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Guide for Older Women

Guide for Older WomenReady for children but worried you’ve left it too late? At Manchester Fertility we can help you. Over the past 30 years we’ve treated many women age 37 and older who wish to have a family, and have consistent success rates in helping women just like you to have a child.

If using donor eggs is the best option for you, we’re one of the few clinics in the UK to recruit our own egg donors. This means we can offer you immediate treatment using donor eggs with no waiting list. All of our egg donors are from the UK, meet strict HFEA criteria to be accepted as an egg donor and are fully traceable for your child.

You can be assured that we’ll be completely open, honest and realistic with you about which of our treatments offer you the best chance of success. We will only ever recommend treatment which suits your needs, with complete transparency of costs at all times.

Treatment options include:


IVF is where your eggs are retrieved and fertilised in a laboratory with semen from your partner or a sperm donor. We do offer IVF for women up to the age of 50, however it’s important to realise that success rates are generally poor in women once they reach early 40s and upwards simply because of egg quality. Over the age of 44 we would strongly recommend the use of donor eggs.

IVF with donor eggs

If you decide to have treatment using donor eggs, you’ll be given a choice of fresh or frozen egg donors, along with detailed donor profiles, and the full support of our donation team to help you choose the right donor for you. Donor eggs can be fertilised with either your partner’s sperm, or donor sperm.


IUI treatment is when the sperm is inserted directly into the uterus.  IUI puts the sperm closer to your egg in the hope that fertilisation occurs. IUI can be used in conjunction with fertility drugs to boost the number of eggs produced.


Eggs and sperm are collected in exactly the same way as in IVF, but instead of the sperm being mixed with the egg, one single sperm of the best quality is selected, and this is then injected directly into the egg to achieve fertilisation. ICSI can help if you’ve had previously failed fertilisation with IVF or a very poor number fertilised.

Induction of ovulation/ovarian stimulation

This treatment involves stimulating your ovaries to produce an egg. This technique is used if you are failing to ovulate, but you have normal fallopian tubes and your partner’s sperm is normal.

For more details of our treatments, call us on 0161 300 2730 or book an informal, free 'one-to-one' with our Patient Advisors. You’ll find we’re more than welcoming and they give you a chance to come and tour our clinic and meet us informally. 

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