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Egg Sharing

Egg Sharing

Many women who suffer from fertility problems have a generous desire and empathy to help others who are going through a similar experience in any way they can, including by donating eggs.

This is called egg-sharing. Egg-sharing is when you have IVF and donate some of your eggs – usually half of the eggs collected - as part of your treatment cycle, to help other infertile women to conceive.

But you don’t receive the £750 compensation for egg donation to cover time and expenses. Instead, as you’re having IVF and attending our clinic anyway, your private IVF cycle with us is offered at a reduced rate of £1,000.

Egg-sharing has proven to be a very successful scheme at Manchester Fertility, helping women who need donor eggs and those who need IVF to successfully conceive.

Egg-sharing at Manchester Fertility: What your treatment includes

As an egg-sharer with Manchester Fertility, your egg-sharing package is one of the most comprehensive available to maximise your chances of pregnancy success.

We include treatment such as Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) if it's needed, Blastocyst culture and EmbryoGlue within the cost of your subsidised cycle. 

As an egg-sharer, your private IVF cycle with us includes: 

  • All required drugs
  • Egg collection procedure
  • Preparation of sperm and insemination of your eggs including ICSI 
  • Embryo culture including Blastocyst
  • Embryo transfer using EmbryoGlue, to help your embryo adhere to your uterus after transfer
  • Pregnancy scan or follow-up consultation

Egg-sharing criteria

If you wish to egg-share, the same rules apply as if you didn’t need IVF and just wanted to donate eggs. You must be between the ages of 18 and 35, and you'll need to fulfil other criteria relating to your medical history. Take a look at the full details of egg-sharing criteria in our Guide for Egg-Sharing.

Egg-sharing to your partner: Partner/Reciprocal IVF or 'shared motherhood'

If you're in a same-sex relationship you can choose to egg-share to your partner as well as our egg donor programme. It's a popular choice for same-sex couples as it allows both of you to be physically involved in the creation and birth of your baby. 

Egg-sharing and IVF: A serious decision

If you’re considering egg-sharing, remember that this means becoming an egg donor, and all that this entails. It has very serious implications now and in the future, including the potential of future contact from a donor-conceived child. And because of this not every woman will want to – or should - egg-share.

Donating eggs is not a decision that should ever be taken lightly, or solely as a means to get reduced-rate IVF, because of its implications, which will be fully explained to you.

Egg donor counselling: Ensuring confident and happy egg sharers

All women who egg-share are given counselling, where we’ll discuss the consequences of egg donation. These sessions happen very early in the egg-sharing process, and cover many issues you may not even have considered.

These include factors unique to egg-sharers – such as how you may feel and cope if you don’t get pregnant but your recipient does – and wider issues of egg donation including its impact on existing family members and potential future contact from donor-conceived children.

The goal of the counselling sessions is to ensure that you’re confident in your decision, and that only women who are completely happy to donate eggs as part of their IVF cycle are progressed as egg-sharers.

Egg-Sharing & Freezing – delaying your IVF cycle

Want to egg-share but not ready to go through IVF yet? You can opt to freeze your share of your eggs.

An egg-sharing and freezing cycle costs £1,000. It includes all pre-treatment scans, drugs, the egg collection procedure and freezing for up to one year. You can choose to store your eggs with us for up to 10 years.

When you’re ready for treatment, your eggs will be thawed and fertilised with either your partner’s sperm, or a donor’s, through ICSI. There will be additional costs for this treatment – see our Prices for full details of costs and what’s included. 

Success rates using thawed eggs depends on many different factors, including your age at the time of egg collection, how many eggs you have and their quality. We’ll be able to advise you whether freezing your share of your eggs is an option for you.

Read more about egg-freezing and the methods we use to preserve your eggs.

Egg-sharing facts 

  • You will be entitled to find out if any children have been born as a result of your donation, including the number of children, whether they are boys or girls and the year of their birth.
  • Your donation is anonymous – you will never meet the women you are donating to.
  • Any children born through your egg donation have the right to apply for identifying information about you when they turn 18 years old, if they wish to know who you are. This is so donor-conceived people have the chance to learn about their genetic origins.
  • You will receive full counselling from our team of trained counsellors at Manchester Fertility, who will discuss with you the full implications of being an egg donor.

You can visit our dedicated Manchester Donors egg donor website where you’ll find full details about egg donation and its implications, including FAQs.

If you’re interested in becoming an egg-sharer, please complete this short egg sharing application form.

Or if you have any questions, our dedicated Donation Team can help on 0161 300 2734.

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