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IVF - transfer day

We will be attending for tests and to meet the consultant in a few weeks time.
I have a question please if you can help. Do you have a policy or restrictions on numbers of embryos that can be transferred? Is the choice our own? Thank you

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Embryo transfer

Would a two day transfer develop more slowly than a five day egg as in respect of what you could see on the 7 week scan

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Advice- Keeping trying naturally or will we need ICSI???

We saw our GP yesterday to discuss my husbands sperm analysis. 1st = 0% morphology, 2nd- 1.5%. I have also had blood tests which have all come back normal. The doctor has printed out all of our results for all fertility tests and suggests we see a consultant to discuss our chances of falling pregnant naturally (ideal scenario) or if we will need some medical help eg. ICSI. What do you think the chances of falling pregnant naturally?

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31 low AMH

I'm in a female same sex couple. Had a previous AMH result of 3.4. I have regular periods and no other health problems. I know IUI wouldn't be recommended in my case but what are my chances of a successful IVF cycle? And would you recommend I do a Natural IVF cycle?

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Sperm cryopreservation for someone with very low semen volume

Is there a minimum volume of semen that the lab needs to be able to analyse and freeze my sperm?

My partner has low ejaculate volume due to testosterone deficiency. He's ejaculating less than half a ml. The doctors want him to go on testosterone replacement because the deficiency is affecting him quite badly, so we are hoping to get back up sperm freezing because we know that TRT can cause decline in sperm production. But since he's not producing much at all, we are worried that the lab won't be able to analyse or freeze his sample because there won't be enough of it?

Thanks in advance for any insight or reassurance you can give us. He's not had a semen analysis so we don't know what his count is like right now.

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Our options

My partner has had a vasectomy 20 years ago and is 20 years older than me at 51 now. As far as I know there aren’t any reasons why I’m unable to have children personally but then again I’ve never tried. I wondered what our best option is, could we get sperm aspiration and then insemination or would we have to go down extraction and then fill IVF? Thanks

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Zika virus

I'm thinking about holidays while we are on a break from treatment. Which countries should you avoid due to the zika virus? Also if you did travel to these countries how does this effect your treatment?
Many thanks

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What treatment is better for me?

I have been looking through your treatments and was wondering what the the best one for me would be. I have polycystic ovaries and my partner has a low sperm count. We have conceived naturally in the past so were looking at the IUI with clomid. Do you think this would be the best treatment for us? I am just looking for information at this point.
Thank you

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