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Hello, I am almost 43, and would like to know if I should try to conceive via IUI or IVF? I already have 2 children, both conceived naturally and within 2 months of trying. My youngest child was conceived when I was 41. Does this mean that IUI success is possible even at my age now? Thank you.

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Query re Serum FSH and LH Levels

Do Serum FSH levels of 19.6 u/L and Serum LH level of 18.4 u/L in October 2016 and Serum FSH level of 56.8 u/L and Serum LH level of 27.7 u/L in December 2017 indicate that the menopause has taken place and that fertility treatment could not occur? If so was this the case in October 2016? I am a healthy 41 year old lady who would have liked to have frozen eggs.
Thanks very much

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Why no ivf for the over 50 in the U.K.

Hiya my husband is younger than me. I was told by my doctor the cutoff was 46 for ivf treatment so did not follow up on it as it was to late for us. But have been told by a clinic it was 49. I have not had a children yet but would have liked one but no one will consider ivf with donor eggs as I'm 50 why is this the case. If I wanted funding for the treatment I understand that there should be a cutoff but as I would fund this ourselfs why can I not be considered

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Is Modified Natural Cycle IVF or Mild Stimulation IVF the best for DOR

I am almost 42 years old and I'm still ovulating. My AMH is 3.2 pmol/L, my AFC done on day 14 of my cycle is 8, my day 3 FSH is 6 IU/L (estradiol not measured). I also have an intramural submucous fibroid on the top of my uterus which I need to have removed.  I was advised to do Modified Natural Cycle IVF or Mild Stimulation IVF because at my age egg quality is a concern? Do you agree or would you advise conventional IVF? With my DOR time is an issue (I wanted to roll the dice with an IUI ), but am I right in not trying to get pregnant until I've had my fibroid removed because it poses a threat to any potential baby? Thank you very much.

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Premature Ovarian Failure (POF)

Hi, it just turned out I have POF according to the doctor. FSH above 100, the ultrasound scanning showed my ovaries are in normal condition, I'm still waiting for the result of AMH. Can I get a more precise result how many eggs do I have left- if there are any- by an Antral Follicle count test? I'm on HRT at the moment Eleste Duet 2mg. My gynaecologist said I have only 5-10% chance to get pregnant naturally, better if I use donor eggs. That's the reality? There is no hope for me?Thank you for your advice.

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IVF at 44

I am 44
I would like to do ivf using donor sperm and eggs as I am not sure I still got viable eggs
I am also a diabetic
What are my chances at ivf with success

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41 with blocked tubes

Hi I am 41 yrs old both my tubes are blocked with fluid, I was told 3 years ago I would need them removed before Ivf which put me off going ahead, I then fell pregnant naturally but miscarried. Would I be able to have ivf without tube removal? And what are my chances? Many thanks sarah

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I don't want donor eggs

Do you do ivf to ladies 44years old using their own eggs?

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