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Black donor egg

I would like to commence IVF treatment but will be needing a black/African donor egg.
Please keep posted if this is available in your clinic.

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Mrs Carlyle

Is egg donation available in the UK for a 50 yr old healthy lady who hasn't started the menopause?

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Egg donor- ethnic minority

I am seeking an egg donor (ethnic minority) to start treatment as soon as possible. Is this possible at your Clinic please?

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frozen egg transfer versus fresh

I am 44 years old and had failed IVF age 43 day two transfer with two of my own eggs. Following month I fell pregnant naturally but this ended in miscarriage. Would you recommend IVF again with my own eggs, or donor eggs. If so would you suggest fresh or frozen donor eggs ?

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egg donation to a family member

Is it possible for a nineteen year old woman to donate her eggs to her aunt

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late pregnancy by ivf with egg donor

I am 53 yrs old,I lost my only son in an accident,now I want to try for ivf with egg donor, will I get a successful result?

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Treatment question

Hi I am 47 with 3 children my partner is 33 and wants a baby which I would love to have with him. I had a miscarriage last year and since then my periods have been very irregular haven't had one now for 2 months. Would it be possible to have a baby with an egg donor?

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premenopausal at 32

Can I donate my eggs if im premenapusal at 32?

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