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Our Dedicated Donation Team

If you’re donating eggs or sperm with us, or need to use donor sperm or use donor eggs in your treatment, you’ll be under the personal care of our dedicated Donation Team.

This special team of clinic staff provides essential one-on-one support to our patients and donors. So you always have someone to speak to at any time, who knows you and your journey.

Personal support if you're using donor eggs or donor sperm

Our Donation Team understands the unique needs and circumstances of those who need to use donor eggs or donor sperm. They get to know you and your partner well so they can give you the support you each need, ensuring you always both feel included and informed at all times. 

Our Donor Programme Assistants co-ordinate everything to do with your treatment – from consultation appointments, screening and counselling to helping you find your perfect egg donor or sperm donor from our own donor programmes. Our team also gives you advice on how to prepare for your treatment – such as making any lifestyle changes if your BMI is high – and tell you what to expect at your appointments.

Personal support for egg and sperm donors 

Our Donation Team also ensures we offer consistently high standards of personal care for our sperm and egg donors. You’ll only ever be treated with dignity, respect and sensitivity, with your wellbeing in mind at all times.

Our passion for donor care is why we were the first clinic in the UK to be awarded Centre of Excellence status by the National Gamete Donation Trust, in recognition of our ‘gold standard’ of support at every stage for the very special people who donate to us.

If you have any questions, you can email our donation team directly: or call 0161 300 2734.

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We would like to thank everyone at Manchester Fertility for helping us make our family complete.

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