Getting Pregnant Questions

Advice for a friend

My friend has being trying for a baby for 10 years now they had tests done and they said they won’t send her to fertility clinic for more tests

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IVF at 43

Hi, I have 2 frozen embryos. I am at 43 my fertility profile test came normal for my age . My husband fertility profile:
Sperm account at 148 million
Motility 51%
Morphology less then %1
I would like to get pregnant. What do you advice me??

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Please can you help me

Myself and my partner have been trying to conceive now for 1 year. I feel as though we are not been taken seriously. I am 21, he is 26. I feel people don't seem to take us seriously due to me only being 21, however this does not mean anything to us as this is what we want. I have had a pelvic internal ultrasound which came back clear. I have had the 21 progesterone blood test which came back I wasn't ovulating but my GP said he thinks the test was done at the wrong time. It is very hard to tell when to do this test as my periods are so irregular. for example, my cycle three months prior to this one lasted 18 days, the second cycle 30 days and this current cycle 20 days. I have recently had other blood tests for prolactin and ruebella which were all ok. My partner has had a seamen analysis which we are currently awaiting on the results, however because my periods are so irregular and because of past history I cannot help but think the problem here is me. I was hospitalized in 2013 for anorexia nervosa where my menstural cycle completely stopped however did return around 2 years later. I have had hyperthyroidism which then turned to hypothyroidism which is now stable. Also, I had my last depo shot august 2017 which i have heard could play a part. Please can you help me out is there any other test I can have? surely its not normal to have cycles so irregular

Thank you

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Struggling to concieve


I'm 37 and have been trying to concieve for 12 months. We have seen a specialist and have had all the relevant fertility tests as has my partner and it's all normal apart from eggs. I've a medium to low reserve. Is there anything apart from IUI or IVF that I can do to try and help us concieve naturally or will we need help. Also to note my cervix is flat due to treatment for abnormal smears and I have high vaginal walls. Is this also having an affect on conception as the Dr who we saw said it wasn't helping.

Thank you

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Secondary infertility

I'm 40, and we've been trying for over a year to get pregnant. I had a positive ovulation test a week ago, Sunday. Then another positive on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Friday it was negative, but again today, Sunday, I had a jump in my temperature and another positive ovulation test. Any idea?

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Trying to have a baby

Me and my fiance and I are trying to have a baby but it has been a rough path. I had my period in October 24, 2018 and I started taking these fertility pills so I can get pregnant but I don't think its been working so November came around and I didn't have a period at all just real light period but it came and left the same day. So yesterday I was cramping and I also was having a light period at first and now I'm still having a light period so I'm trying to figure out what can I do so we can have us a healthy baby.

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How old do you have to be to get pregnant through here? As in a female has to be over what age?

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Conceiving with bad quality eggs

Hi there, after 2 miscarriages and a year after that of TTC, it was noted that I don't have strong ovulation. My eggs were never tested, but assume they are not good quality. I took Clomid and conceived right away and had a healthy boy. We want to try for #2 but my cycle has not returned, therefore we cannot begin Clomid. I know my ovulation has returned, but we are afraid to try naturally for fear of another miscarriage. Is our risk of MC higher without taking the Clomid?

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