to all treatment. He guided us along the way, along with other staff at Manchester Fertility. After a while I had treatment for Endometriosis and then took fertility drugs. We got pregnant but sadly lost our baby which was hard but again the support we received from Manchester Fertility staff was brilliant - Sam, Sharon and Chris were always there when we needed them (among others).

    "We tried fertility drugs again but due to my age after 6 months we decided to go for IVF (ICSI). I found giving myself the injections really hard and needed Stuart with me whenever I had to do it - we were in this together though so he was fantastic. Again the Manchester Fertility staff totally understood and were so supportive. Especially when I was in and out every other day for blood tests to check my various levels whilst carrying out the treatment. There were a few times I ended up in tears but the staff where always there to help me through.

    "The day came for my eggs to be harvested and fertilised. Unfortunately there was a bit of a hiccup and a slight panic for all of us with regard to fertilisation. As usual the staff were amazing, Dr Polson was by our side quickly to help us out. The staff rallied round and froze my eggs (this was the first time they had had to do this) and rescheduled the rest of the treatment so that I wouldn't have to start all over again.

    "Just over a month later treatment commenced and two embryos were placed inside me. Amazingly one took and we now have our beautiful little miracle. She is the first baby from a frozen egg for Manchester Fertility so she is their little miracle too. Louisa Elizabeth was born on 30th December 2012 weighing 8lb 15oz. We thank God every day for our beautiful girl and we will never be able to thank the staff enough for all their support throughout treatment and afterwards.

    "If you are reading this and have doubts about anything to do with fertility, IVF etc talk to the Manchester Fertility staff. They won't push you in any way they will just be there for you to give you the information you need and support you however you need it.

    "Thank you all for our beautiful, wonderful miracle."

    Sue & Stuart Clegg, August 2013
  • Joanne & Laurence Evans, Shropshire

    "Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you so much for making our dream come true. Toby was born on 10th July 2012 tipping the scales at 11lb 6oz!! Toby was our last frozen embryo and we feel so blessed to have him. Without your help we would never have achieved our dream. Special thanks to Dr Kerecsenyi and both Sharon and Sam for all their support and advice through such an emotional time."

    Joanne & Laurence Evans, Shropshire, August 2013
  • Mr & Mrs G, Manchester

    "We are absolutely delighted with our daughter and I cannot thank Manchester Fertility enough for all their care and support throughout our treatment. We were looked after superbly by the nurses and staff and I wish to thank Vicky and Janet for keeping me smiling when things were getting tough. We still can't believe our miracle daughter is here (see main picture to the right). Would I do it again? In a heartbeat! Thanks for making our dream come true."

    Mr & Mrs G, Manchester, July 2013
  • Mary & Daniel George

    "We picked Manchester Fertility out of all the places we had researched because it seemed like the nicest one. We actually went along to an open evening and everything was explained in full detail and all questions answered. Manchester Fertility stood out because the staff seemed like such a nice close net of people and knowing some of the doctors were father and son made it very reassuring. Plus Manchester Fertility didn't have any hidden costs like most companies. The service we received was great and we wouldn't have changed anything. The team are the best set of people I've ever come across in any type of care setting - I'm in the healthcare industry myself, so it was very nice to see this.

    "The treatment we received was spot on. I took part in the egg sharing scheme and donated my eggs. I didn't realise I could do this but the clinic explained how it would work, which made me feel so special. Following a treatment of IVF, I became pregnant in April last year and in November we had our beautiful daughter, all thanks to Manchester Fertility! Throughout my pregnancy I kept Manchester Fertility informed via email, sending the team news, updates and even scan photos and I always got a very nice reply. I wouldn't hesitate to do it all again. Manchester Fertility really did care and the service they provided was only the very best. Thank you to everyone at the clinic!"

    Mary & Daniel George, July 2013
  • Kathryn Dixon-Potts

    "We would like to express our eternal gratitude to everyone involved in helping us have our gorgeous twin boys, Kieran and Dylan. Born 19/06/2012 weighing 4lb10oz and 5lb12oz they are truly beautiful. We feel so amazingly lucky. We have recommended Manchester Fertility to others who are now pregnant thanks to the amazing team there."

