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Egg Donation Questions


I was looking to donate some of my eggs however i have the coil in at the moment and was worndering if that would effect the eggs and wether or not i would be able to donate or not. Also would i be able to get some other information about egg donation.

Many thanks.

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Eggs give away

I have mental health problems ie ptsd and bpd which is very well managed would this in anyway stop me from donating my eggs I've been pregnant 8 times with 5 babies born...I've become pregnant within the 1st month of trying

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Full checks

Hi A massive worry of mine is when someone is donating their eggs do they have all sexual health tests done? Would herpes be detected for instance as I know it can lay dormant for many years if not forever and I wonder about efffecgw that could have on a pregnancy

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Is fresh or frozen better

Just wanted to know are fresh or frozen eggs easier and which process is quicker xx

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menorrhagia post egg donation

I underwent an egg donation retrieval procedure at the beginning of January. Started stim medication January 2, the retrieval was January 13. The were able to retrieve 28 eggs. I resumed taking my birth control pill on January 15. I got my first period post procedure on February 9 and it has not stopped... Is this normal? There have been a couple lighter days but most pretty heavy... I am concerned this has been too long...

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Egg donor of Chinese origin

I would like to know if you have any egg donors who are of Chinese origin as both myself and my partner are Chinese. We are both in our 40's and have been trying to conceive for 12 months

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Donating at 50

My friend and I are both 50. Unfortunately she was never able to conceive. I had a partial hysterectomy but still have my ovaries can I donate my eggs to her and will a Dr do it at our age.

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Different IVF protocol, or switch to donor eggs?

My wife and I have just experienced our 3rd failed IVF cycle, and are currently weighing up whether to try again on a different protocol ("flare"), or to look at the option of donor eggs. Up to now, we consistently get at least 1 "intermediate" grade embryo to transfer (typically grade 3, on a 1-4 scale, with 4 being top), from a relatively low number of eggs collected, on a long IVF protocol. We are both 38. Appreciate you can't give detailed personal advice via this forum, but any general thoughts very welcome. Many thanks.

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