LGBT Families: Treatment with Donor Eggs for Same-Sex Couples & Single Women

30th August 2017 in Treatments

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices, prices or regulations.

Do you need an egg donor and a sperm donor to conceive? Many same-sex couples and single lesbian women find themselves needing ‘double donors’ to have their families, for a number of reasons. 

You may use both a sperm donor and an egg donor in your fertility treatment because: 

  • You’re an older woman who wants to try for a baby – you may be advised donor eggs give you a better chance of pregnancy, especially if you’re aged 44 and above. You can treatment with us up to the age of 50. 
  • You may wish to have Reciprocal or Partner IVF – which is when your partner effectively ‘donates’ her eggs to you and you carry the baby and give birth. 
  • You may have fertility issues, such as premature menopause or premature ovarian failure. 
  • You may have genetic or hereditary issues in your family on the maternal side, which you don’t want to risk passing onto a child.

At Manchester Fertility, we’re one of the few fertility clinics in the UK that can help you conceive with the help of double donation.

We have no waiting list for our identifiable and traceable UK sperm and egg donors, so you can start planning for your family. You can choose from fresh or frozen donor eggs from our egg donor bank, giving you a cost-effective way to achieve pregnancy.

Fertility treatment using both Manchester Fertility sperm and egg donors

If you’re in a same-sex partnership, you’ll need to decide which of you will carry the baby and give birth. Eggs from your chosen donor will be fertilised, using sperm from the donor you’ve also chosen.

We’ll help your body to prepare to receive the resulting embryo, using fertility medication to thicken the lining of your womb, ready for pregnancy. The best quality embryo will be transferred at the optimum time, and you’ll be able to take a pregnancy test around two weeks later. Any remaining embryos can be frozen by us for future use to grow your family.

Fertility treatment using you partner’s eggs: Reciprocal IVF

When you have Reciprocal or Partner IVF, one of you undergoes IVF with donor sperm whilst the other has the embryo transfer, carries the baby and gives birth. It allows both of you to be physically involved in fertility treatment, and the creation of your family.

If you’re willing to donate eggs not just to your partner but also to our donor programme to help other women conceive, you can egg-share and receive your IVF with donor sperm at a heavily reduced cost.

Choosing your sperm and egg donors

Using double donation means you can specify what you’d like both your egg and sperm donors to look like. Many women like to choose an egg donor who looks like them, but you don’t have to.

You may want the egg donor to look like you, and the sperm donor to have specific physical and personality traits. Whoever your ‘ideal donor’ is, we’ll have the match for you. Our successful sperm and egg donor banks offer an extensive range of donors from all walks of life, professions, personalities and ethnicities.

Our dedicated Donation Team will support you in your choices. We get to know all our donors well, so we can give you unique insight when choosing your donors. All our donors write detailed profiles so you can learn about them, including a goodwill message.

Our egg donors are all healthy, fertile women aged 18-35 and our sperm donors are men aged 18-41 tested for the highest quality sperm to maximise your chances of pregnancy. All our donors are traceable and identifiable to any children you have, and have had implications counselling.

Funding treatment with donor eggs & sperm

In addition to traditional funding methods, we also offer the UK’s first IVF with donor eggs refund plan, which gives you up to three cycles of treatment with donor eggs with a money-back guarantee. Although donor sperm isn’t included in the cost of the plan, you can pay any additional fees to include it and still benefit from a refund if treatment is unsuccessful.

Start your family with the help of sperm and egg donation

Speak to our friendly dedicated Donation Team to start your journey to a family today on 0161 300 2737 or self-refer here, you don’t need a GP referral.

We specialise in helping same-sex couples and lesbian women to conceive through tailored fertility treatments - learn more about the women we’ve helped on our testimonials page.



Last updated: 29th August 2017