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IVF egg donation

I have been accepted on the NHS for IVF using egg donation, do you accept NHS funding?

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Low AMH, second cycle resulting in abortion

I have an AMH of 0.65 and am aged 28. My husband also has low sperm count. During the first cycle of IVF 5 eggs were retrieved but were unsuccessful. The second cycle resulted in 4 eggs retrieved with 3 fertilised and 1 implanted. But sadly this didn't work out. What should we do next? Would it be IVF with donor eggs?

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Egg donor and surrogate?

Hi, my partner can't give birth anymore due to numerous complications. I want children and therefore would need an egg donor and surrogate. Is this possible?

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Using donated embryos

Do you use donated embryos as part of your treatments? If so, what are the prices?

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Thinking of using an egg donor

I'm 43 years old and having had 4 miscarriages I've now been told my best chance of having a baby is from a egg donor but not sure how to go about it and who to speak to?

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IVF Frozen eggs

I am undergoing IVF next month using frozen eggs. The consultant wants to transfer one embryo however I want two. I am aged 47.

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Egg donor?

I would like to know what my AMH level would have to be in order to become an egg donor at your clinic. Thanks, Samantha

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Becoming an Egg Donor

I am interested in becoming an egg donor but have had PID in the past. Would I still be accepted?

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