    Kathryn Dixon-Potts, July 2013
  • Mr & Mrs Howarth

    "We would like to say a massive thank you to all of the staff at Manchester Fertility for the guidance and support we received throughout our fertility treatment. We are delighted to introduce you to our gorgeous baby boy, Ethan, who was born in June 2012 following successful IUI treatment. You made our fertility journey extremely stress free and it was lovely to have friendly and caring staff with us through the ups and downs that come with fertility issues. You have helped to make our dreams come true and we will definitely be in touch if we decide to try for a little brother or sister for Ethan."

    Mr & Mrs Howarth, July 2013
  • Mr and Mrs S, Manchester

    "Here's a picture of our little scamps. The boys were delivered at 37weeks plus 6 days by elective caesarean. We are pleased as punch with them, they're absolutely perfect. Thank you so, so much for helping us!"

    Mr and Mrs S, Manchester, July 2013
  • Jennifer & Paul Whitworth, Somerset

    "Amos Theo Whitworth and Ivy Elizabeth Whitworth were born at Musgrove Park hospital, Somerset on 30th January 2013. They were six weeks early and delivered by c section as Ivy's placenta was starting to fail. Amos arrived first weighing 4lb 6oz followed two minutes later by Ivy weighing 3lb 1oz. After three weeks in SNU they were strong enough to come home. They are both doing really well and their big sister is very proud of them.

    "We can not thank you enough for making our dream complete, we are very blessed to have three children, which without your services we wouldn't have. I would like to thank all your staff, especially Sharon and Sam the nurses who over the last seven years have been very supported and helped us through the bad times. Now we are enjoying the good times.

    "We will always be very grateful to you."

    Jennifer & Paul Whitworth, Somerset, July 2013
  • Katherine Broadhurst & Martin Birmingham

    "To all at Manchester Fertility! George was born on 14th January, weighing in at a huge 9 Ibs 6 1/2 oz. Just want to thank you all for making our dream come true!"

    Katherine Broadhurst & Martin Birmingham, July 2013
  • "Just to let you know that after IVF treatment with you, our beautiful baby was born weighing 6lb 14! We will be eternally grateful to you for giving us our son! 'Thank you' doesn't cover our gratitude."

    A very happy Manchester family, March 2013
  • "I just wanted to thank you for all your help and support during my treatment. I will never forget the kindness you showed, it made such a difference. I've just had my 12 week scan and all is looking good. Thank you so much."

    Ms L, Manchester, February 2013
  • "Our baby boy is now 15 weeks and he is absolutely goreous. He is now sleeping 10 hours at night, whoopie!! We are both still looking at him in amazement and cannot stop kissing and hugging him. Every day is a joy.

    "Thank hyou so much for your help and support throughout our treatment. We will be forever grateful."

    Mr & Mrs W, Urmston, January 2013
  • "Thank you all so much for making our dream come true. Our daughter is absolutely perfect and not a day goes by where we dont thank our lucky stars for our little miracle.

    "Sending tons of love, thanks and hugs too."

    Mr & Mrs G, Leek, December 2012
  • "We are proud to announce the arrival of our beautiful and much longed for daughter. A big thank you for all of your help and support during our treatment. Our baby girl has made our family complete and we will cherish her always.

    "Once again, thank you."

    Tony & Emelye, Cumbria, November 2012
  • "We were recommended Manchester Fertility by a friend, did our research and the statistics spoke for themselves. We went to an open evening and found it so helpful, open and friendly. We were very impressed that Dr Brian Lieberman did the talk.

    "The Manchester Fertility team were very friendly and informative and the service I received was second-to-none. My consultant Dr Kerecsenyi was exceptional as were the embryologists who talked me through each transfer and spoke to me as an equal who understands! Sharon and Samantha are both exceptional nurses who are both incredibly friendly and supportive both during treatment and transfer. My last transfer was difficult and Sharon comforted me for the whole procedure talking me through it step-by-step.

