Egg sharing program

Egg sharing program

Egg sharing may be an option if you are looking to reduce the costs of IVF, as well as help other couples struggling to start their families.

Egg Sharing

At Manchester Fertility, we offer several funding options to help make IVF more affordable for you; one of these options is egg sharing.

If you choose to share your eggs, this will help lower the cost of your IVF treatment and, at the same time, help another patient achieve their dream of starting a family.

Egg sharing explained

In an egg sharing cycle, half of the eggs that are collected will be donated to a patient who needs donor eggs to conceive. The other half of the eggs will be used by you in your IVF cycle.

Egg sharing is an option if you want to reduce your IVF costs as your IVF cycle will be discounted making treatment more affordable for you. It’s a way for us to say thank you and enables you to help others start a family.

How can I become an egg sharer?

If you do decide that egg sharing is for you there are a number of things that we need to discuss with you so we know that you meet the required criteria. We will ask you to complete a medical questionnaire that will be reviewed before we make any appointments for you to come to the clinic. We need to know things like your age, your bmi and your family medical history.

  • Are you aged 35 and under?
  • Do you have a healthy BMI of between 19-29?
  • Is there any family history of inheritable disease?
  • Are you a non-smoker for at least 3 months?
  • Have you had any failed IVF attempts or a poor response to ovarian stimulation?
  • And are you able to share knowledge about your medical history and that of your immediate family - children, siblings, parents, and grandparents?

We understand that there is lot to think about before you decide to share your eggs.  That’s why we have a dedicated Donation Team who will be able to answer any questions you may have about this type of treatment. Our experienced Donation Team will give you all of the information that you’ll need, so you can determine if this treatment is the right choice for you; whilst providing support and guidance too.

If you are choosing to donate eggs to your partner and no one else, some of the criteria will not apply.

Intra-partner egg-sharing

Intra-partner egg-sharing can be a powerful, shared experience for same-sex couples.

Also known as shared motherhood, partner IVF gives both partners a vital role to play in the conception and birth of their baby. One partner will provide the eggs, which are fertilised using donor sperm and the other partner has an embryo replaced and carries the pregnancy.

Our egg donor programme has developed an excellent reputation with partner egg sharing for same-sex couples, and we have helped many couples to achieve their dream of parenthood.

What is the egg sharing process?

Egg sharing follows the same steps as a standard IVF treatment, but some of the eggs collected during the cycle will go to help another patient in their IVF cycle.

Why choose us?

Manchester Fertility is one of the first and most experienced fertility clinics in the UK, creating families for over 30 years. Our specialist team will provide you with expert care and essential one-on-one support throughout your journey.

We focus on achieving pregnancy for both our egg sharers and donor egg recipients, using the most advanced fertility and IVF techniques. You can see our latest IVF success rates here.

What our patients say

How much does an egg sharing IVF cycle cost?

As you have so kindly chosen to share your eggs, in return, your IVF treatment is provided at a reduced cost of £1,000*, plus £395 for a consultation and all the necessary pre-treatment tests.

Your IVF cycle will include:

  • All of the fertility medications that you will need for your cycle of treatment
  • A planned cycle which is tailored for you by your consultant
  • An appointment with a member of our nursing team who will teach you how to administer your medication
  • Blood tests & monitoring scans that are required during your treatment cycle
  • Ultrasound-guided egg collection and sedation
  • Sperm preparation and insemination of eggs including ICSI
  • EmbryoScope time-lapse embryo selection
  • Embryo transfer using EmbryoGlue
  • Pregnancy scan or follow-up consultation
  • HFEA licence fee

If you wish to egg share and then freeze your eggs for IVF treatment at a later date, your IVF cycle includes:

  • Fertility medications
  • Cycle planning 
  • Injection teaching
  • Blood tests and monitoring scans
  • Ultrasound-guided egg collection and sedation
  • Freezing of your eggs using the latest ‘fast-freeze’ vitrification method
  • One year’s storage of your eggs at our clinic
  • HFEA licence fee

* You will be given a full breakdown of costs at your consultation.

We’re here to support you

We have a team of specialist counsellors that provide help and support through every step of the egg sharing process.

Counselling is particularly important when it comes to egg sharing, as there are important issues to consider. Such as ‘what will children born as a result of my donation know about me’ and ‘what will the recipients of my eggs know about me?’. It’s also common for people becoming egg sharers to consider the number of eggs that must be collected to be able to egg share.

Fertility treatment can be emotionally challenging, but it can become more complicated if, for example, the woman who receives your donor egg gets pregnant, and you don’t.

There’s also a chance that any child or children conceived with your donation will try to contact you when they turn 18. Although you will not have the opportunity to meet or interact with the woman who receives your donated eggs, we will be able to tell you if a baby boy or girl was born from your donation.

Choosing to share your eggs is a serious decision. This is why we have an experienced team to give you all of the information you need when you are considering this treatment, from the advice to the support you need at every stage.

What are our IVF success rates?

The results in the graph below show our IVF success rates for couples using their eggs who reached embryo transfer in 2018.

At Manchester Fertility, we treat a wide range of patients, including those with complex fertility issues, where the chances of success are typically lower. Our results are consistent with HFEA national data thanks to our personalised, patient-focused approach to IVF.

To see more of our results data, which has been verified by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, please visit the HFEA website.

Clinical pregnancy rate for IVF & ICSI by embryo transfer


Under 35
Pregnancy Rate (%)
Age Range

What if I’m not ready for IVF just yet?

If you aren’t ready yet but know that you want to pursue IVF treatment in the future, you can freeze your share of the eggs.

An egg sharing and freezing cycle cost £1,500, which includes pre-treatment scans, medication, egg collection, and freezing for up to one year. You can choose to store your eggs for up to 10 years.

When you are ready for treatment, your eggs will be thawed and fertilised. For more information about egg freezing costs and success rates, speak to a member of our expert team.

Egg sharing FAQs

How will my eggs be shared?

Your eggs are shared equally – however if an odd number of eggs are collected, then this extra egg will go to you.

Is there a minimum number of eggs I need?

We always want to give you the best chance of success and so that we can do this we need to collect a minimum of twelve eggs.

If I’m egg sharing, why do I need counselling?

Counselling is already included in IVF treatment, but when you egg share as part of your cycle, it is mandatory as you are choosing to be an egg donor too.

We will discuss all the implications that you need to think about, including the fact that you are identifiable to any children born once they reach the age of 18.

What if I don’t have a partner when I want to use eggs from my egg sharing freezing cycle?

You can choose to use donor sperm to fertilise your frozen eggs if you don’t have a partner. We don’t have a waiting list for donor sperm and can offer you a choice of UK sperm donors from our own Semovo Sperm bank, to help you begin your family when you are ready.

Can I find out if someone who has used my eggs has had a baby?

Yes, as you are an egg donor through egg sharing, you have the right to find out if a baby has been born from your eggs, the year of birth, and its gender.

What next?

We understand there’s lots to think about if you’re considering treatment. If you would like to find out more, you can start by contacting our Donor Team on 0161 300 2730.They are here to get you started with all the advice, support and information you need to decide if egg sharing is right for you.

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