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Our Donor Sperm and Egg Bank

We are one of the only private fertility clinics in the UK to have our own dedicated sperm and egg donor banks, giving you exclusive access to a wide range of UK donors and the highest quality donor sperm and donor eggs to maximise your chances of success.

You can start treatment immediately if you need to use donor sperm or eggs to have your baby, we have donor eggs and sperm ready for you now with no waiting list.

All of our donors have been screened to the strictest HFEA standards and have detailed donor profiles including personal messages to any child you have, so you can choose the right donor for you supported by the knowledge and insight of our dedicated donation team.

All of our donors are fully identifiable to any child you have, so if your child wishes to, they can apply to the HFEA to find out about their donor once they turn 18.

About our sperm donors

Men donate sperm to us through our new, nationwide Semovo sperm donor programme. Extending across the UK, our Semovo donation clinics in Leeds, Liverpool and here at Manchester Fertility (London, Birmingham and Glasgow Semovo clinics are opening soon) give you an even wider choice of sperm donors to choose from. All of our sperm donors are healthy, fertile men aged 18-41.

About our egg donors

Women become egg donors with us through our dedicated Manchester Donors egg donation programme. Our egg donors are either women who need IVF themselves and are donating through egg-sharing, or are women who altruistically just want to help someone to have a family. All of our egg donors are healthy, fertile women aged 18-35.

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Without all of you and our generous donor, none of this would have been possible.

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