    "In October 2011 we got our first ever positive pregnancy result and I'm now 17 weeks pregnant after using my last frozen embryo. The baby is due end of June 2012. I would definitely recommend Manchester Fertility and if we ever considered treatment again we would use them without hesitation. Miracles can and do happen!"

    Joanne & Laurence Evans, October 2012
  • "I wanted to thank you for the kindness and dignity shown during our treatments. Our world has been changed for the better, forever."

    Mrs C C, Manchester, September 2012
  • "Our beautiful baby girl is absolutely wonderful and has made the last few years worthwhile. Thank you for all your care and support provided over the years. We could not have made it through without you. You are a special team and we will be forever thankful to you. Advice to others - stay positive, it can happen when you least expect it.

    Thanks go to all of the team - to "The Boss" who still care deeply and it matters. To Dr David Polson, who transferred our bundle and was very compassionate with us. To the embryology team and all the nurses. Special thanks to Nurse Samantha Potts who supported a teary lady in the latter stages."

    Mr & Mrs B, Penwortham, Preston, September 2012
  • "We wanted to write to express our gratitude for your help in helping us conceive our daughter. You were all very empathetic and friendly, as well as being wholly professional throughout. Becoming parents has been a joy and exceeded our expectations".

    Mr & Mrs G, Belper, Derbyshire, June 2012
  • "We were third time lucky with the clinic and now have our three month old gorgeous daughter Jessica - the team were fab all the way through our journey. Thank you Manchester Fertility!"

    Jackie Brunton, June 2012
  • "Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to raise two beautiful little girls. Your work is truly amazing and we wish you further success in the future."

    Mr & Mrs M, Rochdale., June 2012
  • "As very proud parents of two beautiful children, we send our heartfelt thanks to everyone at Manchester Fertility for helping to make our family complete. We can honestly say that despite a number of disappointments, including poor response to treatment and unsuccessful cycles of IVF, we continued to feel positive about our experience at Manchester Fertility. Throughout we really appreciated your professionalism, enthusiasm, care and support. We never gave up hope and we were sure we were receiving the best care and treatment.

    "Although my pregnancy with our daughter was achieved with the involvement of a clinic in Spain, it was great to attend Manchester Fertility for the blood tests and scans, such a familiar and supportive environment which no doubt contributed to the successful pregnancy.

    "With all our thanks and very best wishes to everyone at Manchester Fertility. X"

    Mr & Mrs H, Cheshire, March 2012
  • "From the minute we walked into Manchester Fertility we felt comfortable, informed and at ease. I'm a firm believer in gut instinct and something was telling me that this was the place to have our treatment. The entire Manchester Fertility team were lovely and clearly experts in their field. They were very open and honest, telling us about the pros and cons and giving us hope without building false hope.

    "We have seen both sides of the coin, so to speak, with two successful and one unsuccessful attempt, so we are not looking at Manchester Fertility through rosy coloured spectacles but with great appreciation and respect for what they do. They have a real passion for their work and ooze compassion. We will be forever grateful to them for our beautiful son and daughter and we would without hesitation recommend them to friends."

    Sharon & John Hough, Rochdale, March 2012
  • "When comparing clinics, we liked Manchester Fertility because they were straight-talking and understood that we wanted to 'get on with it'. We had been trying to conceive for three years with no luck, so following various tests and treatment, I became pregnant and on the 4th March 2010 our beautiful Aurora Elizabeth - the 'light' in our lives - was born.

    "We obviously wanted a brother or sister for Aurora and believed our only hope would be IVF again. In August 2011, we rang Manchester Fertility to explore our options and they suggested a course of drugs to boost my AMH levels and two weeks later I became pregnant again. I'm now in my 17th week and due mid-July!

    "What can I say! Manchester Fertility are so good, you only have to visit and find out for yourselves. I was originally classed as having 'unexplained infertility' but that no longer is the case. All thanks to the care, support and expertise of the Manchester Fertility team. Never ever give up hope - miracles do happen and I would recommend Manchester Fertility without a second thought."

    Helen & Neil Sanderson Walker, Near Preston, February 2012
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