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Sperm Donation Questions

Upper age limit

I am 47 years old and have not yet started the menopause but I am interested in looking at sperm donation. I’ve looked at your packages which have an upper age of 44 for sperm donation and wondered if this would be extended to slight older ladies? Or would the treatment available to my age group be that of egg and sperm donations.?

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IUI package

Hi there, i am a 23 year old female soon to be 24, who has been trying to get pregant via a sperm donor for 1 year now. However i am looking into your iui package. For this can a credit card be used? or does it have to be paid in full via debit card?. Only because i dont have £3,000 saved as yet. I have a good job as a pre school teacher so will be able to afford it and pay off the credit card bill :). Many thanks.

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IUI at home

Is it possIble to iui at home? Where can we get a sperm donation from?

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Sperm storage

My wife and I have a son through a known donor. We did the insemination at home last time with fresh sperm. Our donor has now moved to Sweden so we are considering our options in terms of sperm storage so we can try for another child. Is that something that you do?
Kind regards,

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Sperm donors

Hi, I am a white and my boyfriend is Pakistani, we are planning on having DI. Do you have Pakistani donors?

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Hi, would IVF or IUI be the best option for me? I have a low amh 6.4 and high fsh 13 and also hypothyroidism so take 50mcg levothyroxine.

I Am 28 and need donor sperm.

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Mixed race donor

Hi, my partner is mixed race (Caribbean/Irish), do you have mixed race sperm donors?

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Low Amh

Hi, can you tell me whether IUI donor sperm would work for me with a low egg reserve 6.4 pmol! I'm 27 thank you.

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