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Donor Egg IVF Refund Programme

Access Fertility’s new Donor Egg IVF Refund programme is the first in the UK to offer the reassurance of a refund to patients who need IVF with donor eggs, including older women who may need donor eggs because of age-related infertility.

Under the programme, if treatment fails after all included IVF donor egg cycles and associated embryo transfers have been completed, you receive a refund of up to 70% of the fees you’ve paid to Access Fertility for your treatment with us.

What you get

The Donor Egg IVF Refund programme includes:

  • Up to three cycles of IVF including ICSI for each fresh cycle, and transfer of all embryos (including frozen embryos in subsequent cycles)
  • All the fertility drugs you and your chosen donor need
  • A guarantee of six eggs per cycle for your treatment
  • Our EmbryoScope time-lapse technology ensuring we choose only the best embryos to transfer
  • EmbryoGlue – a special culture solution that helps your embryos ‘stick’ to your uterus after transfer
  • Freezing and one year’s storage for your embryos


To be eligible for the Donor Egg IVF Refund programme, you must be aged up to 48 and using donor eggs in your treatment. It is also subject to a medical review by the Access Fertility team, where they will review a report prepared by your Manchester Fertility consultant detailing your diagnosis and screening results.

Comparison costs

Substantial savings can be made (up to 40%) compared to having the same included treatment and benefits individually:

   Programme cost MF PAYG 
Donor Egg IVF Refund (all included cycles & benefits) £16,500   £26,310

Choosing your egg donor

If you wish to opt for the Access Fertility Donor Egg IVF Refund programme, you’ll be given a choice of Manchester Fertility egg donors to choose from. All of our egg donors are fully-screened, HFEA-registered, aged 18-35 to maximise egg quality and are fully identifiable to any children you have in future. You simply tell us what qualities you’re looking for in your ideal egg donor, and we can then match you with any donors we have that are suitable for you to choose from. You’ll be given detailed donor profiles to help you in your choice, including personalised messages from each donor, and as we get to know our donors very well, our dedicated egg recipient team can advise you also.

Benefits of Donor Egg IVF Refund

  • Up to three cycles of IVF with donor eggs paid for in advance
  • Choice of HFEA-registered, Manchester Fertility egg donors
  • Support of Manchester Fertility’s dedicated egg donor recipient team ensuring you can choose the right donor for you
  • Support from Manchester Fertility’s counselling team
  • ICSI fertilisation included
  • Six eggs per cycle guaranteed
  • Fixed, discounted treatment fees
  • Money-back reassurance if you don’t have a baby

Our partner Access Fertility offer payment options for IVF refund packages here at Manchester Fertility. You can find out more about payment plans, including monthly payment options, by contacting Access Fertility on 01865 80 1000 or visiting their website


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