Pre-paid plans FAQs

Pre-paid plans general FAQs

Who receives the money I pay for my chosen Access Fertility plan?

Manchester Fertility does not operate the plans, the money you pay for your package goes to Access Fertility, not to us. As the providing clinic, the only money we receive is from Access Fertility for your actual treatment.

Is there any difference to my treatment with Manchester Fertility if I choose an Access Fertility package?

No. Our treatment recommendations do not change. Your treatment is the same whether you choose an Access Fertility package or not. The Access Fertility package you choose does not dictate or influence the level of treatment you have, or the care you receive from our team. It is always the same no matter how you decide to fund your treatment.

How does Manchester Fertility benefit from offering Access Fertility packages?

We do not take any kind of ‘fee’ for referring patients to the Access Fertility service, or operate under any kind of commission. We chose to partner with Access Fertility because we remain truly independent in our treatment decisions and care of you. By using an independent company, the outcome of your treatment is not linked to the financial or commercial performance of our clinic. The only money we receive is for your IVF treatment itself. The benefit is that more people will get the opportunity to access treatment at Manchester Fertility and our patients will have more flexibility when it comes to choosing how to finance their treatment.

How do Access Fertility programmes compare to clinics that offer their own IVF packages?

IVF packages are becoming increasingly common now as more people turn to private infertility treatment. We chose to partner with Access Fertility as it allows us to remain completely impartial and transparent when offering you treatment.

Can medication costs be included to the Access Fertility refund plans?

Yes. Access fertility provide options to include medication costs to refund plans.

What happens if I have a baby after my first attempt?

If your IVF treatment is successful at first try and you have a baby, all fees paid are retained by Access Fertility. You do not receive any money back for IVF cycles you have not needed. You cannot reserve any ‘unused’ cycles within your package, for future use to extend your family, if you have a baby after your first attempt.

What happens if I have a baby but still have embryos left from my cycles within my Access Fertility package?

If you have a live birth any remaining frozen embryos can be used for future attempts but all associated costs must be paid by you.

What happens if I have a positive pregnancy test but then miscarry or don’t have a live birth?

Access Fertility measures treatment success as a live birth, not just a positive pregnancy test. So if you miscarry or your treatment does not result in a live birth, you are entitled to any treatment cycles remaining in your Access Fertility package.

If my first cycle within my package isn’t successful, when can I move onto my next cycle?

You will undergo a ‘fresh’ cycle of IVF using your embryos for your first cycle. Any remaining good embryos left from this first cycle are frozen and stored by us. If this first cycle is not successful, you will undergo a frozen embryo transfer using the embryos we have stored for you. You can only move onto the next fresh IVF cycle in your package once all frozen embryos have been transferred from your first cycle.

IVF Refund /Donor Eggs IVF Refund FAQs

Who decides if I am eligible for the IVF Refund/Donor Egg IVF Refund Plan?

Access Fertility has set the criteria and they decide if you are eligible for your chosen IVF Refund Plan. We do not make the decision whether you are accepted or not.

What does the medical review involve?

Your consultant at Manchester Fertility will prepare a report for Access Fertility which covers why you are having problems conceiving and your diagnosis. Access Fertility’s medical team will review this report to make decision as to whether you are eligible for your chosen plan.

Who refunds me under the IVF Refund/Donor Egg IVF Refund Plan?

Access Fertility pays you back the percentage outlined in your chosen plan, of your total plan price, if you do not have a baby through your treatment with us.

When do I become eligible for a refund?

If you have completed all the three treatment cycles included in your plan, and transferred all frozen embryos but have not had a live birth, your refund comes into effect.

What if I withdraw from the IVF Refund/Donor Egg IVF Refund Plan?

You are not obligated to complete all of the cycles in your programme. You can withdraw from the programme after transferring all remaining frozen embryos. If these do not result in a live birth you are entitled to a calculated refund of fees.

Is there a waiting list for Donor Eggs IVF Refund programme, because I need donor eggs?

We are able to provide you with a choice of donor profiles to allow you to start treatment as soon as possible; they are all UK based and are donating purely to help someone else to have a baby.

Under the Donor Eggs IVF Refund programme, does my chosen egg donor get told anything about me?

No, your donor isn’t given any information about you, why you need donor eggs or your circumstances. Egg donation is anonymous between donor and recipient. Any children you have using eggs from your donor can apply to the HFEA when they turn 18 for more information about the donor you chose, including details that makes the donor identifiable. All of our egg donors agree to this when they apply to be a donor with us in accordance to the law surrounding egg donation, which was changed in 2005 to give donor-conceived people more rights.

If my treatment is initially unsuccessful, will there be eggs available from my chosen donor for subsequent cycles?

We cannot recommend the same donor for subsequent cycles, however we have a wide choice of egg donors available so you will be able to find the right donor for you.

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