Georgina Bartl - Clinical Embryologist

Georgina Bartl

Clinical Embryologist

Georgina Bartl

Georgie joined the Manchester Fertility team in 2023 as a Clinical Embryologist, bringing her expertise honed in dynamic working environments both within the NHS and private settings to our purpose-built laboratory.

With a vested interest in improving the fertility journey for our patients, Georgie hopes to identify key areas for marginal improvement gains and innovation within the laboratory to provide a gold standard of care to our patients.

Georgie underwent her training at St Mary’s Hospital in Manchester, completing her postgraduate certificate in Reproductive and Developmental Biology at Imperial College, London.

In addition to mentoring students through the University of Bristol, of which she is also a graduate, Georgie also shows commitment and passion in training the next generation of reproductive scientists and is an assessor for the National School of Healthcare Science (NSHCS) for state registration.

Georgie says

It is a real privilege to be a part of our patient’s journey, and just playing a small part in supporting you through that process makes my job so incredibly rewarding. I love keeping abreast of cutting-edge developments in our ever-evolving field and implementing these modern technologies into the laboratory to provide the best clinical outcomes for our patients.