Rosie Tadman - Fertility Nutritionist

Rosie Tadman

Fertility Nutritionist – DipCNM BANT CNHC(Reg)

Rosie Tadman

Nutrition and health expert Rosie Tadman consults with our patients who would like to improve their health and prepare their body for treatment and pregnancy through natural diet.

A nutritional therapist who studied at London's College of Natural Medicine, she supports both men and women who want to improve their fertility health and prepare their body before IVF treatment, during IVF treatment, during pregnancy and beyond.

Rosie understands the impact diet and lifestyle has on those hoping to conceive. She is able to advise and recommend positive changes that can be made to help ensure your health and wellbeing is at its most optimum at every stage of your treatment.

She holds regular ‘Stress and Nutrition for Fertility’ Workshops at our clinic and is available for private one-to-one nutritional consultations.

Rosie says: “I’m here to help patients who want to improve their physical health and general wellbeing so they are prepared for their treatment journey and all it entails. ‘I love my job! I have the responsibility of working with individuals during times where they often feel at their most vulnerable and supporting them to optimise their health is a real privilege.