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Looking for UK Donor Sperm?

At Manchester Fertility we have no waiting list for UK donor sperm.

We can help you have a baby now using safe, health-screened donor sperm from our own sperm donor bank. 

We have the widest choice of identifiable and traceable UK sperm donors, from professional executives and paramedics to students and men who are already fathers and want to help others too.

By finding your sperm donor through our licensed sperm bank, you avoid the considerable risks of donor sperm supplied from unregulated and unlicensed sources. 

About our sperm donors

Men donate to us through our Semovo sperm donor bank, through our donation locations across the UK. All our donors: 

  • Are young, healthy, fertile men age 18-41, proven to have exceptional quality sperm to maximise your chances of pregnancy.
  • Have had a detailed sperm analysis. We test our donor sperm for sperm mobility, shape and sperm count, in addition to antisperm antibodies. Only men with the best sperm are accepted.
  • Complete highly detailed sperm donor profiles.
  • Are HFEA registered.
  • Are identifiable to the child you have in future, if your child wants to know who their sperm donor is.
  • Have no parental or legal rights over any children born. 

Choosing your perfect sperm donor

Choosing your sperm donor is a highly personal decision. You may wish him to look like your partner if you’re using donor sperm due to male infertility. If you're single or in a same-sex relationship, you may already have a preference of ideal physical characteristics.

Simply tell us what you're looking for and we will match you with any donors that fit. We'll provide detailed sperm donor profiles to help you choose, which include a personal goodwill message and a pen portrait written by the donor describing who they are, their hobbies or interests and why they decided to donate sperm. 

Donor screening and counselling

All of our sperm donors have passed the strict HFEA screening needed to be a donor, so you can be sure your chosen donor’s sperm is safe for you to use in treatment. All of our sperm donors have received counselling support from our expert team of counsellors, so they are aware of the implications of donating including the fact that they are identifiable to any child you have in future.

Get started

If you’re interested in treatment with donor sperm, call our friendly team of Patient Advisors on 0161 300 2730 who can discuss your options with you.

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