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Larissa Silva - New Patient Coordinator

Larissa Silva

New Patient Coordinator

Larissa Silva

Larissa joined Manchester Fertility in February 2021 as a New Patient Coordinator in the New Patient Co-ordinator Team.

As a New Patient Coordinator, Larissa provides patient support from the very beginning and helps provide our patients with all the information they may need to get started on their fertility journey.

Larissa says: “Working at Manchester Fertility, for me, is not only what I do for a living, but it is also a source of motivation and inspiration which makes me a better person every day. Other than only advising and guiding patients through their stories and everything they go through on their journey, I am the one who learns about resilience, consistency, hope, and persistence from them. It is amazing being able to help one accomplish their biggest dream of having a family and looking at the baby pictures at the end of the process is priceless.”